Feedback Template Gallery

Feedback is an integral part of any organization's road to growth and employee development. We've been working tirelessly with ways to make sure our users have the ability to exchange high-quality, clear, and accurate feedback and do it in a way that is within their flow of work. The feedback template gallery provides Teamflect users with an extensive selection of feedback templates, tailored to fit various different situations. 

Feedback Templates

While the feedback templates below are ready to be used as they are, they are also fully customizable. We know that each organization's needs are it's own. The manner of exchanging feedback depends heavily on the specific feedback culture within organizations. We know that we can't provide you with a one-size-fits-all feedback template. That is why our feedback templates offer you a solid base that you can customize according to your strategies, needs, and culture.

behavioral feedback template visual

Behavioral Feedback

Behavioral feedback involves a detailed evaluation of an employee's behavior and the exchange of constructive criticism on said behavior to help them understand how their actions impact their surroundings.

employee developmental feedback template visual

Employee Developmental Feedback

The employee developmental feedback template contains a set of questions designed to give employees on their rate and process of development.

performance feedback template visual

Performance Feedback

This performance feedback template contains questions designed to evaluate an employee's performance and give constructive criticism to the said employee based on their skills and contributions.

peer feedback template visual

Peer Feedback

Peer feedback is a process in which individuals in a group or team provide constructive and critical feedback to one another about their work or performance. The goal is to improve communication, collaboration, and overall effectiveness within the group.

leadership skills feedback template visual

Leadership Skills Feedback

The leadership skills feedback template is structured around providing constructive feedback on leadership abilities within the workplace, focusing on areas such as motivating, managing, and leading teams.

presentation skills feedback template visual

Presentation Skills Feedback

The presentation skills feedback template is designed for providing feedback on an individual's presentation abilities. This template focuses on the employee's ability to convey their message effectively alongside other factors such as confidence and audience engagement.

project based feedback template visual

Project-Based Feedback

The project-based feedback template is designed for providing feedback on an individual's performance throughout the duration of a project. The template also takes into account the results of said project.

goal oriented feedback template visual

Goal-Oriented Feedback

The goal-oriented feedback process involves evaluating employees' progress and performance in relation to specific goals in order to help them feel better about themselves, improve their performance, and achieve their own goals.

self assessment feedback template visual

Self Assessment Feedback

Employees are encouraged to assess themselves and provide constructive criticism so they can identify areas for improvement, set goals, and develop a growth plan as a result of self-assessment feedback.

direct report to manager feedback template visual

Direct Report to Manager Feedback

To help the manager develop their leadership skills and better support the employee's work and development, direct report to manager feedback involves constructive criticism of a manager's performance as it relates to their role, responsibilities, and communication.

manager to direct report feedback template visual

Manager to Direct Report Feedback

To help the manager develop their leadership skills and better support the employee's work and development, direct report to manager feedback involves constructive criticism of a manager's performance as it relates to their role, responsibilities, and communication.

pip feedback template visual

Performance Improvement Plan Feedback

Organizations use PIPs, or Performance Improvement Plans, to address and correct performance issues.

You can start by defining the key areas or aspects you want feedback on, such as performance, mentorship programs, or presentation skills. Then, design a simple and clear questionnaire or form with specific questions or rating scales for each area. Make sure the questions are concise and easy to understand. Consider including an open-ended question for additional comments or suggestions.

The key thing in creating an employee feedback template is to make sure it integrates into your performance management system tools. This way you can use the data from your:
  1. Task software
  2. OKR software
  3. One on one software
  4. Recognition software
  5. Employee engagement software

While using analyzing the results of your employee feedback templates.

One of the easiest way to get feedback from your customers is to use feedback software that have an external feedback function. This way you can send your feedback templates to your customers with ease and use your HR analytics software to analyze the feedback data!

Asking for performance feedback can sometimes feel daunting, but it's important for personal and professional growth. The process is relatively simple. Identify the right time and setting, approach the individual with respect, provide them with a frame that highlights why you are requesting the feedback, and ask specific questions.

This is a great way to ask for feedback in person. If you are practicing remote team management , however, your job is a bit harder. You can take advantage of performance feedback templates offered by Teamflect to make your life easier. You can also ask for opinions in bulk by using employee engagement surveys or employee pulse surveys .

Employee feedback templates provide a consistent feedback-gathering structure. They also save a lot of time and effort through integrations and preset feedback questions. They can also be customized to fit any situation. We here at Teamflect offer a variety of feedback templates such as:
  1. Behavioral feedback template
  2. Leadership skills feedback template
  3. Performance feedback template
  4. Presentation skills feedback template
  5. Peer feedback template
  6. And more!

Integrations are a key part of making the most of feedback templates. For example, if you are practicing Microsoft Teams project management , then your feedback templates NEED Microsoft Teams integration .

When giving feedback professionally, you have to be sensitive and constructive. Establish a positive and supportive tone. Focus on the specific behavior or outcome you want to address, providing clear examples to illustrate your point. Use 'I' statements to express your observations or feelings rather than accusing the other side.

Most importantly, your feedback should come with suggestions for growth.

Creating a Culture of Feedback

Implementing a feedback culture is a mix of consistency and simplicity. The exchange of feedback between peers, leaders, managers, and direct reports should be a common sight within your organization. That means, your team shouldn't have to go out of their way to exchange detailed feedback on each other's performances. Using our Microsoft Teams feedback templates makes this process easier than ever before! You will be able to create a strong feedback culture, without ever leaving Microsoft Teams!

Feedback and Employee Growth

Feedback is one of the most important investments you can make in your team. Using employee feedback templates designed with employee development and growth is simply a great way to make sure that valuable investment is being processed correctly! The completely customizable feedback templates Teamflect offers were all prepared with helping all parties benefit from each other's wisdom and insight. Through easy-to-exchange and continuous feedback, your employees will be helping each other grow and evolve.

Accuracy and Clarity in Feedback

When practiced right, feedback in the workplace can be an incredible agent of positive change. There are two bases to cover when practicing employee feedback: Accuracy and Clarity. That is where our Microsoft Teams employee feedback templates come in, with each employee feedback question meticulously planned to help you exchange feedback in the clearest and most accurate of ways. Both your feedback and the time you put into it are incredibly valuable. Don't let any of them go to waste. Use our feedback templates to make sure your feedback hits all the right spots.