Using Microsoft Teams As Your Project Management Software In 2024 – A Great Idea!

project management apps for microsoft teams

There is a lack of knowledge of project management tools that are available in the market but there are many incredible project management software one can benefit from.

However, when it comes to using Microsoft Teams for project management, we might in fact have everything we need right under our noses! Many users are familiar with Microsoft Teams as a communication tool.

They understand how to communicate with their coworkers and team members via chat, audio, and video calling but in fact, Microsoft Teams can be capable of so much more.

In a time when everyone is looking for project management software for Microsoft and going through project management tools rapidly, the best MS project management software might have been there all along!

So the question now is: “How to use Microsoft Teams for project management?”.

Microsoft Teams provides an excellent platform for project management, from real-time chat to virtual meetings, document management, and more.

This article covers all you need to know about using Microsoft Teams for projects and teamwork, and we will talk about how you can use the Microsoft Teams project management features.

How Can You Use Microsoft Teams For Project Management?

How Can You Use Microsoft Teams For Project Management?

Microsoft Teams is a platform for team collaboration that can assist in project management by giving team members a central location to communicate, collaborate, and share data.

You may use Teams to organize your projects into teams, which you’ll then manage efficiently by using the capabilities and integrations available to you in the Teams ecosystem.

1. A Communication Hub

Team members can communicate, exchange files, and collaborate on tasks in one location with Microsoft Teams.

This makes it simpler to track progress and remain organized by keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

2. Channels for Structure

Channels can then be created within a team to represent various aspects of the project or to focus on specific tasks. This simplifies the project and keeps the team organized.

3. The Only Calendar You’ll Need

Teams comes with a calendar feature that lets you schedule meetings, invite team members, and set reminders. This keeps everyone on track and prevents important meetings from being missed.

4. Video Conferencing

With the robust video conferencing functionality included in Microsoft Teams, you can work with your team members from any location and hold meetings.

Oh! And the screen-sharing tool makes it simpler to collaborate remotely by allowing you to share your screen with others.

5. Task Management

While a bit rudimentary, Teams does include a number of task management features that can help you keep track of what needs to be done.

You can create and assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress. The task setting and tracking capabilities of Microsoft Teams can then be boosted with:

6. Integrations!

Not only is Microsoft Teams project management very effective and easy, but there are also many incredible Microsoft Teams project management apps just waiting to be integrated! What are they? Just scroll down and find out!

What Are Some Microsoft Teams Apps For Project Management?

Here is a list of external Microsoft Teams apps that you can for project management in Microsoft Teams.

1. Teamflect

Teamflect is a project management app for Microsoft Teams, that offers many functionalities to help project managers or people managers to manage projects or diverse teams.

As all teams, a project team has goals and OKRs right? You can use Teamflect’s OKR software tool to track the OKRs of your project team.

If you have a team in Microsoft Teams, these teams are also visible inside of Teamflect so that you can use the same structure that you have in Microsoft Teams to track your OKRs in Teamflect.

Goal module screen of Teamflect - project management app

If you want to assign tasks to your project members, Teamflect can also help you with that as well. You can assign tasks while you are conducting your 1-on-1 meeting with employees or just by going to the tasks section of Teamflect.

tasks section of teamflect, project management app
Having clear and unobstructed access to your tasks is the hallmark of great MS project management software.

Additional project management capabilities

Teamflect as a project management software offers multiple different features that allow its users to tackle all the different challenges they could face while managing a particular project.

While modules such as tasks, goals, and OKRs can be seen as the three most important features regarding project management, projects aren’t just centered around tasks and to-do lists.

Projects are about human relationships and interaction. That’s why the three modules below can be just as important as goals, okrs, and tasks when it comes to project management.


The efficient use of an employee recognition tool is an integral part of every project taken on by a team. A project just like employee performance, shouldn’t be seen as a stand-alone event but as a process.

During that process, members of a team have the perfectly reasonable need to feel appreciated.

For that reason making use of an employee recognition tool with customizable recognitions that can be sent out on a whim is a great tool to incorporate into your Microsoft project management practices.


The exchange of feedback should be an ongoing part of any project. The Microsoft project management software of your choice should absolutely have the capabilities to allow its users to exchange constructive feedback in a smooth and uninterrupted fashion.


