360-Degree Feedback

Elevate Talent Development with 360-Degree Feedback.

Encourage a culture of growth and development by making feedback seamless, insightful, and easily accessible inside Microsoft Teams

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Make continuous feedback a natural part of your day.

Embrace a culture where feedback flows freely and frequently, seamlessly integrating into the daily habits of your organization.

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Give, Receive, and Ask for Ad-hoc Feedback with Ease

Don’t restrict your feedback to quarterly or annual reviews. Establish a continuous feedback loop within Microsoft Teams that keeps everyone engaged and responsive. Give or request feedback.

Gather 360-Degree Feedback Efficiently

Gain and share key insights to develop your talent with a convenient and comprehensive 360-degree feedback platform. Engage peers, managers, and external contacts to gather diverse perspectives, driving balanced and comprehensive personal and professional development.

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Customizable Feedback Templates

Tailor your feedback to fit your needs. Access and adapt feedback forms to suit different roles and situations, making it easier than ever to gather relevant insights.

Ensure Transparency with Anonymous Feedback

Whether you are looking for transparency or anonymity in your feedback, we have you covered. With Teamflect's incredibly customizable employee feedback module, adjust the visibility of feedback results to your preference.

Teamflect feedback questions screen with completed and pending feedback
Teamflect one on one meeting page with talking points and feedback sections

Capture Real-Time Feedback in Teams Meetings

Turn every 1:1 or team meeting into an opportunity for effective feedback and employee development. Send or request feedback with a single click before, during, or after your meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Request External Feedback and Broaden Perspectives

Include all relevant parties in the feedback process for a complete look at your team. Request feedback from people outside of your organization with ease through convenient templates they can fill out over Outlook.

Teamflect external employee feedback

Analyze Feedback with the Power of AI

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to summarize and analyze feedback efficiently. Teamflect’s AI capabilities help you sift through and highlight critical insights, making it easier to take actionable steps towards development..

Detailed Feedback Reports

Use the extensive reports Teamflect provides you with on your organization’s feedback patterns and results to pinpoint areas of improvement and take quick action.

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Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Align HCM

The premier human capital management firm of Canada, Align HCM, keeps everyone engaged using Teamflect.

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Nevada County

Nevada County's Information and General Services Agency keeps goals at all levels visible with Teamflect's Goals module.

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P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

Does Teamflect include 360-degree feedback?

Yes, Teamflect does offer 360-degree feedback. Creating 360-degree feedback cycle’s is a normally cumbersome process that Teamflect makes incredibly easy through feedback templates and complete integration into Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Can feedback be delivered anonymously?

Yes! Feedback in Teamflect can be sent completely anonymously. In-fact, the visibility setting of feedback can be adjusted at any given time.

Can I request external feedback?

Yes. External feedback can be requested. The external parties giving the feedback will only have to fill out a quick and easy to navigate form that will be sent to their e-mail account.

Are feedback templates customizable?

Feedback templates Teamflect offers are fully customizable, helping leaders deliver ad-hoc feedback.

Who can send feedback?

Anyone can give and receive feedback over Microsoft Teams. Once again you have the option to toggle this fact on and off.

Can I access feedback in performance reviews?

Yes, you can! Feedback plays an integral role in Teamfect’s performance reviews. Teamflect integrates 360-degree feedback data directly into performance appraisals.

Can I request feedback on behalf of someone else?

Yes! Anyone using Teamflect can, in fact, request feedback about someone else, or themselves with ease.

Is Teamflect really a free feedback software?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free feedback software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect will always be accessible with all of its features, if you want less than 10 users on the platform. However, if you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

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To learn more about Teamflect's Free Employee Feedback tool, you can contact us or start using it for free straight away if you want less than 10 users on our platform.

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Full functionality. Up to 10 users. No time limit

Employee feedback includes evaluations of an employee's efforts within the company and guidance on how well they fulfill the objectives presented and improve their current performance

Employers, managers, or human resources professionals should carefully plan and maintain feedback processes, taking into account employees' career development and their contribution to the company. The following steps should be considered while sharing any type of feedback:
  1. Determining which target or topic to give feedback
  2. Choosing the feedback method
A simple and effective way to give feedback is to use a one on one software for meetings that also has integrations with your OKR software of choice that way, you can access goals and subgoals from inside an ongoing meeting and relay your feedback on goal progression rates directly.

Feedback should not be considered as one-way information that is transferred from the manager to the employee. This process also presents a flow of data from the employee to the manager. The primary purpose here is to include all the operations of the company, raise awareness of the employees about the areas of development, and, accordingly, provide improvement.

Feedback helps managers understand the real needs of employees, discover their strengths and weaknesses. Having a strong and well-structured feedback culture increases employee satisfaction and allows employees to have a common purpose. Remember: the first and the most important step of employee interaction is to increase employee engagement and motivation.

