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Conduct digitized reviews that develop your talent.

Have the freedom to conduct entire performance review cycles inside Microsoft Teams with customizable review templates.

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Customize, digitize, and automate your performance review process.

Combine the most effective employee reviews, with the least number of steps. Choose a performance appraisal template, select reviewees, and fall in love with how easy it is to start the review cycle!

Browse Performance Review Templates in Teamflect
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Streamline your review cycles with customizable performance review templates such as:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual performance review (Automate)
  • Onboarding review: 30-day, 60-day, 90-day review (Automate)
  • Company exit review
  • Project closure review
  • Mentorship program review
  • Employee development program review (Automate)
  • Software developer performance review

Eliminate all the extra steps by keeping performance reviews inside Microsoft Teams.

Save valuable time and energy by completing your employee appraisals without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect performance reviews example with questions in microsoft teams
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Identify growth areas and map out personal development milestones effortlessly.

Help your employees grow by leading the discussion on performance development. Let your employees share in your performance development vision.

Increase review efficiency by tailoring each review to specific departmental needs.

You shouldn't need to adapt to the software. The software needs to adapt to you. Customize every step of the performance appraisal process ranging from:

  • Performance review question sets
  • 360 feedback section
  • Performance review criteria - score rating / multiple choice
  • Self-development plan section
  • Signature section
  • Goal evaluation section
  • to fit your needs !
performance review template and question library image
360 degree feedback in performance appraisal with 2 questions and answers

Create a roadmap for success by pinpointing high performers with the 9-box talent grid.

Integrate the 9 box talent grid into your performance appraisals to spot high performers, map out development opportunities, and kickstart the succession planning process!

Grow your talent. Integrate 360 feedback data into performance reviews.

Harness the full power of the feedback your employees have to offer. Use 360-degree feedback to ensure you don't let the nuances in employee feedback go unnoticed.

360 degree feedback in performance appraisal with 2 questions and answers

Keep goals and OKRs visible by integrating them into performance reviews.

Create the most well-rounded and effective performance review templates by incorporating employee-specific goals / OKRs!

employee goals inside Teamflect performance review template okr
teamflect integration with outlook mail

Achieve maximum adoption with Outlook integration

Teamflect isn't an additional layer of software that complicates your operations. Teamflect provides a more engaging and enhanced user experience across the board by working in unison with the rest of your Microsoft tools.

Generate powerful insights with rich and customizable reports

Teamflect provides rich and customizable performance review dashboards for HR decision makers to track talent development and performance. See performance review completion rates by department, by location. Analyze employee performance ratings - standard deviation, median score, score by manager/department. We provide you all the information you need to make the most out of your performance review process.

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Your performance appraisal process is now easier and clearer than ever before

Creating a performance review plan should be a simple process for everyone involved. A performance evaluation process doesn't have to be insufferable for employees. Whether your idea of a performance review is a 30-60-90 day onboarding review or a probationary review, everyone on your team deserves an intuitive solution.

That is why we eliminated all the unnecessary steps and complications of the regular employee review process with the help of our strong integration into Microsoft Teams. Regardless of your desired performance review format, you will have access to:

  • Performance appraisal templates? A single click away!
  • Performance review cycles? Yet another single click!
  • Performance ratings? You know where this is going.

Conduct your performance reviews in a single location, and conduct them simply with Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration.

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Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Amber (by Microsoft)

The number one privately owned TPI in the UK, Amber, uses Teamflect to manage performance and engage employees.

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P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

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Align HCM

The premier human capital management firm of Canada, Align HCM, keeps everyone engaged using Teamflect.

Performance evaluation is a system that evaluates the work and results of employees according to their responsibilities. Performance evaluation results formally support measures and employee weaknesses. One of the purposes of performance appraisal is to prevent the employee's weak points or potential mistakes made on the job. At this point, employers usually prefer performance reviews to measure how employees contribute to the company's common goals.

During the performance evaluation process, employees are evaluated according to their time in the company. Evaluation is made on an annual basis. If the employee's performance evaluation is good, they may receive a promotion or raise his salary. In other words, the stress situation that we have exemplified above emerges at this point. You may be a successful employee who stands behind your work, but the official measure of this situation will result from the performance evaluation.

Be transparent. Transparency is one of the critical points for companies in performance evaluation.

Use as many sources as you can. The more sources of information are obtained while evaluating employee performance, the more objective the data acquired will be. Therefore, the inclusion of other employees doing the same job in the evaluation process, and even the participation of customers contacted by the evaluated employee, allows for higher quality and reliable evaluation.

Don't be biased. When the performance evaluation process is free of prejudice and individual problems, its results are much more reliable and effective.

Although the performance evaluation criteria vary according to the expectations of the companies, the most common requirements are as follows;

  • Compliance with working hours: To take into account the defined business hours; to create a working discipline by complying with the business hours.
  • Decision-making Skills: Main skills to take the initiative regarding their responsibilities and use this initiative correctly and quickly.
  • Learning and Self-Improvement Skills: The effort to research the knowledge and skills that the employee needs during work, improve himself, and reflect this on his work.
  • Predisposition to teamwork: Establishing a shared working environment in a standard workflow
  • Cultural fit: Measuring the ability to adapt to the written or verbal or spontaneous corporate culture determined within the company.

Performance evaluation frequency does not have any precise criteria. Companies mostly prefer to run performance assessments every three months, 6-months, or 1-year to achieve their business goals effectively. One-on-one interviews or pulse surveys are also essential to closely follow-up with personal goals to get effective results.

