5 Project Management Software That Helps Proper OKR Goal Setting

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Let’s start with the OKR definition: OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a pretty common phenomenon in organizations to set goals. But many people do not understand the importance of using software for this job.  

If you are also working with the old ways, it might be time to change. But, then, you do not have to worry about finding the proper application for setting measurable goals. We have covered five project management software that helps you with OKR Goal Setting.   

This way, it will be much easier for you to find the right one for yourself with these OKR examples. So, with that said, let’s get started!  

Top 5 Project Management Software for OKR Goal Setting  

Before going into the details, let’s discuss the importance of using project management software for OKR Goal Setting. On the surface, setting OKRs only represents “Objectives & Key Results.” However, it is used for several other factors. These include Employee Engagement, Performance, Alignment, and Set Goals. As a result, there are many benefits of OKR.   

Most of these basic functionalities can be challenging to conduct. That is mainly because you have to consider their impact on the organization. To get the best results, you will need efficient means. Therefore, project management software offers you ease and efficiency for this job.   

Most of their features are automated, allowing users to get accurate results. So whether it is about tracking an employee’s performance or engagement, this software is well-equipped for such tasks.  

Another reason why the usage of project management software is so famous for OKR goal setting is their impressive features. These applications are not designed for one specific task. Instead, they allow you to take care of all project management-related tasks. This way, you do not have to rely on other inefficient means.   

Most of these OKR goal setting platforms are affordable, so you do not have to spend a fortune on this job. Otherwise, you will need a separate manager for such tasks. Thus, the Project Management Software saves a lot of your cost and offers a ton of powerful tools so that you can measure what matters.   

Overall, OKR Goal Setting, tracking OKR best practices, and other tasks are more manageable with a dedicated application. Due to these reasons and more, companies prefer using the software. And the most significant benefit of OKR is that it directly impacts the organization and allows to create stretch goals for each individual or team. 

Agile Goal Setting with OKRs  

Goal Setting is a common word tossed around organizations. But, with OKRs to set, it has an entirely new meaning.

John Doerr, who have primarily created this framework, and soon,  many big tech names, including Dropbox, Twitter, and LinkedIn, started working on this framework for setting measurable goals and writing good OKRs.

Well, what does the word ‘Agile’ mean? It is used for a cross-functional team with all the resources to create desired results. It means that the team focuses and works on one product and does not move to another one.

But, what’s the relation of Agile with OKR Goal Setting? Combining the Agile team with OKR has effective results. Working with groups, you can reach your set goals and objectives much faster. This can be summarized as the primary purpose of Agile Goal Setting with OKRs, which says measure what matters!  

With that said, let’s start listing down the top 5 project management software for setting OKRs.  


screenshot of goals section teamflect

Teamflect is one of the most feature-rich Performance Management Software. Although it is an integration for Microsoft Teams, it feels like a stand-alone application. Therefore, OKR Goal Setting with Teamflect might be the easiest of all.   

Its other features include Recognitions, Reviews, Tasks, Feedbacks, and one-on-one meetings. These tasks benefit the performance of employees, but they also improve their communication skills. As for Pricing, Teamflect starts with a free package. It works with 25 users, Admin Access, and MS Teams Integration.

You also get options for full customization. However, the $4 box allows 25-500 users with additional features. These include 5×9 email and phone support as well as an analytics dashboard. If you want to get a package for more than 500 users, you can get a quote from Teamflect’s support team.  

OKR Goal Setting Features of Teamflect  

The first step to reaching your set goals is to clarify them. Then, they should be visible for the entire organization to work on. Teamflect does that by connecting multiple destinations.

It makes them a part of your daily conversation and helps employees grow with self-development goals. In addition, Teamflect caters to all business units by supporting different types of plans.  

While Teamflect works differently from Microsoft Teams’ leading software, you do not have to worry about learning it. That’s because it allows you to stay inside the software to manage your ambitious goals. OKR goal-setting process might be the easiest in Teamflect. It has a detailed yet straightforward interface that is easy to use. You can collaborate on set goals and tasks in real-time while staying connected to your teammates with 1-on-1 meetings.  

Two elements of OKR goal setting Teamflect offers that take away multiple steps are:

  • Bulk Goal Setting
  • Goal Check-ins

With Teamflect you can set goals in bulk for multiple employees and have automated goal check-ins. Both of these features are designed to make your life as a leader much easier.

These features take away multiple steps of goal setting and goal tracking, streamlining the entire process. Your employees will be notified automatically in intervals of your choosing to update their goals, creating accountability and providing you with valuable data at the same time.

To improve your organization, you can provide regular feedback and create accountability. In addition, it allows you to stay progressive until you have reached a particular goal. The best part is that Teamflect will suit new and small businesses perfectly. And, with its free package, you can get started right away!  

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Setting OKRs in Jira  

screenshot of Jira app

Jira by Atlassian lets you create and execute a solid company strategy and track results. It provides in-depth insights into Objectives and Key Results. Thanks to its powerful features, the software also helps you with OKR Goal Settings.  

On its own, Jira is a project management software that works with various tools and integrations. However, Jira Align becomes a fully functional OKR Goal Setting software with the following features.   

Features of Jira Align  

Jira Align offers you real-time visibility of your data. It allows you to track down each employee and task individually. Moreover, it also allows you to align your team strategy to benefit the enterprise and see the bigger picture. Thus, Jira Align works on the Agile OKR Goal Setting framework by increasing the scope of teamwork.   

The software focuses on customer value above everything else. It is optimized to deliver reliable outcomes much faster.   

