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Drive high performance with an integrated OKR software for Microsoft Teams.

Make your company Goals & OKRs a natural part of daily conversations with the most intuitive OKR software designed for Microsoft Teams.

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Switching to OKRs? Make the transition seamless.

Ease the adoption of OKR methodology with Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration, making the transition seamless and straightforward.

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Align your team behind department & company goals by increasing visibility.

Make sure nobody gets left behind with flexible and simple goal-setting features.

  • Have everyone aligned by connecting Goals / OKRs.
  • Integrate goal setting and tracking into 1:1 or team meetings.
  • Set goals that cascade from the top level to individuals.
  • Help your people grow with self-development goals and personal OKR

Boost OKR adoption with complete Microsoft Teams integration:

Your time and energy are too valuable to be spent navigating between multiple software. Keep all your goals in the flow of work, inside Microsoft Teams.

  • Stay inside of Microsoft Teams and Outlook to manage your goals.
  • Use your existing org chart in Microsoft Teams for goal-setting permissions.
  • Have access to extensive user training and implementation support. Not that you'll need them.
Goal module screen of Teamflect in Microsoft Teams with one active goal
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Make goals more achievable with real-time goal collaboration.

As a fully integrated solution, Teamflect lets your teams track and collaborate on goals in real-time:

  • Comment on goals.
  • Attach files inside them.
  • Align goal completion rates with subgoals.
  • Schedule automated check-ins.

Stay on top of everyone's goals with your OKR feed.

Whether you manage a team or a project, have all your updates on a single page.

Goal okr item with eighty percent goal progress
teamflect goal okr check-in form in Microsoft Teams

Increase OKR update frequency by % 42 with automated check-ins.

Teamflect helps organizations implement a culture where everyone owns their goals. Don't have your leaders chase their direct reports for goal updates. Have your employees update their own goals regularly with ease.

Group your goals according to team, department, division, or any way you see fit

Organize your goals and OKRs to suit your needs, with features like departmental goal filtering, customizable labels, and bulk upload.

  • Department Goals: Have a much easier time tracking company goals by filtering them according to departments.
  • Customizable Goal Labels: Set priorities, change types, and create custom goal labels for an okr experience that is uniquely you!
  • Goal Bulk Upload: Upload all of your goals at once with "Goal Bulk Upload".
Group goals of project team with a magnifier on related team section in Microsoft Teams
Teamflect Power-BI Image

Manage goals efficiently with extensive reports.

Teamflect offers detailed Power BI reports on its OKRs module, providing users with insights on goal completion rates, goal-setting practices, and more.

Drive business results with an easy-to-use OKR app

Whether you are an expert designing OKR frameworks, or new to OKR management and mapping out your OKR process for the first time, you need an OKR tool that is fully integrated into your main communication and collaboration platforms.

Having an OKR tool that is easy to access keeps objectives and key results always visible, empowering your team to own their goals and remain accountable.

To meet this need, we made sure our OKR platform was designed to fit two of the best communication platforms in the modern workplace: Microsoft Teams & Outlook.

As the best Microsoft Teams OKR app, Teamflect makes sure goals and OKRs are always in the flow of work, letting users set and track goals inside ongoing Teams meetings as well as Teams chat.

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Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

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Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together, a non-profit dedicated to building and sustaining families, enhanced their performance reviews with Teamflect.

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Nevada County

Nevada County's Information and General Services Agency keeps goals at all levels visible with Teamflect's Goals module.

OKR (“objectives and key results”) is a practical goal setting and management method invented by Intel co-founder Andy Grove and introduced to Google in 1999 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers investor John Doerr. This method is a popular management method and is especially applicable in agile companies.

The OKR methodology tends to use objective measures to track how well a company is meeting goals. OKRs also allows all employees to share a mutual goal and contribute to the overall success of the organizational OKR.

OKR Framework consists of three main elements; objective, period, and key results. For setting up a convincing OKR framework, your objectives must be clear for every employee. You also need to pick the most realistic and practical period to meet up your goals. Finally, your key results should be measurable and consist of at least three or four steps.

Setting OKRs, seven main steps:

  1. Gather constant feedback. Appreciate the wins and work on the losses.
  2. Create your measuring tools (charts, forms, etc.) and keep documenting the progress.
  3. Encourage your team and focus on removing blockers out of your way
  4. Ask for any input and allow your entire team to be able to collaborate
  5. Focus on quantifiable OKRs
  6. Align your OKRs with your business-related goals.
  7. Clarify the areas you want to grow.

The main difference between KPI and OKR is the purpose behind them. KPIs are about observations about the processes of projects under construction, while OKRs contain tactics for breakthroughs and developments. OKRs are primarily based on ambition and encouragement that drive the team to do a better job. On the other hand, OKRs represent priorities and tasks that may change over time. Therefore, KPIs are permanent, while OKRs tend to align and change with new goals.