A performance review program is like a mirror for employees, reflecting their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. It's an opportunity to step back from the daily grind and evaluate one's work performance over a given period, typically six months or a year.

A great performance appraisal or employee evaluation program can be supported effectively through the use of performance appraisal tools such as employee evaluation software such as Teamflect. Using performance appraisal apps to support your performance review programs helps streamline your entire employee evaluation process.

There are typically four components to an effective performance review. They can be listed as follows:

Goal setting: This involves setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the upcoming review period. These goals should align with the employee's job responsibilities and the organization's strategic objectives.

Ongoing feedback: Regular feedback throughout the review period helps employees stay on track and make necessary adjustments to achieve their goals. Managers should provide both positive and constructive feedback on an ongoing basis to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of how they are performing.

Performance evaluation: At the end of the review period, managers should evaluate the employee's performance against the goals that were set. This evaluation should be based on objective criteria, such as metrics or data, as well as subjective assessments of the employee's behaviors, skills, and competencies.

Development planning: Once the evaluation is complete, the manager and employee should work together to create a development plan that addresses any areas for improvement and identifies opportunities for growth and development. Your employee development plan should definitely include specific actions and timelines and should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that progress is being made.

An effective performance review software should be able to supply you with all four of these components and also include self-reviews as a bonus. Self appraisals are a great way to see where your employee is mentally and just how self-aware they are. Self performance reviews and employee development plans are a great way to make sure your team has a voice in performance reviews.

Managers and HR departments can review and monitor employee performance, productivity, and general job satisfaction with the aid of employee evaluation software. The program often contains tools for conducting performance reviews, giving comments, and finding areas for growth as well as functioning as:

OKR software

Task software

Performance management system

Recognition software

One on one software

And more...

When practicing remote team management , keeping the number of software you use down to a minimum is key. That is why the tools you use should be doing multiple jobs.

When picking performance review software, having the correct integrations is key. For example: Teamflect has complete Microsoft Teams integration and can also be used as a Microsoft Teams project management tool as well.

Integrations between modules is also key. Being a 360 degree feedback software too, Teamflect's different modules are well connected to each other.

There are many performance appraisal systems utilized by the best performance review / employee appraisal software out there. The four listed below can be seen as the 4 most commonly used employee appraisal systems utilized in performance evaluations.

Rating Scale: A rating scale involves assigning numerical ratings to employees based on a set of predefined performance criteria. These can be behavioral or result-oriented, and employees are typically rated on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

360-Degree Feedback: 360-degree feedback is a performance review system collects feedback from multiple sources, including peers, subordinates, managers, and customers.

Critical Incident Method: Critical incident method is a performance appraisal system that focuses on specific incidents or events that demonstrate exemplary or deficient performance. The incidents in this case are documented and used to provide feedback to employees during the appraisal process.

Management by Objectives (MBO): MBO involves setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for employees. The employee's performance is evaluated based on their ability to achieve these goals, and progress is tracked throughout the year. If you're planning to use MBO as your employee evaluation system then you need to make sure your employee review platform also comes equipped with a goal-setting module.

Gather data. Integrate. Develop.

If there is one area where all the services we provide merge, it is the performance review. In our research for the perfect performance review examples and the creation of our performance review templates, we truly discovered just how strong of a crossroads performance reviews are. Employee performance reviews should include all aspects of performance management within them.

That is why our employee performance review templates were designed with complete integration in mind. The review templates we provide don't just include performance review phrases. They are effective tools through which our users can integrate goals, okrs, tasks, and recognitions into their performance reviews.

You can use the best performance review phrases and pair them up with the best performance review questions but you would still be conducting inefficient performance reviews if you use excel performance review templates, word performance review templates, or pdf performance review templates. The best way to conduct digital performance appraisals or online performance reviews is through the performance review templates that Teamflect presents its users with.

You can use the customizable performance review templates offered by Teamflect in self performance reviews, employee performance reviews, 30-60-90 day performance reviews, quality of work performance reviews, exit interviews, and more! This high level of automation and customization makes Teamfelct the best performance review software for Microsoft Teams.

Browse Our Sample Performance Review Templates

The best free performance review software

There aren't many performance appraisal software free of charge. While many of the best performance review software out there might present prospective users with the illusion of having a free employee review software plan, they are usually referring to a trial period or a lite version of their performance evaluation software. This is where Teamflect sets itself apart from the rest of the performance evaluation software out there. Teamflect's performance review software has a free plan for up to 10 users with full functionality. That means, you can demo the employee evaluation platform with a particular group in your organization indefinitely before switching to a paid plan based on their feedback!

Can I integrate goals and OKRs into my Teamflect performance reviews?

Yes, you can! All of Teamflect's modules are connected to each other. This means you can view goal and task completion rates inside Teamflect's Microsoft Teams performance review templates. You can even set goals for employee development.

Can I create employee development plans with Teamflect performance reviews?

Yes! Teamflect's Microsoft Teams performance review templates give users the option to create employee development plans and set goals to help their reviewees grow.

Can I customize Teamflect's performance review templates?

Yes! Every single one of Teamflect's performance review templates is customizable. You can write your own performance review questions, pick from our premade question sets, change grading criteria, and more!

Is Teamflect really a free performance review software?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free performance review software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect's free plan has all the features its pro plan does. As long as you have 10 users or fewer, you can use Teamflect with full functionality for as long as you want, for free! If you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

Do you have a question about our Reviews module? Get in touch!

To learn more about Teamflect's Free Performance Review tool, you can contact us or start using it for free straight if your company has less than 10 users.

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