How to Praise Someone Professionally? – Best Guide in 2024

how to praise someone professionally

Did you know that according to Great Place to Work, almost 65% of employees haven’t received any form of praise or recognition for their hard work in the last year?

That means that you have to risk of losing that 65% of your employees since in another survey done by SurveyMonkey, 63% of employees said they wouldn’t look for a new job if they feel recognized.

That’s why you need an answer to the most important question of a modern business setting: how to praise someone professionally?

Employee engagement and retention are closely related to employee recognition. Beyond the paycheck and promotions, employees need an atmosphere where their contributions are recognized and valued to be productive.

A culture of praise goes beyond a simple pat on the back –you need to learn about the art of acknowledging achievements and efforts in a way that connects with your employees.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the essential aspects of praising someone professionally, give you some tips on how to praise someone, and talk about some employee praise examples.

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How to praise someone professionally?

Although we all probably use praise and recognition in our everyday lives, it can be harder to figure out how to praise someone professionally.

When you’re praising someone at work, you need to be concise and clear. There’s no place for over-the-top compliments and insincere comments in the professional world.

Also, you can’t just create a “praise template” and use it for every occasion. If you want to excel on how to praise someone, your words and approach should be tailored to the employee specifically. Maybe one employee deserves a recognition on their hard work, while the other has incredible leadership skills.

As Curiosity at Work states, 82% of employees think praise at workplace is important for their happiness and engagement. So, you need to learn how to praise someone effectively and continuously.

How to Praise Someone Professionally Best Practices

1. Choose the right time

Praising someone professionally isn’t just about the words you use; it’s also about when and how you deliver those words. You need to recognize achievements timely not only boosts the impact of your words but also shows that you pay attention to your team’s efforts.

2. Be detailed and specific

Vague compliments, although you use them in a well-intentioned way, often lack the impact necessary to truly motivate and inspire your employees. You need to use specific employee recognition examples that shows you’ve taken the time to notice and appreciate the efforts of your employees.

Acknowledging someone’s achievements goes beyond the surface level; you need to recognize the skills, efforts, or results that led to those accomplishments. Give concrete examples of an employee’s achievements and recognize them for it.

3. Give customized praise

Praising someone professionally isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it requires a keen understanding of individual preferences and communication styles. Each employee has their unique way of receiving and interpreting praise. While some employees like public acknowledgment, others might prefer a more discreet approach.

how to praise someone professionally

4. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Peer recognition encourages team members to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of their colleagues. Creating a culture of recognition that promotes peer-to-peer recognition boosts the work atmosphere where recognition is not only a responsibility of leaders but a collective effort.

5. Create a culture of recognition

Praise shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. Consistency is key to creating an environment where your team members feel valued and motivated.

When praise aligns with the company’s core values and mission, it especially gains authenticity and significance. Remind your employees what they are working for, and that their efforts are appreciated in the organization.

What NOT to do when praising someone professionally?

We’ve created a to-do list of employee appreciation, but what about what not to do? There are several points you need to consider when giving praise to an employee.

First of all, don’t use vague expressions and comments that have no sincerity to them. Instead, use your own words and thoughts to praise your employees.

Also, no one wants to hear exaggerated praise sentences about themselves. While enthusiasm is good, making overly grand claims can come across as insincere or unrealistic.

Examples of how to praise someone professionally

How to praise someone on their problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are much needed and valued in an organization. That’s why you need to learn how to praise your employee on their problem-solving skills!

Let’s say your employee showed some extraordinary and creative problem-solving skills during a project. You can use these professional praise examples to show you appreciate them:

  1. “Your problem-solving skills truly inspire me. Your calm under pressure and effective solutions are remarkable.”
  2. “Your dedication to resolving the technical issue led to a delighted customer and positive feedback. Good job and thank you!”
  3. “Your ability to analyze complex situations and provide effective solutions is remarkable. Your problem-solving skills have been a valuable asset to our team.”
  4. “Thank you for your solution to the issue. Your timely problem-solving skills saved us a lot of time on the project!”

How to praise someone on their project management

Most employees bring out the best in themselves during projects. If an employee is showing great success in their project management skills, you need to praise them for this hard-to-find skill.

When an employee or team leader is the backbone of the project and makes everything work like a charm, we recommend using these praise examples:

  1. “Your project management expertise has brought a sense of order and clarity to even the most complex tasks. Your commitment to delivering excellence is truly inspiring.”
  2. “Your exceptional project management skills have been instrumental in keeping our projects on track and getting successful outcomes. I appreciate your skills and guidance on this project.”
  3. “I want to recognize your outstanding project management abilities. Your dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality results is truly amazing.”
  4. “Your adeptness at juggling multiple tasks, while maintaining clear communication and direction, showcases your exceptional project management skills. Keep up the excellent work!”

How to praise someone on their leadership skills

Great leaders don’t come easily in a professional setting. Even if you think an employee has the natural skills necessary for leadership, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to carry the weight of being a leader.

