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Conduct anonymous employee engagement surveys through Microsoft Teams & Outlook.

Customize, automate, and send out employee engagement survey templates organization-wide in a matter of minutes!

teamflect engagement survey image inside microsoft teams image
Teamflect pulse survey card with automation button

Monitor engagement and satisfaction with pulse surveys inside Teams chat!

Have an easy time conducting pulse surveys among your team, using adaptive cards they can fill out over Teams Chat.

Build your own rewards and recognition program within your organization!

Teamflect's recognition module doesn't just let users praise each other through recognition badges. You can:

• Customize each recognition badge to reflect your company culture.

• Assign points to each custom recognition badge.

• Create leaderboards based on employee recognition.

• Feed recognitions into a public channel and praise people publicly.

• Recognize employees inside Teams chat or ongoing Teams meetings.

Teamflect new recognition screen with badges
Teamflect employee engagement survey results with teams logo on top

Measure employee engagement and develop your strategy accordingly.

Gain deep insight into just how engaged your employees actually are through Teamflect's comprehensive Power BI reports. Use insight from employee engagement surveys, recognition data, and performance appraisals to build your employee engagement action plan.

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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One of the most comprehensive landscape, architecture, and urban design firms in The US, Confluence, simplified and digitized their performance reviews with Teamflect.

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Gas South

Gas South, the largest retail natural gas provider in the Southeast promotes engagement between leaders and employees with Teamflect.

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A global leader in digital transformations in the retail space, Spike perfected their onboarding and probation process with Teamflect.

Employees are the most important resources of any company. Engaged employees are happy, productive and loyal to the company. They help the organization to lead better outcomes and achieve its goals. An effective employee engagement platform contributes to company success by improving productivity and performance, reducing employee turnover and increasing employee retention.

Engaged employees care much more about the companies they work for and the jobs they do than their counterparts. Engaged employees sincerely want the company to achieve greater success and try their best to achieve this.

When you have engaged employees, you have a more productive and happier workplace. The good news is that you don't have to wait for it. You can start building your engaged teams today with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for building engagement. One of the most important ways of building engaged teams is constant communication and Microsoft Teams offers many ways for you to connect with your teammates, including direct messaging and video calls.

Another way Microsoft Teams helps with employee engagement is by letting you create channels where people can collaborate more easily. These channels can be used for everything from brainstorming ideas to sharing files, making them incredibly useful tools for collaboration and teamwork among employees.

We know that employee engagement strategies are an important factor in company success and here are a few tips on how to build employee engagement at your company:

• Employees want to feel like they're important, and they want their contributions recognized. When you take the time to recognize your employees' efforts and achievements, you're helping them feel valued and appreciated—and that makes them more likely to stay engaged in their work.

• Develop your employees' skills. If your employees don't have the right skills for a job, they won't be able to perform well or do their best work. That can make them disengaged from their jobs, which affects the bottom line in a big way.

• Finally, make sure you give them everything they need to succeed in their roles. This might mean providing extra training or resources, or just making yourself available as a resource if they have questions or concerns.

By using the modules that Teamflect has, you can create engaged teams much more easily than other methods. We believe that Teamflect is the best software for employee engagement because it offers a variety of tools and techniques that will help you improve communication, build a culture of recognition, and foster an environment of constant feedback and professional development.

Use Teamflect's Meetings module to schedule meetings with your employees. You can conduct meetings with team members so you can stay in touch with everyone on your team. The Reviews module allows employees to evaluate themselves, their managers, team members, and more in order to improve performance management. With Feedback Module, employees can send feedback and receive responses from their managers or colleagues. The Recognitions Module ensures that employees feel appreciated by giving them opportunities to recognize one another for good work or hard effort.

Employee engagement is a measure of how involved and committed employees are to their work and their organization. It is a key aspect of any performance management system .

The benefits of employee engagement include:

Increased productivity: When your employees are engaged in their work, they will surely be more productive.

Reduced turnover: Engaged employees are less likely to leave their organizations.

Increased innovation: If your team is invested in their work beyond just their obligations, they have more reasons to be innovative.

There are several reasons why employees might feel disengaged. It depends heavily on organizational culture and the employees themselves. That being said, the causes below are rather common:

Not setting goals effectively: Whether you are setting goals that are too ambitious or you're not setting goals clearly enough, mistakes in goal setting can cause your employees to be disengaged. You should invest in OKR software to help you with setting goals and objectives.

Lack of praise and recognition: People want their hard work to be appreciated. If you appreciate your team but feel like you can't show it, try looking for recognition software , praise software , or a kudos platform .

Not enough one-on-one time: Having frequent one-on-one meetings with your direct reports is key in keeping them engaged. You can take advantage of one-on-one software to make the most of those meetings.

Lack of quality feedback: Feedback is the core of effective communication in the workplace. A lack of it will cause your employees to be disengaged. Use feedback software with feedback templates to ensure your feedback is delivered effectively.

There are many ways to measure employee engagement. Some common methods include:

•Employee surveys: Use employee engagement survey software to keep track of how engaged your employees are.

•Exit interviews: Conduct exit interviews with departing employees. Use an exit review template for consistency.

•Pulse surveys: Conduct regular pulse surveys using a pulse survey tool .

The best employee engagement software for your organization depends heavily on your company culture and the rest of the tools you use daily. That being said, a good rule of thumb is to look for the following features.

Integration: Your engagement software should be integrated into your communication platform. That is why Teamflect has such a strong Microsoft Teams integration .

Employee onboarding: Your engagement tool should be part of your employee onboarding software if you want to make sure your new hires are engaged from the start.

Multiple use cases: If you're going to invest in software, you need to make sure it has multiple functions. Your engagement software should also have the necessary features to function as:

Task software

Project management software

Remote team management platform

Performance review software

Implement your employee engagement strategies with ease

The definition of employee engagement may vary slightly from organization to organization. Just as employee engagement strategies, employee engagement ideas, employee engagement activities, and employee engagement programs do. No matter how much they change, one thing about employee engagement stays the same. The benefits of employee engagement will always remain too great to ignore. That is why using the right team engagement software can make a huge difference.

With many employee engagement features such as customizable recognitions, employee engagement survey templates, or employee engagement questionnaires available to its users, Teamflect is simply the best employee engagement platform for Microsoft Teams users. Being by far the best employee engagement software for Microsoft Teams, Teamflect users can reap all the work engagement benefits without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Picking the right tool for work engagement is key. When you are trying to implement a staff engagement program, you should consider all the conditions in your organization. The most important issue is whether or not your employee engagement application of choice integrates with the rest of your software.

That is why if you are an organization that uses Microsoft Teams or other Microsoft tools, you need a Microsoft employee engagement program. While using Microsoft Teams for employee engagement is a great idea, Microsoft Teams can't be enough on its own. Out of all the Microsoft Teams engagement tools, the best option by a long shot, is Teamflect. As a licensed Microsoft partner, Teamflect is the best Microsoft Teams engagement tool out there. Integrating seamlessly into Outlook and Microsoft Teams, Teamflect is truly a Microsoft employee engagement tool.

Is Teamflect a full-fledged employee engagement app for Microsoft Teams?

Yes, absolutely. Modules offered by Teamflect such as 1-on-1 meetings, Goal / OKR tracking, task management, can be effectively used for employee engagement needs in Microsoft Teams.

What is needed to use the employee engagement capabilities of Teamflect?

As long as you want to use Teamflect with less than 10 users, nothing! Teamflect is free and always will be accesible with all of the project management capabilities mentioned above for up to 10 users. If you want to have more users on the platform, you need to initiate a subscription.

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