Jira Align is simple to use, making it ideal for new and small businesses. Implementing and tracking OKRs is relatively easy on the application. Plus, there are additional viewing tools that enhance functionality even further.   

The most substantial part about Jira Align is easily its Security System. All of the data centers are fully SOC 2 Certified for physical security. Moreover, the data is encrypted with TL 1.2+ and AES 256 encryption. Only trusted people within a network can access it with IP Allowlisting. It provides smooth and error-free performance, thanks to its redundancy removal system. Due to its perfect optimization, users face no errors when using Jira Align.   

OKR Goal Setting in Asana  

screenshot of Asana app

When it comes to performance or project management software, Asana is usually one of the top candidates. That is mainly because of its popularity. It is one of the most popular free Project Management Software. But what makes Asana so likable?  

The most significant plus point of the software is its long list of features. Another reason for its popularity is its accessibility. Mostly, such software requires a powerful PC to work. However, Asana is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS.   

Features of Asana  

The best feature of Asana is in its project management side. Whether you are considering all the work, tasks, subtasks, or projects, it provides all this information in a single place. You can also create and view due dates, start dates, due times, task assignees, custom fields, OKR Examples, etc. If that’s not enough, you can set rules, dependencies, timelines, likes, etc.   

In terms of communication, Asana offers the best with Task comments. They allow a team to share their progress, queries, and answers. They can use different languages and also communicate via team pages.   

A manager also needs to view some work, and Asana offers various features. These include an Inbox covering the conversations, Search options with Saved Searches, Calendars, Files View, Workload, and My Tasks.   

However, Asana excels in Goal Setting. In addition, it has tons of Team management features, such as Followers, Guests, Permissions, Teams, Admin controls, Privacy Controls, and advanced data security.   

If you want to enhance Asana’s functionality further, you can add integrations. For example, it allows Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Harvest.   

OKR Goal Setting in Microsoft Teams  

As the name suggests, Microsoft Teams is a team management software. It packs in a variety of features that are useful for an organization. While it already delivers so many tools, Teams work with Integrations.   

Microsoft Teams feature One-to-One Chat, Group Search, @Mentions, Access Control, Activity Feed, Message bots, Emojis, Multi-factor authentication, Alerts, Conversation Search, and much more!  

All of these are tools for enhancing team communication. However, the best part of the software is its integration with Teamflect.   

Suppose you are unfamiliar with this name; no need to worry. Here’s all you should know about it.

OKR Goal Setting in  

If you want to opt for something simple, you should start working with It is an easy-to-use tool with several features and pricing. The simplest one starts with free but is compatible with only two members.   

For small businesses, it should work fine. However, large companies and enterprises might find this an issue. OKR goal setting with is relatively easy, thanks to its team management features.   

It offers an entirely separate tool for this purpose, known as the “OKR Template.” Let’s look at some of the application’s features to provide a clearer picture.   

Features of   

Downloading and working with templates might be the easiest way to get started. But, it does not mean that the software lacks features. On the contrary, it offers you full customization of various templates that you can use for different workflows.  

The dashboard is also quite simple in terms of interface. For example, you see each employee’s performance with complete identification details. For example, you can see the task status, due date, and the assignee’s picture for critical results.   

Managing teams with is easy, thanks to its 200+ free templates. In addition to that, you also get prioritized customer support in premium packages.   

It also comes in iOS and Android applications. Most of the software’s features are automated, giving you efficient and precise results. Plus, it allows integration with more than 40 applications and tools.  


OKR Goal Setting in Trakstar  

screenshot of trakstar app

Although not as popular as other software, Trakstar makes its mark as a fully-dedicated OKR goal-setting software. It has features for all employees, HR Department, Managers, and the entire organization.  

Features of Trakstar  

Trakstar offers all of its features online. Whether it is Performance Management, 360 Reviews, Employee Engagement, or Succession Planning, you can get started right away with a free demo.   

The best features of the software are for Administration. It allows sections, locks, unlimited reviews, customized reports, updates, activity logs, and more!   

As for managers, they can get started with Smart goals, Metric Goals, Ambitious Goals, Document attachments, comments, feedback, reports, email reminders, etc.   

Trakstar offers an entirely separate SMART(Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-bound) OKR goal setting Software that allows you to create and stretch goals with critical results.   


And that brings us to this detailed guide about the five project management software for OKR Goal Setting. These applications are selected from flooded options, thus making them the best of the bunch. In addition, most of them have free packages, so you can start working right away and decide whether it is right for you or not.   

But, you can save that time, energy, and poor goal setting by going through this Objective and Key Results Guide. It has explained the features of each software so that you can find the best one easily with these OKR examples. 

While there is value in all of the OKR goal-setting software listed above, if you are practicing Microsoft goal-setting or using OKRs with Microsoft tools, then we highly recommend that you try Teamflect. Teamflect has the strongest integration with Microsoft tools out of all the other software listed above!

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What is an OKR goal template?

OKR templates give their users access to a performance management system framework for setting team objectives and keeping track of the key results.

How are OKRs different from goal-setting?

A goal is a kind of long-term strategy or guideline. It describes what the organization wants to achieve and is usually of a long-term and global nature. OKRs are short-term goals that are divided into two parts.

What are good examples of OKRs?

OKR examples vary from department to department but some startup OKR examples are as follows:
Marketing OKR Example For Startups:
Objective: Make our social media presence stronger.
Key Result: Reach 100k followers on Instagram.
Key Result: Increase Youtube subscriber count by 10%

Written by Emily Helen Arnold

Emily Helen Arnold is a content writer at Teamflect. She is obsessed with organizational behavior studies and loves writing/thinking about how a carefully designed people strategy can transform a company.

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