Let's assume that you decide to bake. The first thing you need will be the recipe and ingredients for your meal (the amount of sugar, milk, salt, etc.). Thus, you can control the process and get the perfect result. In this example, your recipe is your OKR, and your dashboard KPI shows your ingredients' limits.

An OKR software is a digital tool, dedicated to the setting, tracking, and relaying of objectives and desired key results.

The best OKR Software work by helping its users create measurable and trackable long-term and short-term goals. An effective OKR software presents its users with more than goal-setting and tracking abilities. It also helps improve all aspects of the OKR process such as goal-aligned tasks and meetings.

If you are searching for the best OKR software then there are multiple factors you should be on the lookout for. Beyond just having goal-setting and tracking capabilities, your OKR software should have a simple and intuitive user interface, making user adoption easier. Your OKR software should have strong integrations with the rest of the tools you are using. A great example is Teamflect's complete integration into Microsoft Teams, To Do, Notes, and Outlook.

An OKR software is a tool that helps organizations set and track their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) more effectively. OKR software usually comes with a variety of features, such as progress tracking, goal setting, team collaboration, and reporting. With OKR software, teams can align their goals with their company's overall strategy, track their progress more efficiently, and identify areas for improvement. OKR tools, specifically OKR planning tools or OKR tracking software help set and manage the best OKRs they can.

Choosing the right OKR software depends on several factors, including the size of your organization, your budget, and the features you need. Some essential features to look for when selecting OKR software include goal setting and tracking, team collaboration, progress reporting, and customization options.

It's essential to consider how the software integrates with your existing tools and processes, as well as its ease of use and customer support. It's a good idea to try out several OKR software options before deciding to ensure that you find the right fit for your organization's needs. Before picking an OKR software, you can ask for your teams' opinions using employee pulse surveys . There is some great employee engagement survey software you can use to do that.

It is also always a great idea to make sure you know just what kind of OKRs you'll be setting. OKRs for managers can be very different from OKRs for employees. When picking an objective and key results software, your main goal should be to find the best okr platform for your team and nobody else!

There are some great performance management systems that offer OKR management capabilities while also functioning as:

Performance review software

Microsoft Project Management tool

Employee engagement software

One of the key things to look for in software like these is Microsoft Teams integration . When practicing remote team management , integrations play a massive part in success.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are both goal-setting frameworks, but they differ in several key ways. While KPIs typically measure the performance of a specific process or activity, OKRs are broader and more strategic in nature. OKRs focus on achieving specific objectives that align with a company's overall strategy, while KPIs measure specific metrics related to individual goals or projects. OKRs are usually set at the beginning of a quarter or year, while KPIs can be set and tracked on an ongoing basis.

OKRs have risen in popularity through famous examples such as Microsoft OKRs, Google's OKR Manual, and of course the widespread practice of OKR project management!

Don't just set and track OKRs. Guide!

Setting goals and okrs are more than daily practice. It is a never-ending process where each goal transitions into another, writing your company's story with each step taken. Setting goals, tracking goals, and giving you the tools for effective okr updates are all features we are incredibly proud of. Yet we aim to help you accomplish something far more important than that.

Here at Teamflect, we aim to help our users go beyond okr tracking, and into a state where they will be able to guide their employees, allowing smooth transitions between each goal completion. Our effective goal monitoring and goal tracking system will help you guide your employees in the right direction.

The choice between the best OKR software or a simple OKR software doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. You can have the best OKR software and simple OKR management software at the same time. Finding your way around in an OKR software shouldn't be difficult. Teamflect as an OKR tracking software is so easy to use, you can navigate our OKR software freely without ever getting lost in our many OKR software features.

The sheer amount of amazing OKR examples you can create using Teamflect's goals and OKRs module is guaranteed to impress you. With OKR software features like real-time tracking, Teams integration, and check-in functionalities, Teamflect is one of the top OKR software there out there. Teamflect is great for organizations of all sizes, making it one of the best OKR software for small businesses and crowded organizations alike.

What is the benefit of OKR tracking in Microsoft Teams?

Teamflect is built on top of Microsoft Graph API, which is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. With this integration, you can connect your company goals to your org-chart in no time.

Why should we use Microsoft Teams for OKR tracking?

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading collaboration platforms in the world. If your company uses Microsoft Teams, this means that your employees spend a significant amount of time using the tool. Making the OKR tracking process part of Microsoft Teams, will save your employees a lot of time.

Is Teamflect a good OKR software for startups?

Since Teamflect can be used by 10 employees for free, it is a great OKR software for startups. Startups can enjoy all the functionalities of Teamflect without paying a dime until they reach 10 users.

Is Teamflect really a free OKR software?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free OKR tracking software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect will always be accessible with all of its features, if you want less than 10 users on the platform. However, if you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

Do you have a question about our Goals / OKR software? Get in touch!

To learn more about Teamflect's Free OKR software, you can contact us or start using it for free straight if you want less than 10 users on the platform.

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