Always praise your leaders or leader-to-be because they are the backbone of your organization! Here are some professional praise examples for employees who show extraordinary leadership skills:

  1. “Your natural ability to lead and inspire others is truly impressive. Your leadership skills have played a pivotal role in motivating our team’s success.”
  2. “I want to acknowledge your exceptional leadership skills that consistently drive our team’s success. Your vision, strategic thinking, and effective decision-making set you apart.”
  3. “Your consistent dedication to helping your team members thrive showcases your strong leadership skills. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement!”
  4. “Your leadership goes beyond titles; it’s evident in the respect and trust your team has for you. Your dedication to their growth and your ability to guide them to success are truly admirable.”
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How to praise someone for their hard work

You don’t have to appreciate a specific skill or talent of an employee, you can just remind them that their effort and hard work are well-appreciated and needed in your organization.

If you see that an employee is trying their best to become better in their role and want to appreciate them, you can use these examples:

  1. “That project was really difficult, and your hard work and dedication were seen during the whole project. Great job!”
  2. “Your tireless work ethic and your willingness to take on challenges head-on make you a standout team member. Your hard work is appreciated.”
  3. “I want to acknowledge the significant effort you consistently bring to your role. Your hard work is truly inspiring for other team members.”
  4. “I was really impressed by your speech the other day. I know you don’t like public speaking but kudos to you for trying!”

How to praise someone for their talent

Praising an employee for their talents and skills is great for a quick confidence boost and encouragement. You might recognize them for their proficiency with technical or interpersonal skills, like presentation skills or empathy. Here’s how you might praise the talent and skills of an employee:

  1. “Your natural talent for presentation is nothing short of impressive. Your contributions in this area have been invaluable.”
  2. “Thank you for your great listening skills that keep the conversation engaging.”
  3. “Your unparalleled talent in coding is a game-changer for our projects. Your skills are both admired and respected.”
  4. “You have an amazing talent for stress management.”

How to praise someone professionally in the mail

Sending an e-mail for employee recognition might not be the most popular approach, but it can certainly be done!

Let’s assume that your team leader showed an amazing effort during a project, and you want to acknowledge this in an e-mail. First of all, you should use a professional but sincere tone. Be clear and concise when praising someone professionally in the mail since nobody has time to read that long paragraphs!

You can use phrases in your mail such as:

  1. “I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your exceptional contributions and hard work.”
  2. “Throughout the project, your ability to navigate complex challenges, engage the team effectively, and maintain a clear strategic vision were nothing short of impressive.”
  3. “I’m confident that your leadership will continue to drive our team to even greater accomplishments. Your skills and dedication are a true asset, and I am grateful to have you as a part of our team.”
  4. “Please accept my sincere gratitude for your hard work and exemplary leadership.”

How to praise someone professionally in person

When praising someone professionally in person, we recommend using a more casual tone which will show your sincerity and supportiveness.

Also, it is much more important to be timely in your recognition if you’re doing it in person. Try to give praise when you notice your employee’s doing well and give a quick shout-out! You can improvise and use these examples as inspiration:

  1. “I’ve got to hand it to you – you seriously saved the day with that solution. You’re like the secret weapon of the team.”
  2. “Dude, you totally rocked it with that presentation! Your hard work is shining through loud and clear.”
  3. “Hey, just wanted to say I’m seriously impressed with how you handled that sale. Your skills are on another level!”
  4. “I’ve been watching how you handle things, and I’m blown away by your leadership. You’ve got serious talent.”

How to praise someone virtually

Praising someone virtually might be the hardest of challenges when it comes to employee appreciation. When you’re working remotely, a simple chat message could seem distant and robotic from time to time. You lose the sincerity that comes with face-to-face communication in a remote setting.

That’s why we recommend using employee recognition software if you’re working in a remote or hybrid setting. This software makes virtual employee recognition a part of your everyday tasks where you don’t need to think more than 10 seconds while sending a recognition.

If you’re interested, we have a whole other post on top 15 employee recognition software where you can pick the best one for your organization. But if you’re using Microsoft Teams, our ONLY suggestion is:

Best way to praise virtually: Teamflect

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How to praise someone professionally in one word?

Although most of the time praising someone in just one word is hard, we can recommend some instant examples you can throw in a conversation for a quick praise.
Remember that you can’t just say these randomly and expect an increase in employee satisfaction and engagement! Employee recognition is a journey that you should use different approaches altogether.





In conclusion, praising your employees and creating a culture of recognition is crucial for your organization’s success.

Within the context of how to praise someone professionally you need to understand the significance of timely recognition, specificity, and customization of praise.

To praise someone, especially in a professional environment, you need to choose the right time. Moreover, in the discussion of how to praise someone, it’s important to avoid generic compliments.

When you praise someone, remember their preferred ways of receiving recognition. Each one of your employees have their own preferences. They may prefer public recognition or being praised privately. Taking their preferences into account will help you build a positive work culture.

In the context of how to praise someone for their talent, our article provides insightful examples tailored to different scenarios. We provided examples about how to praise someone in categories such as acknowledging problem-solving skills, project management expertise, leadership qualities, and strong work ethic.

Try our examples and tips from this blog and create your own culture of recognition!

Written by Ezgi Cullu

Ezgi is a content writer and HR enthusiast working in Teamflect. Her goal is to provide creative uptakes on HR trends all over the world as a Gen-Z employee.

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