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Leaders who put people first, use Teamflect to transform performance management. We asked people leaders why they chose Teamflect over other solutions.

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Goals & OKRs
Feedback & Recognitions
1-on-1 Meetings
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User adoption will no longer be a concern

All you need is a well-integrated solution. Teamflect has the highest adoption rate among its competitors thanks to its strong integration with Microsoft Teams

  • Use the same username and password you use for Microsoft Teams
  • Make Teamflect part of your Teams meetings with a single click
  • See 1-on-1 meeting agendas, goal progression and recent activities while conducting your 1-on-1 meetings in Microsoft Teams

Your Data. Our Responsibility.

As a licensed Microsoft partner, we follow all the Microsoft security best practices, making sure we are completely GDPR compliant. We conduct regular penetration tests and ensure that our product is as secure as possible.

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Featured by Microsoft

Teamflect was featured by Microsoft as one of the best 1-on-1 meeting tools for Microsoft Teams.

Analyze your workplace culture and make data-driven decisions

Teamflect provides rich and flexible dashboards for HR leaders and managers to track employee performance and engagement using Microsoft PowerBI.

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Your success is our ultimate goal!

Every step of your Teamflect journey is supported by our Customer Success team.

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A dedicated customer success manager to help you succeed!

From implementation to advanced training, your customer success manager will be with you every step of the way.

Customer Success Manager

Your designated Customer Success Manager will be your strongest ally, providing you with never-ending support and expertise.

Unmatched Implementation Support

Whether it's setup, rollout, or beyond, our team offers rock-solid support to ensure the success of your organization with Teamflect.

Video Tutorials & Help Articles

Our team is committed to providing you with high-quality resources to make the adoption process a breeze for your employees.

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Are you looking for ways to boost remote employee performance?

We put together one of the most comprehensive resources you can find on this very topic! Download it for free!

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"I’m loving this and now we’ve adopted Teamflect throughout the company...It has made my job and my teams jobs much easier to track, understand, and show off the hard work that each of them puts into their days!"

Kyle McEvoy, Founder & Therapy President - Collaborative Therapy

The best performance software should be whatever your company needs it to be. It has to be customizable to fit your company's culture, goals, and day-to-day operations.

It shouldn't shape your performance management style according to its features but have its features in a way that they are flexible enough to fit your way of performance management.

Any member of a functioning team, whether they are people leaders, HR professionals, or freelancers, can benefit from utilizing a performance management software.

While companies with remote models stand to benefit the most from having an integrated performance management software, any team working in any setting could benefit heavily from using a performance management software to track goals and OKRs.

As team sizes grow, day to day operations and tasks get more and more complex. Organizations can use performance management software for a variety of reasons including establishing review cycles, tracking goals and OKRs, and increasing employee engagement.

Performance management software help companies implement modern management solutions and strategies in an organized and time saving manner.

Absolutely! Having a performance management software that is fully integrated into Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams allows our users to adopt Teamflect at an incredibly easy and quick way.

We take pride in how intuitive and user-friendly our dashboard is. So figuring out how to use Teamflect is as easy as simply going into the application and taking a quick look around!

The best performance management software you can choose should have a simple user interface, a flexible nature, and seamless integrations. It should also eliminate your need to use other tools. Your employees shouldn't have to close the performance management software to go open another tool. Your performance management software should also be your:

Feedback software

One on one software

Okr software

Employee engagement software

Task software

Recognition software

Performance management as a concept covers quite a lot of ground. Your software of choice should do the same.

Integration is key to the success of performance management software. For example: If you are an organization that uses Microsoft Teams then you should invest in performance management software that has seamless Microsoft Teams integration .

Performance management is an ongoing process that encompasses setting goals, making career development plans, exchanging feedback, reviewing performance, and so much more.

While the performance management process varies between organizations and has evolved in the age of remote team management , the entire process has objectively gotten easier thanks to useful tools such as performance review software , employee kudos platforms , and other performance management applications .

Performance management is extremely important for the success of an organization since it not only increases productivity but also helps in the growth and development of employees.

Does Teamflect only work with Office 365?

Teamflect is designed on the foundation of Microsoft Graph, which serves as the gateway to data and intelligence within the Office 365 ecosystem. At present, Teamflect exclusively supports integration with Office 365. However, we are actively exploring other integration possibilities, including Google G-Suite.

Is Teamflect really free?

Indeed, Teamflect offers a fully complimentary usage tier that grants access to all its features. This complimentary tier accommodates teams with fewer than 10 users on the platform. For organizations requiring an extended user base beyond 10 users (not accounting for your total user count), we offer a Pro tier, starting at $5 per month.

Does Teamflect require Microsoft Teams?

While Teamflect harmonizes seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, it is not a prerequisite for utilizing Teamflect's capabilities. Whether you are a Microsoft Teams user or not, you can effectively harness Teamflect's functionalities within Outlook or directly through your web browser.

Can I access Teamflect on my mobile device?

Teamflect is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to manage performance and access its features with ease. Furthermore, if you are utilizing Teamflect in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, you can employ the same Microsoft account credentials for a unified experience, enabling you to manage performance at your convenience, anywhere, and at any time.

Is Teamflect suitable for organizations of all sizes?

Teamflect is a versatile solution that accommodates a diverse spectrum of users, ranging from sizable enterprises to small startups and non-profit organizations. Organizations of varying sizes can leverage Teamflect to effectively manage performance, conduct performance assessments, engage employees, and foster a more robust corporate culture.

How secure is Teamflect and my data on the platform?

Teamflect maintains its status as an official Microsoft Partner, a distinction earned through rigorous scrutiny. To uphold the highest standards of security, we routinely conduct comprehensive penetration tests on our software to safeguard both our platform and the integrity of your data.

An all-in-one performance management tool for Microsoft Teams

Create high-performing and engaged teams - even when people are remote - with our easy-to-use toolkit built for Microsoft Teams

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Full functionality. Up to 10 users. No time limit