We are far too deep into the era of remote work for simple video chats to be considered viable remote meeting options.

When conducting meetings as a part of a remote team working on a project, every single second of that time is priceless.

Your project management tool should have features that allow you to automate, take notes during, and overall make the most of each meeting.

If you are not sure if you should use Teams for project management, we should definitely suggest you to give Teamflect a try – get started for free (up to 10 users).

Teamflect is a free project management tool that you can use if your project management needs are lightweight.

Lead your project teams through Microsoft Teams!
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

2. AtBot + PowerAutomate 

Project management app for microsoft teams: Atbot

AtBot is a no-code chatbot solution that is designed to simplify the creation of logical chatbots.

It is an easy-to-use platform for building chatbots without the need for extensive coding skills. Its users can design conversational flows, integrate external data sources, and create diverse automated responses.

When combined with Power Automate, AtBot will be able to automate various processes and skyrocket your productivity.

Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform and it allows users to create automated workflows and connect different apps and services.

You can streamline and automate tasks by integrating AtBot with Power Automate which will eliminate manual effort and improve your efficiency.

You can deal with complex workflows by using AtBot and Power Automate together and create intelligent and automated chatbots.

3. Mio

Mio microsoft teams project management app

Mio is a remarkable integration for Microsoft Teams that can facilitate communication across different collaboration platforms.

It can enable its users from various organizations to chat effortlessly by breaking down the barriers created by using different messaging platforms.

By using Mio you can communicate with colleagues or teams on Microsoft Teams, even if they are using a different messaging platform

As Mio enables real-time reactions, it allows you to respond promptly to messages from partners, suppliers, and customers, regardless of the platform they are using.

Mio connects Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms and makes it easier to communicate and collaborate across organizational boundaries which makes it a must-have for businesses that engage with external partners and clients who may use different messaging systems.

4. project management app for MS Teams offers a comprehensive platform for client work and project management. It provides advanced features necessary for monitoring tasks and improving efficiency.

For organizations that use Microsoft Teams, the integration with will bring substantial benefits.

For instance the Board View, Task View, and Gantt chart capabilities integrated directly into Microsoft Teams which improves project management efficiency. modifier can facilitate searches within Microsoft Teams and allow for quick access and sharing of relevant projects, tasks, and team members.

On top of that, the ability to create tasks seamlessly from posts, messages, or the Microsoft Teams search bar can streamline your task assignment and enhance your collaborative efforts.

5. Monday

Monday: project management app for MS Teams

Monday is a user-friendly project management tool, that is especially appealing to startups and small businesses.

Its lightweight design can simplify project management for non-specialists and make it easy for teams to adopt.

Monday’s advantages include recipe-based workflows that are easy to understand for their existing users which provide a quick and intuitive way to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

The platform’s focus on startups and non-specialists can help you create a straightforward and accessible project management experience.

Does Microsoft Have Other Project Management Tools?

There are several other Microsoft project management tools out there! Here are some of the best Microsoft project management tools and how to use them:

Microsoft Planner 

Microsoft Planner is one of the better tools for project management in Teams.

With Planner, you can determine numerous goals and write them using cards, assign functions to any person in your team, add due dates, attach files and links, add checkboxes, and collaborate with your teammates through task comments. 

Microsoft is also working on an OKR software called Viva Goals, which will be embedded in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a Microsoft project management app that you can use in Microsoft Teams which is a useful and an easy-to-use app that allows running every project successfully.

In addition, you may quickly organize your projects here using the power of dynamic scheduling depending on the amount of effort required, the duration of the project, and the number of team members assigned. 

Power BI 

Microsoft Power BI assists your company in collecting, managing, and analyzing data from several sources.

In an Office 365 environment, you can export data, create reports, make informed decisions, and share material with your colleagues. You can interact with reports in a team channel by linking Power BI to Microsoft Teams.

A clear way of analyzing reports and data in project management
A clear way of analyzing reports and data in project management

Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate, is a workflow automation platform that lets users create automated workflows between apps and services. You can collect data, synchronize files and get notifications using Power Automate.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint empowers teamwork by creating helpful and productive team sites for every project, department or division. It allows employees to share files, data news and resources with each other.

