6 Best Free Performance Management Software for HR Managers

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Most companies go for free performance management software. That is because these are packed with all the premium features that you will need. But, are all of them good? Unfortunately, the answer is no; many software might be downright useless for you.    

To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best six free performance management systems. 

What is a Free Performance Management Software? 

A Performance Management Software is an application that allows you to track employees’ performance, capture feedback, enhance employee communication, and help in goal setting. As you may have guessed, the app that does it for free gets the name of Free Performance Management Software.    

However, you can buy some paid applications too, which come with some extra features. Other than that, their primary functions are almost the same.    

Performance Management for HR Managers   

The real question is, what is the need for performance management for HR? It may have more importance through the performance appraisal process and employee feedback than you might expect. So let’s look at that.  

Increases Employee Engagement   

Employees can feel isolated when other staff or supervisors do not stay in touch with them. That is why performance management gets the best out of them. By conducting performance evaluations, you can increase the retention among the workers with each other and the managers.     

Helps Solve Issues within Your Organization   

When there’s an organization, there are some underlying issues. However, solving them might require a lot of effort. If you want to take the easy way, conducting performance management will be very helpful. It will help you point out issues that employees are facing daily. Plus, you also get a firsthand viewpoint from your workers that will benefit the organization in the longer run.    

Highlights Training Needs   

Now and then, businesses make changes. These require adequately trained employees to do the task. But workers might be inexperienced in this. They get used to it after spending a long time. You can help them by conducting training sessions. This is only transparent with performance management for HR.   

How to Measure Performance?   

Now that you know what performance management is and why it is necessary, it’s time to look at the importance of a performance management system. We have previously discussed what it is and its usage.    

Here are some reasons which state the importance of performance management tools  

  • Allows HR Managers to make efficient records.   
  • It helps in giving the right employee appraisal.   
  • Encourages employees to work harder towards the organization’s goal.    
  • Enables Managers to set visible objectives.   
  • No error in creating or maintaining the data.    
  • Keeps the data organized in one place   
  • Helps with employee development and training   
  • It gives an accurate view of employees’ problems.   
  • More engagement and input from workers   

Top 6 Free Performance Management Software   

Let’s look at the list of the five best free Performance Management Software:   

Profit. co claims to be the tool for small, large, or enterprise-level performance management. Luckily, it fulfills the claim too by offering several tools for tracking performance and making records.   

Using the application, you can customize dashboards, set alerts, make notes, give feedback, take actions, provide employee recognition, and much more.    

In addition to that, you can also conduct surveys. They help you understand the actual underlying problems within the organization.  It has several pricing plans, with a free version as well. The app is available for both iOS and Android.    


  • Easy to use, even for beginners   
  • Provides Education content for learners   
  • Top-notch customer services  


  • Limited Task Management  


  • Appreiz 
  • Hirebook 


Appreiz is one of the most used free performance management software. But, does it deserve the popularity? Rightfully so! The application dives much deeper to provide resources for employee development and growth.  

It helps run surveys, manage employees individually, run performance evaluations, and capture feedback and appraisals. All this is available at zero cost and with cloud access.  A unique feature of Appreiz is talent identification. It helps small, large, new, and experienced businesses.   


  • In-depth analysis of individual employees   
  • Allows third-party integrations   
  • Interactive yet straightforward dashboard features with tons of customization options  


  • The UI might seem old-fashioned.  


  • Profitco 
  • Hirebook 


As the name suggests, Motivosity focuses on motivating a business’ employees and increasing employee engagement. The software is one of the easiest ones out there. Therefore, even inexperienced HR managers can use it for tracking employees’ performance. 

It allows integrations to improve functionality. Plus, it is suitable for all scales of businesses. While there are some pricing plans available, you can use them for free!  


  •  A simple and engaging UI   
  • Allows employees to share performance   
  • Useful widgets for enhancements   


  • It does not allow editing.    


  • Bonusly   
  • Achievers   


Wrike is easily one of the most popular performance management software. That is mainly due to its unlimited users on the free plan. But, it is also much more than just a Performance Management app.   

It allows you to set plans and goals for your organization. It also provides collaborative tools, goals management, tracking, prioritization, employee feedback, and much more for free! Thus, it is beneficial for both managers and employees. 


  • An all-in-one tool   
  • Useful for HR and Project Managers   
  • Visually interactive and accessible   


  • It makes it harder to track down files   


  • Asana  
  • BITRIX24   


Another cloud-based software on our list is WebHR. It is an essential tool for performance management for HR as it does the tasks effectively.   What does it include? Activity Dashboard, tracking, reports, branding, employee database, statistics, third-party integrations, and mobile access. You can use it for free, but even its paid version starts with as low as $2.     


  • Has friendly and supportive features   
  • Good customer support   
  • Simple and easy to use   


  • Not ideal for mobile compatibility   


Teamflect is one of the great tools for creating high-performing and engaged teams. The best thing about Teamflect is that users can directly integrate the tool with Microsoft Teams by only using their Microsoft Teams user name and password.  

Using Teamflect can have effective one-one-meetings, set smart goals, measure performance-related metrics such as OKRs, and provide continual feedback and employee communication. 

It has a free package for up to 25 employees. The Standart package is for between 25-500 users and costs only 2$ per month. This fantastic tool offers an enterprise package according to your company’s needs as well. 


  • Direct integration with Microsoft Teams 
  • Fast,easy  and clean UX 
  • All company data can be transferred through Microsoft Teams wit just one click 
  • All in one performance and employee engagement management 
  • Quick and easy tool for measuring employees performance  
  • Specialized tools for  task management and employee appraisal process 


  • Not ideal for mobile compatibility   


This article has covered free performance management software, why it is crucial, and which ones are the best without a cost. By considering each software’s pros, cons, and features, you can make the final decision. 

Written by Emily Helen Arnold

Emily Helen Arnold is a content writer at Teamflect. She is obsessed with organizational behavior studies and loves writing/thinking about how a carefully designed people strategy can transform a company.

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