Partner with us and revolutionize Performance Management for your customers

Empower your clients with advanced performance management solutions. Become a part of our esteemed partner network to access new growth opportunities and achieve remarkable success. Together, we can push the boundaries of excellence and take performance to the next level.

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Earn 30% commission for every successful sale you generate with Teamflect!

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Join the Teamflect Partner Program

Joining Teamflect’s partnership program is straightforward and designed for mutual growth and success. Begin your journey by filling out our online application form. Once accepted, we provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge through our comprehensive onboarding process, including partner materials and product training.

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Identify a need for Teamflect

Identifying a need for Teamflect is the first step in fostering a successful partnership. Explore your network to pinpoint organizations that are striving to enhance their workplace efficiency. By understanding their challenges and recommending Teamflect, you'll be positioned to add significant value to their operations.

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Engage your customers with Teamflect

Engage your customer with Teamflect by highlighting how our solution can streamline their employee perdormance management processes. Offer demonstrations and insights into how Teamflect's features can directly address their specific needs. This tailored approach will help them visualize the practical benefits and foster a stronger connection to our platform.

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Earn 30% commission for every sale

Maximize your earnings with Teamflect. Enjoy a generous 30% commission on each sale, turning your network into a lucrative source of revenue. This is your chance to boost your income while helping organizations for their employee performance practices. Don’t just partner with us, profit with us!

Partnership types

Referral Partner

Our program is designed for consultants, influencers, and organizations looking to recommend Teamflect to their clientele and networks. Partners can earn commissions for each successful referral. The process is straightforward: refer businesses to Teamflect, and we handle everything from the initial sale to comprehensive ongoing support, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your referrals.

Reseller Partner

Our program is tailored for entities interested in directly selling Teamflect's innovative solutions to their customers. By participating, you can earn commissions on each sale you make. The process involves engaging in our training program, which equips you with a deep understanding of our offerings. This knowledge empowers you to effectively reach and persuade your target audience, enhancing your sales efforts.

Why partner with Teamflect!

High Customer Satisfaction

Quarterly Product Update Meetings

Assigned Partner Success Manager

Effortless Deployment

High Security Standards

Unmatched Support

Start by applying through our partnership inquiry form. Our team will review your submission and contact you to discuss the next steps.

We seek partners who share our commitment to excellence and customer success. While requirements vary by partnership type, a proven track record and alignment with our core values are essential.

No, partners are not responsible for customer support. This is managed by Teamflect Customer Success Managers, ensuring a seamless support journey for our customers. As a partner, you can focus on your core activities without worrying about customer support responsibilities.

Joining the Teamflect Partner Program is free of charge. We aim to establish fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships without any initial financial barrier.

The process to become a Teamflect partner is practical. Once you submit your application, our team will review it and typically contact you within a few business days to discuss further steps and outline the partnership agreement.

Success is gauged by sales metrics, customer feedback, and resource engagement, ensuring partners receive effective support and recognition for their growth contributions.

No, using Microsoft Teams is not a requirement. Teamflect is also accessible via a web browser. However, a Microsoft email account is necessary for signing in.

You will be kept informed about product updates through a monthly newsletter and in-app notifications highlighting new features. Additionally, meetings can be arranged as needed to ensure you stay fully updated.

Interested in being a Teamflect partner?

To learn more about theTeamflect Partner Program, please contact us or sign up using the link below.