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Empower your leaders with an integrated task management software

Easily create tasks from emails, and OKRs, while conducting 1-on-1 meetings. Track them inside Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft To Do.

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Save time in your day-to-day operations: Streamline your tasks.

Setting and tracking everyday tasks shouldn't take a lot of time. With Teamflect, they won't!

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Simplify your workflow with a user-friendly interface.

Your team deserves a task management system that they won't get lost in. Teamflect puts your leaders in the driver's seat with its user-friendly design, and top-to-bottom integration between Tasks and other modules such as Goals, Meetings, and Performance Reviews.

  • Automate task reminders.
  • Set group and individual tasks.
  • Align tasks with goals.
  • Create tasks inside meetings, Teams chat, and e-mails.

Enhance organizational efficiency by syncing your tasks between Teamflect and Microsoft To Do.

All the tasks created in Teamflect can be synced bi-directionally between Teamflect and Microsoft To Do. Your users will not need to manage Microsoft Teams tasks in two different places.

A round image showing Tasks By Planner And To Do screen inside of Microsoft Teams with a magnifier on Teamflect Tasks
teamflect message extension in microsoft teams with a magnifier on new task button

Increase productivity by turning messages inside Teams chat into convenient tasks.

Click the "ellipsis" menu and choose the action! You can create a new task, Goal/OKR, share feedback or recognitions without even opening the Teamflect application thanks to our strong integration into Microsoft Teams.

teamflect tasks software integration with meetings

Save time and establish key responsibilities with recurring tasks!

Why bother setting the same tasks over and over again? Automate recurring tasks with Teamflect and set the right pace.

teamflect tasks software integration with meetings

Promote real-time collaboration even with remote teams.

The tasks you create should facilitate instant communication. Every single task created inside Teamflect is completely interactive, so your employees can:

  • Comment on tasks in real time.
  • Create checklists inside tasks.
  • Attach files and documents.
  • Relate tasks to specific meetings or goals.
  • Give instant feedback and recognition.
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Why is a task management tool an essential need for managers?

Keeping track of direct reports is getting harder and harder. As team sizes grow, so does the number of complications in team task management. Having a streamlined task management process can eliminate the difficulties that come with managing larger teams, and make sure tasks are both clear and easily trackable.

This is why we built a task module that is super easy to use. We are not trying to replace your project management tool. We are simply making the task assignment processes more structured with the best Microsoft task management tool.

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

Illinois Heartland Library System logo with background image

Illinois Heartland Library System (by Microsoft)

Illinois Heartland Library Systems uses Teamflect to streamline its performance review process.

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CCINT (Published by Microsoft)

A global leader in supply chain excellence, CCINT empowers their team and fosters collaboration with Teamflect.

FCA logo with background image

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The global sports ministry FCA uses Teamflect to ensure their teams are perfectly aligned with their goals.

Task management; includes planning, testing, monitoring, and reporting steps. In this way, in addition to individual goals; it becomes possible for companies or teams to collaborate and share information to achieve common goals.

Resources: Determining the human source, software, and other tools needed to complete the assigned task.

Time: Setting an order for each task will be done, prioritizing, assigning time for each task, determining and following critical deadlines.

Budget: This element is especially critical for project managers. It includes balancing payments, profit and loss, and the project's returns.

Scope: It is necessary to correctly determine the scope of each task and clarify the objectives and requirements for effective task management.

Task management increases the performance of employees at the micro-level. Therefore, it is vital for the business management processes to proceed according to the plan and get maximum efficiency from each project at the macro level. At the same time, it increases employees' potential and ensures effective time management by planning "unnecessary" or "excess time wasted" tasks.

Task management software is built to help business managers with essential solutions such as;
  • Assigning the right employee to a project, where they can do their best
  • Setting achievable deadlines for each employee
  • Tracking their progress
  • Understanding the workload for each month or year
  • Allowing managers to make adequate time and resource management by seeing how difficult a task is for the employee or how long it takes for them to complete it

  • Identify your needs. Each software is designed to offer solutions for different needs.
  • Evaluate different alternatives for task tracking software. Evaluating alternative solutions can also make you realize your undiscovered needs.
  • Don't forget to compare prices and make sure you are not spending more than your expected return of investment on your task tracking software.
  • Microsoft task management software options may not meet your needs if you are looking for detailed reporting.
  • Ease of use and implementation process. No matter how your new task tracking software makes your job easier, understanding software with a steep learning curve and the need for extensive user training sessions can cost you time and money.
  • Microsoft Teams can work as a great task management tool, especially if it is supported by one of the many apps it contains. If supported by Teamflect, it can be one of the best Microsoft task management tools.

