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Boost team morale with an intuitive recognition tool for Microsoft Teams.

Put your employees in the driver's seat! Help employees motivate each other through recognitions, without leaving Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams

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Increase engagement with an easy-to-use recognition software

Why use a separate tool? Your employees can appreciate each other with recognitions, right inside Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

 teamflect recognition module screen with customizable badges inside microsoft teams

Create a positive workplace with a recognition program that reflects your company culture.

Make recognition sharing a critical part of your company culture and help your employees gain visibility.

  • Customizable recognition badges to reflect your company values
  • Create manager/admin-only recognition badges to recognize high performers
  • Send private recognitions to celebrate success in confidential projects

Motivate employees by celebrating success publicly.

Why keep your praise private? Foster a sense of community and boost morale by feeding your recognition directly into Microsoft Teams channels.

 Teamflect recognition card in Microsoft Teams channels
teamflect one on one meeting agenda with new recognition button

Turn employee appreciation into a habit by making it a part of your regular 1:1s.

Every meeting is an opportunity for praise and motivation. Provide your team with a tool to acknowledge the hard work of their colleagues while conducting 1-on-1 or team meetings.

Never miss an opportunity to recognize your employees.

Preserve context with the ability to send recognitions while you are in Microsoft Teams chat and channel conversations.

teamflect message extension in microsoft teams with a magnifier on new recognition button
teamflect add-in and new recognition button in microsoft outlook

Create new avenues for praise with Teamflect's Outlook add-in.

Teamflect aims to make frequent recognition sharing a natural part of your company culture. You don't need to be inside Microsoft Teams to recognize your employees. Our Outlook add-in makes recognition sharing easy and intuitive.

Track recognition across departments with advanced reports.

Teamflect provides rich and flexible recognition reports for HR leaders and managers to track employee engagement using the power of Microsoft PowerBI.

Teamflect Power-BI Image
asian woman and black man giving each other a high-five

Peer recognition creates a positive company culture

Employees want to appreciate their colleagues for their hard efforts, and having an employee rewards platform in hand makes it a lot easier. This way, employees feel that their hard work is being appreciated, therefore allowing them to become further motivated to create even better results.

Happy and engaged employees not only create a positive corporate culture but also increase sales and profits. When you are using the best employee recognition software as a part of your company's most-used collaboration tool - like Microsoft Teams - recognition sharing feels much more natural to your employees.

Have a look at this article from Harvard Business Review about the importance of recognition and appreciation.

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Employee recognition software is designed to send and receive messages of appreciation or rewards for employees. With the help of employee recognition software, companies can provide feedback according to their strategies and track the process for each employees' progress. Even though it might be see an "abstract concept," it supports employees with constant feedback or appreciation from managers or HR teams.

The central power that employee recognition software holds is the ability to measure and track the participation level of each employee. It also helps HR teams understand the dynamics of the teams and the primary motivational triggers and stability for employees' desired workplace. Creating a great place to work is directly associated with employee engagement and satisfaction.

From the HR teams' perspective, it is crucial to understand the pattern of desired behavior to create the environment accordingly. For example, having a happy workplace can quickly drive employees to a "more work, less complaining" attitude.

In today's post-pandemic world, with the increase in the number of remote teams, the method of employee interaction has become a matter of concern. While the employers had to maintain the motivation of all employees to work towards their goals, they also need to take steps to ensure that their workflows are not affected by applying this new working modely. All companies working remotely now need to consider different interaction and rewarding methods to retain their employees. In addition to one-on-one meetings routines, companies need to plan the success and engagement levels for the teams first.

Employee recognition software can help remote companies embrace new ways of engaging, rewarding, and recognizing employees and creating a new culture.

Corporate culture is the concept that covers all of the behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and habits specific to the institution. Therefore, all employees of the organization should share a corporate culture. This abstract yet powerful concept allows companies to regulate employee behavior and discipline when appropriate.

Corporate culture expresses the values ​​that companies create within themselves and the environment that distinguishes them socially and psychologically, should also be considered a point of differentiation. Having a certain culture means positive value for a company.

There are many incredible employee recognition programs available to leaders who want to practice employee appreciation and give kudos to their teammates. Employee recognition programs such as peer-to-peer recognition, formal recognition, informal recognition, or performance-based employee recognition programs are all incredibly effective employee recognition programs for leaders to practice.

In order to practice these employee recognition programs effectively, you need to invest in employee rewards and recognition software that lets you exchange recognition anytime, anywhere.

An employee recognition software or an employee recognition app, depending on which employee recognition platform you are using is a tool that lets businesses show their employees just how much they appreciate them. The best employee recognition software are the ones that allow users to customize the employee praise and recognition they are exchanging. An online employee recognition software is only as good as its customization and integration capabilities.

There are many different types of employee recognition programs readily available to be practiced in the workplace. Recognition can be practiced in the forms of:

Peer recognition


Written recognition

Formal recognition

And more!

There are however 4 central types of recognition programs that encompass the ones listed above. They are:

Public Recognition: Showing employee appreciation in public.

Private Recognition: Giving praise to an employee privately.

Monetary Recognition: This covers paid benefits and rewards.

Promotional Recognition: This type of employee recognition comes with a new position attached to it!

The best way to implement any of these programs is to invest in employee recognition apps. An employee recognition software will make sure these top employee recognition programs are always in the flow of work.

Engage & Motivate Through Employee Recognitions

Practicing effective and engaging employee recognition is a performance management discipline that requires experience, skill, and most importantly, creativity. While it is an absolute fact that motivating employees through recognition is a practice that any organization in the world could benefit heavily from, we are aware of the fact that each organization has different needs when it comes to employee or peer-to-peer recognition, along with different creative minds at the helm.

When we first set off to create Teamflect, we wanted to provide our users with an employee recognition software that not only provided them with the tools to recognize their employees but also complimented their employee recognition ideas. Years and an entire software later, we are proud to tell you that our heavily customizable recognition module will not only give you everything you need to implement a strong employee recognition culture within your organization but also be flexible and customizable enough to fit your vision perfectly.

Nobody has better employee recognition ideas for your team than you. Our employee recognition software exists to help you bring your employee recognition ideas, employee recognition strategies, and employee recognition plans to life! Use Teamflect's employee recognition software freely to get creative with regular employee recognition or remote employee recognition.

Using a simple and problem free employee recognition software with strong integrations lets you take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a great employee rewards and recognition program such as increased employee engagement and reduced employee turnover rates. Set the employee recognition examples you've always envisioned for your organization and create a strong culture of recognition.

Can I integrate Teamflect recognitions into Outlook?

Yes, you can! Teamflect's complete Outlook integration allows you to send recognition through Outlook as well. This way you can keep boosting morale not only through Teams chat but also e-mails!

Can I customize recognition badges in Teamflect?

Yes! While we provide you with an extensive set of employee recognition badges for Microsoft Teams, you can customize your recognition and make it fit your organizational culture.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams recognition software?

Employee recognition plays a huge role in keeping your employees engaged. Using Microsoft Teams recognition software such as Teamflect makes sure recognitions are always in the flow of work.

Is Teamflect really a free recognition software?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free recognition software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect's free plan has all the features its pro plan does. As long as you have 10 users or fewer, you can use Teamflect with full functionality for as long as you want, for free! If you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

Do you have a question about our Recognition software built for Microsoft Teams? Get in touch!

To learn more about Teamflect's Free Recognition tool, you can contact us or start using it for free straight away if you want less than 10 users on our platform.

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