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Uncover organizational insights with an engagement survey tool for Microsoft Teams

Conduct surveys that are accessible, easy to analyze, and completely customizable with an extensive library of survey templates.

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Combine Your Team’s Voice with Detailed Reports and AI-Powered Analysis

Use an employee survey platform that doesn’t just simplify gathering input from your team but also provides you with detailed reports and analytics on what that input truly means.

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Customizable Survey Templates

Tailor surveys to match your unique needs. Use customizable employee engagement survey templates to accurately capture the data that matters most to your organization. Easily adjust questions to reflect current priorities and concerns, ensuring relevance and depth in your surveys.

Conduct Anonymous Surveys

Encourage openness and honesty with anonymous surveys. Toggle privacy and visibility settings for surveys with ease, empowering participants to express their true opinions.

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Automate Engagement Surveys

Streamline your survey process with automation. Teamflect ensures consistent data collection and saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on responding to your team’s needs.

Cultivate Advocacy with eNPS Surveys

Discover how much your employees advocate for your organization as a great place to work with Employee Net Promoter Score surveys. Use Teamflect to analyze responses and unveil key insights into employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Teamflect engagement survey in microsoft teams with a survey question and calendar icon
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Advanced Survey Reports

Transform survey data into actionable insights with Teamflect’s advanced reporting capabilities. Understand the nuances of your team's engagement through comprehensive analytics that highlight trends and areas for improvement.

AI Survey Analysis & Result Comparison

Use Teamflect’s AI survey analysis feature to not only save time but also receive a more sophisticated and detailed analysis of survey results than you would otherwise. Use AI-driven insight to pinpoint specific areas needing attention and track progress over time.

Teamflect engagement survey in microsoft teams with a survey question and calendar icon
Teamflect engagement survey in microsoft teams with a survey question and calendar icon

Conduct Pulse Surveys Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly

Keep your finger on the pulse and adapt to changes quickly. Have complete freedom and flexibility in your surveys. Conduct pulse surveys daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at any desired frequency!

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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One of the most comprehensive landscape, architecture, and urban design firms in The US, Confluence, simplified and digitized their performance reviews with Teamflect.

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Gas South

Gas South, the largest retail natural gas provider in the Southeast promotes engagement between leaders and employees with Teamflect.

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A global leader in digital transformations in the retail space, Spike perfected their onboarding and probation process with Teamflect.

Are surveys anonymous?

Surveys conducted inside Teamflect can be anonymous. The visibility settings of surveys can be adjusted before the survey has been sent out or even as the survey is taking place.

Can we automate surveys?

Surveys can be conducted and automated at any interval of a manager’s choice. Teamflect has weekly, monthly, quarterly, surveys alongside other forms of feedback survey templates that are ready to be used.

Are surveys customizable?

Yes, they are! Teamflect has an extensive library of survey templates that can be fully customized with different question types such as: Multiple choice, free form questions, and more.

Are there preset survey templates?

While they Teamflect offers conventional survey templates that were designed initially to fit each survey situation , these templates can also be fully customize.

Can we conduct eNPS surveys?

ENPS surveys can be conducted using Teamflect, providing users with not only their individual net promote scores. They can also be compared to each other.

Are there automated reminders for survey completion?

In order to ensure high survey completion rates, Teamflect does send automated survey reminders in the form of notifications and adaptive dards inside Teamflect.

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An employee engagement survey can be best defined as a questionnaire, deliverable via multiple different mediums or platforms, designed to gauge the employee engagement levels in various groups of employees.

Employee engagement has quickly become one of the most important metrics for measuring overall success in performance management. More often than not, employee engagement strategies involve some costly practices. Employee engagement surveys give leaders an understanding of how well their resources devoted to employee engagement are being allocated.

We strongly believe that annual employee engagement surveys aren't enough. A year is way too long of an interval to put between employee engagement surveys. The best way to conduct an employee engagement survey is to automate them at quarterly or even monthly intervals. If you're curious about how you can automate them, the answer is simple: Through a performance management tool that offers the feature.