TL DR: Why Should I Use Microsoft Teams As A Project Management Platform?

Project management is one of the best ways to use Microsoft Teams. Here is a summary of the benefits Microsoft Teams provides as a project management platform:

Seamless Coordination

  • Users can coordinate projects without switching between different applications.
  • Streamlines workflow and ensures efficient collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Centralized Project Management

  • Microsoft Teams consolidates tasks, discussions, and documentation in one place.
  • Easy access to all necessary resources without using multiple tools.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Microsoft Teams offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Intuitive features facilitate effective teamwork.

Clear Visibility

  • Provides clear visibility into individual and team responsibilities.
  • Helps everyone stay on top of tasks and responsibilities.

Communication Facilitation

  • Built-in chat and video conferencing capabilities for seamless communication.
  • Facilitates sharing updates and brainstorming ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Management? 

Project management is the discipline for project planning and implementation. Project management aims to achieve established goals through plans and resources for project operations within a particular time.

The customer or stakeholders set project objectives. Project managers apply project management methodology to develop a plan that specifies the necessary resources, tasks, milestones, and achievements to meet stakeholders’ needs.

This strategy must also consider the three-fold limit, referring to each project’s time, money, and scope limitations.

More important than what team project management is are its benefits. First of all, it helps everyone in the business to run more smoothly if done correctly.

Second, it lets your team concentrate on the work that matters, without interruptions from projects that leave or budgets that spin out.

Third, it enables them to see results that genuinely affect the organization’s goals. Thus, employees can see how their job contributes to the company’s strategic objectives.

Microsoft To-Do – Microsoft To-Do is a cloud-based task management application that allows users to manage their tasks from whatever device they choose. You can create daily to-dos and tasks easily using Microsoft To-Do.

How difficult is MS Project?

Since MS Project uses a database, all the data you enter about a project in Microsoft Project are stored in interconnected “tables.”

Because of Project’s power and flexibility, it is possible to make errors in how you set up your project plan.

If that happens, the data gathered for managing your project will be flawed. Once a project has begun, it is difficult to change the plan—so you must get proper training before starting.

But with time, patience and practice, you can easily learn to use MS Project on your own!

Is Microsoft Teams a project management tool?

Not on its own. But the true strength of Microsoft Teams project management tool comes from its integration capabilities.

Microsoft Teams project management tool hosts a variety of apps within its ecosystem. Using Microsoft Teams integrations with incredible project management tools such as Teamflect can turn Teams into the best platform for Project Management!

How to manage projects in Microsoft Teams?

If you’re wondering about how to use Microsoft Teams project management features, we got you!

Create a dedicated team for your project and add all the relevant members.

Establish channels within the team to organize different aspects of the project. You can use channels and the Planner app (within Teams) to discuss specific tasks, share files, collaborate on relevant topics and assign tasks that must be completed by a certain date.

In addition, you can integrate other apps for project management in Teams such as Teamflect to enhance functionality.

Schedule and conduct virtual meetings using the built-in meeting feature in Teams. This will keep your team updated on their objectives and address any challenges or questions quickly before they become obstacles for everyone involved.

How to use Microsoft Planner for team project planning?

Microsoft Planner is a project management tool that helps you organize and track tasks. To get started, create a plan and give it a name and description.

Add tasks to the plan, specifying details like due dates, descriptions, and assignments to team members. You can organize tasks into buckets or categories to keep things structured.

Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks and allowing team members to access and update their assignments.

With Microsoft Planner, you can efficiently manage projects and streamline communication within your team.

Final Thoughts

With all the incredible performance management software out there, it is perfectly reasonable to get confused. One thing that is crucial in remote workforce management is to make sure you’re not drowning your employees in software.

That is why using Microsoft Teams as both a method of communication AND project management software is a brilliant idea.

While using Teams project management app is pretty intuitive, if you strengthen it with apps like Teamflect, it will be the only project management software you’ll ever need.

Written by Emily Helen Arnold

Emily Helen Arnold is a content writer at Teamflect. She is obsessed with organizational behavior studies and loves writing/thinking about how a carefully designed people strategy can transform a company.

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