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Earn 30% commission by passing opportunities to Teamflect

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Join the Teamflect Partner Program

Are you interested in joining the Teamflect Partner Program? Just fill out the form below to submit your company information to us and complete the Referral Agreement after our initial meeting.

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Identify a need for Teamflect

Is a customer of yours having trouble managing their 1-on-1 meetings or increasing employee engagement? Are they using Exchange Online and Teams? Talk about our solution by using the sales enablement material provided by us and create demand in your customer.

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Engage your customers with Teamflect

Introduce your customers to our sales team and let them do the rest. Our sales team are specialized in their field and they will do their best to understand your customer's pain points to position Teamflect. As a Teamflect partner, you can also manage the whole sales process from start to finish, but reselling our solution is currently not possible.

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Earn 30% commission for every sale

We are extremely generous when it comes to rebates as we want to grow together with you. Your company will be making 30% of every sale we make and 20% of annual license renewals if your customer decides to renew their agreement with Teamflect. If your customer chooses to start their subscription using a monthly agreement, you will get the 100% of the 1st and 6th month's license fee every year.

By becoming a Teamflect Partner, you will grow your revenue by simply sharing opportunities with Teamflect. We aim to improve the 1-on-1 meeting culture in companies, and as a result, increase Teams meetings and platform usage. By providing an innovative solution like Teamflect, you will be meeting your customer's needs and be their trusted advisor in their digital transformation journey.

High Customer Satisfaction

Quarterly Product Update Meetings

Sales Enablement Materials

Effortless Deployment

High Security Standards

Unmatched Support

Interested in being a Teamflect partner?

To learn more about theTeamflect Partner Program, please contact us or sign up using the link below.