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Use custom labels for your org chart!

Use Teamflect's customizable employee relationship labels to streamline the collaboration process. Map out relationships between employees such as "Mentor/Mentee", "Manager/Direct Report", etc.

Teamflect in app screenshot with focus people tags and one on one meeting reminders
teamflect goal okr example with two subgoals and update progress buttons

Create goals with automated check-ins to ensure everyone stays on track!

Have all your remote employees aligned to perfection with the clear organizational priorities and goals you set for them; Using Teamflect's user-friendly Goal & OKR module.

Use feedback templates to exchange feedback right inside Teams Chat!

Make sure every voice is heard with 360-Degree Feedback. Ask your remote workers for feedback on goals, tasks, projects, and other team members. You value your employees' voices. Use Teamflect to show them just how much you care about their opinions.

new feedback form and given feedback with a woman writing something in the background
Teamflect performance reviews example with questions in microsoft teams

Take advantage of our massive performance review template library! Feel free to create your own!

Customize and automate performance reviews in any way that suits your needs. Evaluate performance at intervals you set. Implement a personal development plan for your managers and employees with ease. Conduct the performance review that fits your company while Teamflect removes the extra steps.

Recognize your employees with customizable badges!

One of the biggest challenges that remote workers face is the inability to see themselves as part of the team. Overcome it with ease by creating a culture of recognition with Teamflect's recognition module.

Teamflect given recognition screen with comments and worker names
teamflect task examples with comments and reminder card

Track your remote team's tasks from anywhere

Teamflect's task module lets you bring the productivity of your office wherever you go. Assign tasks during casual chats, track progress more efficiently than ever with automated updates, and give feedback through comments without ever having to be in the same room!

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Yes of course it can be used for building and managing a remote workforce. You can make video calls with your remote employees and stay in touch with them using the chat section through Microsoft Teams. MS Teams has strong integration with the Microsoft Office suite. Remote teams can collaborate and share files using MS Office in Microsoft Teams. Also, you can assign tasks to your employees and track them with Microsoft To Do. Microsoft also allows you to download 3rd party applications to Microsoft Teams. By installing the Teamflect application in Microsoft Teams, you can benefit from all the features provided by Teamflect on a single platform.

Since Microsoft Teams is a group communication software, it can be used in the management of remote workers. However, by adding Teamflect to Microsoft Teams, you can transform Microsoft Teams into a much more powerful and easy-to-use software for managing remote teams. After adding Teamflect, you can view all employees in the company, including remote employees, in the focus people list. You can have one-on-one meetings with any team member, assign tasks, take notes, give feedback and send recognition during these meetings. Apart from one-on-one meetings, you can track your employees' goals and tasks, conduct performance reviews, and thus keep your remote employees connected and highly engaged.

The biggest problem of remote workers is that they cannot feel like part of a group because there is no physical office environment. This can lead to a decrease in metrics such as motivation, efficiency and productivity, which are of high importance for the companies. Thanks to Teamflect's modules suitable for managing remote teams, you can strengthen your communication with remote teams and co-workers, make them aware of everything happening in the company, and strive for greater success with more engaged employees and positive company culture.

By paying attention to a few important things, companies can easily overcome the challenges and difficulties in the management of remote workers. First, be in constant communication with remote teams. Chat with team members periodically using communication tools and organize video calls to do better interactions with them. When organizing these meetings, pay attention to the time zones of the remote workers. Then choose the right software for managing remote teams and collaborating with them. Set goals, assign tasks, send feedback and make performance evaluations with this software. ( You can use Teamflect for this purpose.) Clearly state the rules of remote work and the company's expectations from remote workers. In an environment where rules and expectations are transparent, employees also better understand what they should and should not do. And finally, trust your team. Motivate them to achieve better and check remote teams regularly to improve the quality of work done.

Remote team management as a concept, refers to the process of leading and overseeing a team of employees who work remotely, often from different locations, using technology to communicate and collaborate. Remote team management involves management practices such as coordinating the work of team members, providing them with direction, feedback, and support, and ensuring that they are aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Remote team management is all about leading and guiding a team of employees who work remotely from various locations. It mainly consists of using tools like Microsoft Teams project management software, performance management applications , performance review software , video calls, and messaging apps to communicate and collaborate virtually.

Taking advantage of task software comes in especially handy when managing remote teams effectively. The right task software for you has to be integrated into the rest of your software. Teamflect's Micorosft Teams integration is a great example of that.

When it comes to managing remote teams, it's important to adopt a management style that prioritizes empathy, support, and flexibility. Remote work can pose unique challenges, such as potential communication gaps and feelings of isolation, so leaders should focus on building strong relationships with team members and showing understanding toward their needs.

A steady flow of feedback is a great tool for leaders managing remote teams. Making use of feedback software can make all the difference in that regard.

Building a strong remote team requires deliberate actions and strategic planning. Establish clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities for each team member, create efficient channels for communication and collaboration, keep team members engaged and motivated, and foster a positive team culture by encouraging teamwork, setting shared goals with OKR software , and promoting mutual accountability.

There are many incredible employee engagement software that also happens to function as recognition software too.

Keep your remote teams connected

There are indeed many remote team management challenges that come with managing remote teams. Whether you are managing a remote marketing team, a remote sales team, or simply training a remote team, you need the help of a remote team management app. This is where Teamflect comes in as the best remote team management software available to Microsoft Teams users. Out of all the remote team management tools in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, Teamflect is the remote team management tool that has the strongest integration into Microsoft Teams.

Not only does Teamflect's remote team management software have all the features one would expect from the best remote team management apps, but it also functions as an incredibly strong employee development platform for remote employees. Teamflect's employee development features allow leaders to track and shape the development of their remote employees.

Is Teamflect a full-fledged performance management app for Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Teamflect is a Performance Management application build for companies using Microsoft Teams. The modules offered by Teamflect such as 1-on-1 meetings, Goal / OKR tracking, task management, performance reviews, performance appraisals can be effectively used for employee performance management needs in Microsoft Teams.

What is needed to use the performance management capabilities of Teamflect?

As long as you want to use Teamflect with less than 10 users, nothing! Teamflect is free and always will be accesible with all of the performance management capabilities for up to 10 users. If you want to have more users on the platform, you need to initiate a subscription.

Is Microsoft Teams the right platform to manage remote teams?

Yes, it is! While it may not be enough on its own, integrating Teamflect into it for free helps Microsoft Teams become the perfect platform for managing remote teams.

How can Teamflect help me manage remote teams in Microsoft Teams?

Teamflect helps users manage remote teams inside Microsoft Teams in many different ways. With features such as goal-setting, task management, feedback, employee recognition, and more, Teamflect helps you lead remote teams in Microsoft Teams effectively.

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