Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

Amber Energy logo with background image

Amber (by Microsoft)

The number one privately owned TPI in the UK, Amber, uses Teamflect to manage performance and engage employees.

Project 3 Mobility logo with background image

P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

Illinois Heartland Library System logo with background image

Illinois Heartland Library System (by Microsoft)

Illinois Heartland Library Systems uses Teamflect to streamline its performance review process.

Adoptions together logo with background image

Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together, a non-profit dedicated to building and sustaining families, enhanced their performance reviews with Teamflect.

Competitive capabilities logo with background image

CCINT (Published by Microsoft)

A global leader in supply chain excellence, CCINT empowers their team and fosters collaboration with Teamflect.

Align HCM logo with background image

Align HCM

The premier human capital management firm of Canada, Align HCM, keeps everyone engaged using Teamflect.

Gas South logo with background image

Gas South

Gas South, the largest retail natural gas provider in the Southeast promotes engagement between leaders and employees with Teamflect.

FCA logo with background image

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The global sports ministry FCA uses Teamflect to ensure their teams are perfectly aligned with their goals.

Nevada County logo with background image

Nevada County

Nevada County's Information and General Services Agency keeps goals at all levels visible with Teamflect's Goals module.

Spike logo with background image


A global leader in digital transformations in the retail space, Spike perfected their onboarding and probation process with Teamflect.

Confluence logo with background image


One of the most comprehensive landscape, architecture, and urban design firms in The US, Confluence, simplified and digitized their performance reviews with Teamflect.