A great way to improve employee engagement surveys goes through automation. If you can automate your employee engagement surveys and use customizable templates to design them, you'll be one or two steps ahead of the curve. You'll be able to send them out even as pulse surveys, entirely at your leisure.

In order to best interpret employee engagement survey results you will need to utilize a great tool that offers you detailed reports. Teamflect uses Power BI reports to present their users with insight into their employees' engagement levels.

The anonymity level of an employee engagement survey depends completely on how the organization wants to conduct its employee engagement surveys. Whether you are conducting your employee satisfaction survey anonymously or not, both options have their own merits.

Whichever way you decide to go, your employee pulse survey software should be able to provide you with both options.

Conducting employee engagement surveys annually is an incredibly outdated practice. Employee engagement surveys can and should be conducted quarterly at the very least.

If you have a performance management tool that lets you conduct employee engagement surveys easily, you can even switch to an employee pulse survey format and conduct them monthly, or even weekly!

Employee engagement surveys work! They are one of the best tools for measuring employee engagement and overall morale in the workplace. There are many employee engagement software that offers employee engagement survey features for a reason.

When designed and implemented well, employee engagement surveys can provide valuable insights into employee perceptions, attitudes, and experiences in the workplace, and can help organizations identify areas for improvement.

Once an organization has conducted an employee engagement survey and received the results, it's important to take action on the findings to drive meaningful change. Using an HR analytics software like Teamflect, which presents users with insight in the shape of Power BI reports is a great way to make sure you are analyzing your employee engagement survey results effectively.

The purpose of employee engagement surveys is to measure and assess the level of engagement and satisfaction among employees in an organization. Employee engagement refers to the emotional and psychological connection that employees have with their work, colleagues, and the organization. Employee engagement surveys are designed to gather feedback from employees about their perceptions, attitudes, and experiences in the workplace, with the goal of understanding their level of engagement and identifying areas for improvement.

Let's say you have recently started using recognition software to boost employee engagement. Employee engagement surveys are a great way for you to find out whether you made the right investment or not.

Employee engagement surveys are a massive part of remote team management alongside other productivity software such as:

Task Software

Feedback Software

Microsoft Teams Project Management Tools

One-on-one Software

Optimize your employee engagement strategy one survey at a time.

Measuring employee engagement as a key metric plays an integral role in an organization's success. Whether you are conducting simple employee surveys, company surveys, or staff surveys, checking in with your team on how engaged they are can make a huge difference! There are plenty of different survey types you can use with your team such as engagement surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, HR surveys, and more!

Teamflect's employee engagement surveys which you can conduct at any rate you see fit will provide you with the necessary insight to shape and alter your employee engagement strategy. Get creative with customizable templates, automate surveys, and use Power BI reports to optimize your next steps.

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Get to know your employees through employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement strategies, including employee engagement programs, virtual employee engagement tools, remote employee engagement workshops, and other employee engagement activities run up quite the tab in your organization. This is where employee engagement surveys come in and make sure you are not throwing your money away on redundant employee engagement platforms.

The employee engagement survey templates we offer include a wide array of employee engagement question examples, ranging from open-ended employee engagement questions to simple yes-no employee engagement questions. They are not your everyday employee engagement questionnaires. The employee engagement surveys Teamflect offer will help you measure employee engagement at the deepest of levels, letting you know just which employee engagement methods you use need changing and which employee engagement practices you should be doubling down on.

What type of employee engagement survey questions are better? Open-ended employee engagement survey questions, or multiple choice employee engagement questions? The correct answer is, whatever employee survey question type works best for you. Perhaps you would like to ask employee engagement questions that let employees pick and rate certain employee engagement related issues on a scale of 1 to 10.

No matter which employee engagement survey format or employee engagement survey template you wish to follow. Teamflect's employee engagement survey feature doesn't just provide you with a means to conduct employee engagement surveys in the form of automated employee engagement surveys or pulse employee engagement surveys. You can also get your employee engagement survey results in the form of Power BI reports, providing you with valuable insight.