Personal feedback contributes to improving the professional lives of employees. On the other hand, feedback regarding company goals increases the sense of unity among teams and motivates employees to work collectively, even if they are responsible for different jobs.

Managers should be as transparent as possible and ensure that the feedback is up to date. It also should be aligned with the personal goals and company goals. The dynamism of business life creates constantly changing challenges and different sources of motivation for each employee. Therefore, employees must not feel alone while working to reach these goals.

Teamflect's "feedback" module allows companies to capture feedback in real-time without leaving Microsoft Teams. While using Teamflect, your employees can send instant and private feedback requests. In addition, you can customize your feedback options, forms, and questions at any time.

Teamflect also offers rich and flexible feedback reports for HR Managers or business owners with the power of Microsoft PowerBI. The implementation process is quick and easy. With Teamflect, you need "zero" IT involvement if your company uses Office 365.

360-degree feedback software is a type of employee feedback software that specializes in collecting feedback from multiple sources about an employee's performance. 360 feedback software enables managers and HR teams to gather feedback from different groups of people, such as peers, subordinates, supervisors, and customers.

Before implementing an employee feedback management tool, you need to implement your own employee feedback system. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

Identify why you want to implement an employee feedback system and what specific objectives you want to achieve through the process. Choose the method that best suits your organizational culture and the type of feedback you want to gather.

Ensure that managers and employees understand the feedback system's purpose and objectives and how to provide and receive constructive feedback effectively.

Only then can you decide whether you'll be implementing 360-degree feedback software or any other run-of-the-mill employee feedback platform.

The best way to give feedback to employees is to make your feedback concise, timely, accurate, and constructive. Once you know what to say, the second part is how you're actually giving that feedback. Whether you are giving performance feedback or looking to implement 360-degree feedback in your organization, the best idea is to implement an employee feedback tool. A capable feedback software such as Teamfect can and should do the trick!

Feedback is a crucial part of remote team management . There are many new tools for feedback that you can utilize. 360-degree feedback software are great feedback platforms for businesses of all sizes. The best tool you can use to collect employee feedback is employee feedback software that comes with two very specific features: Feedback analytics, and customizable employee feedback templates. Teamflect happens to have both of those and then some!

As an all-in-one performance management system with complete Microsoft Teams integration , Teamflect can also function as:

Task software

Performance review software

Employee engagement software

Recognition software / Employee praise software

Microsoft project management tool

Employee kudos platform

Employee feedback software is a type of software application designed to facilitate the collection and analysis of feedback from employees. The software provides a centralized platform for gathering feedback, tracking employee performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

Employee feedback software can use various methods for collecting feedback, such as surveys, polls, quizzes, and one-on-one meetings. It can also provide features for anonymous feedback, 360-degree feedback, and continuous feedback.
leadership skills feedback screen with a woman and man smiling in the background

Identify the potential for improvement. Get the full picture with 360-degree feedback software

Feedback is less of a two-way street and more of a complicated metropolitan traffic network. To make sure your employee feedback process is up to that standard, you need a tool that lets you practice 360 feedback. 360 degree feedback means including all relevant parties in the feedback process. While practicing 360 feedback can seem intimidating, using the right tool for feedback in the workplace can simplify the entire process.

Without proper 360 degree feedback software, voices remain unheard, feelings get hurt, and employee satisfaction and performance can deteriorate. Teamflect's 360 degree feedback software offers features such as anonymous employee feedback, 360 degree appraisals, customizable feedback templates, and more!

360-Degree Employee Feedback Vision

When establishing a culture of feedback, there is no greater tool than a well-mapped-out and implemented 360-Degree Feedback system. Over the passing years, the 360-Degree Feedback definition has evolved as more and more 360-Degree Feedback examples started gaining visibility in the public eye. Establishing a 360-Degree Feedback Culture may seem like a complicated process but with the right tools, it is extremely simple.

In order to help our users conduct 360-Degree Feedback Loops with ease, we created intuitive, easy-to-use, and extremely comprehensive review templates, directly for the utilization of 360-Degree Feedback. What we pride ourselves on the most about these templates is the fact that they are upgraded with new features on a regular basis. As the theory and practice of 360-Degree Feedback keep evolving, so will the tools we provide you with.

Not only does Teamflect make it easy to give and receive feedback, but it also helps to improve communication and collaboration within teams. With Teamflect, team members can provide constructive feedback in a timely manner, which can help to improve performance and increase productivity. The feedback templates and feedback models provided by Teamflect, the best employee feedback software for Microsoft Teams, will provide you with all tools you need to streamline your workplace feedback process.

More than just a 360-degree employee feedback software, Teamflect's employee feedback module is the easiest software for feedback you can use within Microsoft Teams. Teamflect employee feedback module is the best and easiest online feedback software available today.