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Episode 18: Why Do People Hate HR? feat. Bonnie Dilber

In this episode of The Team Check-in, we welcome one of the most notable voices in the world of HR, Bonnie Dilber, to the show! Bonnie answers some of the most heavily debated questions in people and culture today, alongside some age-old classics. Bonnie and Emre go over why HR gets such a bad rep, the recent backlash against DEI, the use of AI in recruitment, and more!

Episode 17: Attracting Top Talent! feat. Wendy Sellers

In this episode of The Team Check-in, we welcome The HR Lady herself, Wendy Sellers to the show! Wendy is not only a seasoned pro in the world of HR but also is the author of "Suck It Up, Buttercup: Be A Leader People Will Follow". Emre and Wendy discuss how organizations can build a company culture that attracts and retains top talent!

Episode 16: Everything Wrong With Your CV! feat. Matt Warzel

Jobseekers rejoice! In this episode of The Team Check-in, we had the pleasure of welcoming one of the best career coaches out there, Matt Warzel! When it comes to crafting the perfect resume, Matt has insight for days! Emre and Matt go into detail on how to write a CV that stands out, as well as how to make sure your application gets past applicant tracking systems!

Episode 15: Creating a Positive Candidate Experience feat. Tim Sackett

In this episode of The Team Check-in, we welcome Tim Sackett! Tim is famously NOT a life coach! He is a seasoned HR leader and influencer, who not only has a lot of experience under his belt but is also always researching and staying active. Tim and Emre both agree and disagree on many different issues but as they both acknowledge, those are usually the best conversations! Emre and Tim cover areas like creating a positive candidate experience, handling rejection, and of course some of the ways AI can be used in recruitment.

Episode 14: Were You Recruited by Robots? feat. Helder Figureido

In this very special episode of The Team Check-in, Emre shares with you an unedited clip from his interview with Heldeer Figureido! This clip is part of a larger series of interviews on the use of AI in recruitment. Helder is not only a seasoned HR director and a top voice on LinkedIn, but also simply a really fun guest to listen to! Emre and Helder discuss the benefits and implications of using AI in talent recruitment, as well as some of the common misconceptions around it!

Episode 13: Being The New Hire feat. Deniz Imer

A very special episode of The Team Check-in as Emre interviews none other than Deniz, the latest member of our marketing team. On that note, they have a not-so-serious conversation about what it means to be "the new hire". They also discuss topics such as the ideal first day at work, onboarding challenges in remote workplaces, and of course, just how overrated first impressions are!

Episode 12: Can You Freelance HR? feat. Rebecca Ives

In this episode of The Team Check-in, we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Rebecca Ives, an independent HR consultant with some serious experience. If you've ever asked yourself the question "Can I strike out on my own and do this HR thing freelance...?", then this is the episode for you! Emre and Rebecca go over her decision to become an independent consultant and her journey as a freelancer in the world of HR. They also hit crucial topics such as managing probationary periods effectively, transferring skills gained in other professions into human resources, and of course, PUPPIES!

Episode 11: Bracing for Change feat. Tim Spearin

In this episode, Emre is joined by the one and only Tim Spearin, Director of Organizational and Community Impact at Gas South. They cover how Tim as a leader handled the switch to remote and hybrid work, how he is keeping remote employees engaged, the emotional intelligence work they do over at Gas South, and so much more. Tim is an amazing leader with some great insight to offer. He just so happens to be a really fun person to have a conversation with!

Episode 10: The Problem with Pizza Parties feat. Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs

Welcome to the only episode of The Team Check-in, rated "E" for explicit. In this episode, Emre has the honor of welcoming the hosts of one of his favorite podcasts ever, "Not The HR Lady" to the show. Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs are two people who have taken the world of human resources by storm with just how

Episode 9: Surviving Your Toxic Workplace

In this episode, we cover what it means to be in a toxic workplace. While the word "Toxic" is a bit too easily thrown around these days, we can all tell a toxic workplace when we see one. Just to be on the safe side, Emre goes over some of the tell-tale signs of a toxic workplace, some tips on surviving them, and a long-winded digression into his experience with terrible escape rooms.

Episode 8: People Strategy vs. HR Strategy

In this episode of The Team Check-in, Emre takes a dive into the world of people strategy! He talks about some of the best ways to develop a people strategy, some great examples, and people strategy vs HR strategy! All while Jack the puppy sleeps and makes little noises in the background. If you want to learn more about developing your people strategy, you can check out this helpful article from our blog!

Episode 7: Who Killed Employee Loyalty

This week on the show, Emre discusses the death of employee loyalty! More specifically focusing on answering questions such as: Is employee loyalty dead? Is it really bad to have independent employees? What even is loyalty in the workplace!?

Episode 6: Gamification & Onboarding

In this bite-sized episode of The Team Check-in, we talk about gamification in the workplace. Specifically, the gamification of employee onboarding. We hope you enjoy our ideas for making the onboarding process a bit more fun and productive for everyone!

Episode 5: Digital Transformation & AI Utopias feat. Nick DeCourcy

In this episode, Emre talks to Nick DeCourcy, a brilliant digital transformation consultant at Bright Ideas Agency and one of the key voices about Microsoft Teams on Youtube. Nick and Emre discuss digital transformation in the workplace, the emergence of Microsoft 365 Copilot, the use of AI in the workplace, video games, and more!

Episode 4: Using AI in HR

Between having awesome guests, we like to talk about some of our favorite topics from the Teamflect blog. In this episode, Emre talks about some of the benefits and drawbacks of using AI tools in Human Resources. He also goes into detail on some of the better use cases of artificial intelligence in human resources.

Episode 3: Diversity & Inclusion

Between having awesome guests, we like to talk about some of his favorite topics from the Teamflect blog. In this episode, Emre goes talks about diversity management, the paradigms of diversity, some interesting case studies, and of course some of the common misconceptions surrounding the topic. Is this the first "controversial" episode of The Team Check-in? Probably not!

Episode 2: Engagement. Empowerment. Action!

Between having awesome guests, we like to talk about some of his favorite topics from the Teamflect blog. This episode is all about employee engagement! Emre talks to you about some creative employee engagement ideas, creating an employee engagement action plan, and implementing a culture of empowerment in your organization!

Episode 1: Turning Bats Into Butterflies feat. Amy Brand

The one that started it all! In this very first episode of The Team Check-in, Emre talks to the one and only Amy Brand, Chief People Officer at Competitive Capabilities International. They talk about the shift from Human Resources to People and Culture, changing HR trends, probation reviews, badass interns, and more!

Every episode, Emre Ok, Teamflect's content marketing lead, either talks to an amazing guest, to himself, or his dog about a wide range of human resources and performance management related topics.

Episodes range anywhere from 10-minute bite-sized discussions to 50-minute conversations that surprisingly fly by!

While our guests are usually HR professionals and people leaders, we love talking to anyone who has interesting ideas about making work a bit more exciting.

The more the merrier! Just reach out to us at [email protected]! Let us know what you feel like talking about.