A Performance Management Tool Built for Microsoft Teams

The highest-rated performance management software in the Microsoft Teams app-store for a reason, Teamflect is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and Outlook, guaranteeing ease of implementation and adoption.

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Use Your Microsoft Teams Username & Password

No need to create a separate account! Log into Teamflect with your Microsoft account and use the same username and password you use for Microsoft Teams.

teamflect application microsoft teams login page
 Teamflect app with tasks and talking points in Microsoft Teams 1-on-1 meeting screen

Access Teamflect Inside Ongoing Microsoft Teams Meetings

Use Teamflect inside your one-on-one or group meetings and access a wide range of meeting features:

  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Agendas
  • Task Management
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Meeting Check-in Forms
  • Shared & Private Meeting Notes
  • Feedback & Recognition
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Sync Your Tasks with Microsoft To Do

Don’t let the use of multiple tools disrupt your workflow. All the tasks created in Teamflect will be synced bi-directionally between Teamflect, Microsoft To Do and Outlook Tasks.

A round image showing Tasks By Planner And To Do screen inside of Microsoft Teams with a magnifier on Teamflect Tasks
Teamflect one on one meeting reminder cards in Microsoft Teams chat

Receive Adaptive Cards Inside Teams Chat

Teamflect ensures visibility by delivering notifications as adaptive cards inside Teams chat. These notifications can come in the form of:

  • Meeting Reminders
  • Pulse Surveys that Can Be Filled Inside Teams Chat
  • Automated Goal Check-ins
  • Task Reminders
  • Recognition Badges

Turn Teams Chat Messages into Tasks

Create tasks on the spot without the need to open the Teamflect application. Turn messages inside Microsoft Teams chat into Teamflect tasks in only a few clicks.

teamflect message extension in microsoft teams with a magnifier on new task button
teamflect shows organization chart and invite team button in Microsoft Teams

Automatically Sync Your Organizational Chart

Teamflect draws your organizational chart directly from Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD), simplifying the implementation process. Don't have your org-chart uploaded to Microsoft Teams? No problem! We will guide you through uploading it manually.

Use Teamflect Inside Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Teams, chances are, you are also using Outlook on a daily basis. Not only does the entire Teamflect app work inside Outlook as well but Teamflect also draws your meetings directly from your Outlook calendar and lets you create tasks, exchange feedback, and set goals though “Quick Actions”.

teamflect add-in and new recognition button in microsoft outlook

Microsoft Teams App of the Week

Teamflect was selected by Microsoft as the "App of the Week" due to its strong integration with the platform.

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

Confluence logo with background image


One of the most comprehensive landscape, architecture, and urban design firms in The US, Confluence, simplified and digitized their performance reviews with Teamflect.

Gas South logo with background image

Gas South

Gas South, the largest retail natural gas provider in the Southeast promotes engagement between leaders and employees with Teamflect.

Spike logo with background image


A global leader in digital transformations in the retail space, Spike perfected their onboarding and probation process with Teamflect.

Microsoft Teams integration refers to the seamless integration of Microsoft Teams, which is a collaborative communication platform, with other software applications or services to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and enable seamless communication and collaboration within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Tools and software that have Microsoft Teams integrations include but aren't limited to:

Employee engagement software

Performance management system tools

Task software

OKR software

Employee kudos program

Microsoft Teams integrations can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of an organization or team, providing flexibility and scalability to adapt to different work processes and requirements. These integrations can enhance the functionality and capabilities of Microsoft Teams, making it a powerful platform for communication, collaboration, and productivity in the modern workplace.

The answer to that question depends heavily on the software or application you wish to integrate into Microsoft Teams. If you're integrating one on one software into Teams in order to boost the effectiveness of your one-on-one meetings, all you need to do is to click "Apps" inside the Microsoft Teams meeting interface.

Microsoft Teams integrations can streamline workflows and reduce context-switching by allowing users to access and interact with external tools and services directly within the Microsoft Teams interface. Microsoft Teams integrations help teams collaborate more efficiently, share files, manage tasks, and access relevant information without having to switch between multiple applications or platforms, leading to improved productivity and time savings.

Having an integrated performance review software like Teamflect, lets users conduct entire performance review cycles inside Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect integrates with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, To Do and Notes perfectly, letting users complete freedom and customization capabilities.

In your way. In a good way.

Teamflect's complete Microsoft Teams integration makes sure that you don't need to leave Microsoft Teams for any of your performance management practices. Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration isn't the extent of Teamflect's integration with Microsoft-based software. Teamflect has very strong integrations with all of the Microsoft office programs.

Alongside an impeccable Microsoft Teams integration, Teamflect provides its users with incredible Microsoft Teams and Outlook integration. Teamflect features such as recognitions, tasks, goals, or meetings can be fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook, just as smoothly as they are integrated into Microsoft Teams. The vast array of features Teamflect has integrated into Microsoft Teams makes it the best possible performance management solution for Microsoft Teams.

Can I integrate Teamflect into Outlook?

Yes, you can! Not only can you integrate Teamflect tasks, recognitions, meeting data, and goals into Outlook, you can open the entire app inside Outlook as well.

Do I need Microsoft Teams to use Teamflect?

No, you don't. While there are many benefits of using Teamflect inside Microsoft Teams, you can use it in Outlook or even your browser as well.

An All-in-One Performance Management and Employee Engagement Tool Built for Microsoft Teams

Create high-performing and engaged teams - even when people are remote - with our easy-to-use toolkit built for Microsoft Teams

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