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Streamline your project management process, increase efficiency, and build stronger connections with Teamflect's impeccable project management capabilities in Microsoft Teams.

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Follow up with project tasks effectively with Teamflect's Microsoft To Do and Outlook Tasks integration

Your days of running back and forth between interfaces are over. The tasks you create related to your projects will be synchronized to Microsoft To Do so you can manage all your tasks in one place.

A round image showing Tasks By Planner And To Do screen inside of Microsoft Teams with a magnifier on Teamflect Tasks
two people making one on one meeting with meeting page features

Make the most of all your project meetings with comprehensive meeting agendas.

Make every 1-on-1 count with the correct arsenal of features.

Take shared and private notes, create tasks, give timely feedback, and recognize team members while conducting 1-on-1 meetings.

Create custom relationship labels for everyone in your project!

Make sure everyone in your project team is connected and on the same page; With software that lets you build the strongest bridges.

Teamflect in app screenshot with focus people tags and one on one meeting reminders
Group goals of project team with a magnifier on related team section in Microsoft Teams

Track the Goals / OKRs of your project team with in real-time

With Teamflect's OKR tool, the goals of your project team will be much easier to achieve and track inside of Microsoft Teams.

Intuitive feedback templates. In the flow of work.

We know just how important a well-timed piece of constructive feedback can be. It can make or break an entire project. You should never have to go out of your way to give feedback. Teamflect users can access all our customizable feedback templates without ever having to leave Teams chat!

Teamflect feedback questions screen with completed and pending feedback
performance review template and question library image

Give everyone a voice with transparent project completion reviews

Create a transparent environment where every voice is heard; With Teamflect's project management capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Learn what worked and what didn't to improve the project management processes in the future.

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Microsoft Teams has features such as real-time chat, online meetings, document management and integration with third-party apps and connectors. Therefore, Microsoft Teams can be a powerful platform for project management, although it is not a software for project management. Microsoft offers other tools for project management such as Microsoft Project and Planner which can be used inside of Microsoft Teams for project management related needs.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best applications you can use for project management. By utilizing the Teams tab, you can create a team for each project, then create channels within those teams for each of the projects. You can create a post on the project page. You can get your team members’ opinions or ask for help by tagging other people on the posts. Apart from these, you can make quick chats with team members. You can share your files on your project channel. You can take notes about the project and create tasks related to the project by adding "One Note" and "Task by Planner and To Do" to the tabs in your channel. You can customize your project page by adding more toolkits to your tabs. By adding Teamflect to these tabs, you can also benefit from the features offered by Teamflect in your projects.

There are many other project management software that are integrated into Microsoft Teams. If you are looking for a light-weight project management software for Micr osoft Teams, you can have a look at Product Board, GanttPro or Wrike. If you need a more comprehensive project management tool for Microsoft Teams, we suggest you to have a look at Microsoft Project.

With the Microsoft Teams’ Task by Planner and To Do synchronization of Teamflect, all the tasks you create related to your projects in Teamflect are automatically synchronized to Microsft Tasks by Planner and To Do. So, you can view the tasks in your project channel in Microsoft Teams and you can make the progress/status updates on project tasks for easier project management in Microsoft Teams.

Project management is the practice of planning, organizing, and overseeing the execution of a specific task or objective, commonly referred to as a project. It involves coordinating and leading a team of individuals to achieve specific goals within defined constraints such as time, budget, scope, quality, and resources.

Agile project management is an iterative and flexible approach to project management that focuses on delivering work in small, incremental phases, with continuous feedback and adaptation based on changing requirements and priorities. It is a collaborative and team-centric approach that emphasizes flexibility, customer satisfaction, and delivering value early and often.

In managing these small incremental phases, the use of task software is heavily recommended, in order to deliver crisp and accurate results in short intervals. The same sensibility goes for achieving continuous feedback. Making use of feedback software can help leaders implement continuous feedback in their organizations.

There are many different things to look for in project management software. Some of the key features project management software should have are as follows:

• Customization: The project management software of your choice should be fully customizable. When it comes to managing projects and remote team management , every leader has their own way of doing things!

• Integration: The average workforce uses too many performance management system tools on a day-to-day basis. Employees shouldn't have to close one tool to access another. Integration capabilities like Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration are crucial.

• Ease of use: User adoption should never be an issue. The Microsoft Teams project management software of your choice should be intuitive and easy to use.

Managing projects in this day and age is a difficult process. This is where the importance of effective project management really shines through. Project management helps organizations achieve their goals and objectives by providing a structured approach to planning, organizing, and executing projects.

When practiced right, project management can help organizations mitigate the difficulties one could face in each step of a project.

Project management software are tools and applications that are designed to assist project managers and their teams in planning, organizing, and managing projects more effectively. There are many different project management software options available. The best option for Microsoft Teams project management, out of all the others, is Teamflect.

A tool to complement your project management skills

That is why anyone can benefit from using the best Microsoft project management software available today. Teamflect's wide array of project management features and complete integration into Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft Office software make it an absolute powerhouse of an ally for any project management professional, regardless of the level of their project management skills. It is the last project management tool any project manager will ever need.

Even the most seasoned project management professionals with all the project management skills in the world, occasionally need the help of project management software with a wide array of project management capabilities and features to assist their users. Agile project management is neither easy nor simple. Especially in remote teams. There isn't a universal project management template to follow after all.

Is Teamflect a full-fledged project management app for Microsoft Teams?

No, Teamflect is a Performance Management application build for companies using Microsoft Teams. However, the modules offered by Teamflect such as 1-on-1 meetings, Goal / OKR tracking, task management, can be effectively used for project management needs in Microsoft Teams.

What is needed to use the project management capabilities of Teamflect?

As long as you want to use Teamflect with less than 10 users, nothing! Teamflect is free and always will be accesible with all of the project management capabilities mentioned above for up to 10 users. If you want to have more users on the platform, you need to initiate a subscription.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams project management software?

Teamflect keeps every aspect of project management in the flow of work. Whether you are creating an agenda for your project check-in meetings or assigning goals to your project team, using Microsoft Teams project management software lets you do those things instantly.

Can I use Teamflect to manage multiple projects in Microsoft Teams?

Certainly! Being an intuitive project management software for Microsoft Teams, Teamflect makes it much easier for you to manage multiple projects in Microsoft Teams thanks to its task management, goal-setting, and feedback capabilities.

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