    You can integrate Teamflect into your Microsoft Teams, and use the comprehensive Tasks module to assign, track, and organize all manner of tasks.

    The best task management software is the one that gives users a customizable, yet simple experience and integrates with the rest of the tools they use. Most task management tools come as built-in features inside performance management tools and can be complicated with a plethora of other features.

    Teamflect is the best task management tool for Microsoft Teams since it has complete Microsoft Teams integration . Not only is it a great task management platform, but it is also the best Microsoft Teams project management tool available today.

    Task management software can be used by individuals to manage their personal tasks, to-do lists, and projects. It can help individuals stay organized, prioritize tasks, and track progress.

    Small businesses can also benefit from task management software to manage projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress. Using it can help small businesses streamline their workflows, improve collaboration among team members, and ensure that tasks are completed on time.

    Large enterprises may use this type of software to manage complex projects with multiple team members, departments, and stakeholders. It can help facilitate communication, coordination, and tracking of tasks.

    Integrating it with effective feedback software and OKR software , organizations of all sizes can effectively exchange feedback on completed tasks, and align tasks with goals as well!

    Task management software is used to help individuals, teams, and organizations plan, organize, and track tasks, projects, and activities. It is designed to streamline and optimize the process of managing tasks, assignments, deadlines, and progress, making it easier to stay organized, collaborate, and achieve goals.

    Task management software is an incredible asset when it comes to remote team management. When paired alongside employee engagement software such as:

    Employee engagement surveys are a massive part of remote team management alongside other productivity software such as:

    Recognition Software

    One-on-one Software

    Employee Kudos Programs

    Employee Praise Software

    Task management tools are known to increase productivity in remote teams and conventional teams alike.

    In Microsoft Teams, tasks can have different levels of privacy, depending on how they are set up and shared. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that allows for team-based communication, file sharing, and task management. This means that multiple parties can have access to how tasks, depending on how that task was actually created.

    There are many different task software for Microsoft Teams that have varying degrees of privacy. That being said, when in doubt about the privacy of something, it is always safe to assume that your admins have access to it.

    The Magic of The Moment

    Setting tasks, tracking tasks, and managing tasks are some of the most mundane aspects of an organization's day-to-day operations. Each small task, however, contributes to the beautiful tapestry of long-term goals. There are few tools more helpful in achieving long-term company goals than effective task tracking and monitoring. While Teamflect as a software is efficient, helpful, and overall, very strong in both those areas, the true magic, as we discovered, lies in intuitive task setting. Our task-setting system is designed to keep up with your day-to-day operations by simply keeping up with your conversations! A great idea for a task, or responsibility can arise in an instant and it is the task-setting software's responsibility to not let that moment slip. Teamflect does just that by letting its users set detailed and integrated tasks instantaneously over Teams Chat, letting you hold on to the magic of the moment.

    Your daily tasks and to-do items are always evolving. While some of the tasks you set are scheduled tasks or automated tasks that repeat themselves every day in the form of recurring tasks, your needs from task management software grow and change as your organization grows and changes.

    That means you need task software that checks all the boxes and adapts to your task management and task setting software needs.

    Whether you need project task software, daily task software, automated task software, online task software, Microsoft task software, or simply task software free of clutter, Teamflect has you covered as the best task software for Microsoft Teams.

    Can I create tasks inside Microsoft Teams meetings?

    Yes, you can! Teamflect's meeting chatbot lets users track previous tasks as well as create new tasks inside ongoing Microsoft Teams meetings.

    What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams task software?

    Using Teamflect's Microsoft Teams task software makes sure you can track, edit, and create tasks in the flow of work. It even lets you turn Teams chat messages into tasks.

    Can I assign priority labels to tasks with Teamflect?

    Yes, you can! Teamflect comes with task labels that you can fully customize. While Teamflect has preset labels signifying task priority, it also lets you create your custom task labels.

    Is Teamflect really a free task software?

    Yes, Teamflect is a totally free task software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect's free plan has all the features its pro plan does. As long as you have 10 users or fewer, you can use Teamflect with full functionality for as long as you want, for free! If you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

    Do you have a question about our Task module? Get in touch!

    To learn more about Teamflect's Free Task Management tool, you can contact us or start using it for free straight if you want less than 10 users on the platform.

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