17 New Microsoft Teams Apps to Boost Employee Engagement in 2024

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To keep employees engaged and productive, most organizations offer extra money or benefits to attract and retain talented staff. But for some people, even these perks may not be enough —so what’s the solution? 

The solution lies in platform-based tools where you can keep your employees engaged and provide them with a feeling of being valued.

The good news is now you don’t need to do this manually since some innovative apps that can help your employees thrive and improve retention time are available.

What apps can you use in Microsoft Teams? In this post, we will review the top 17 best Microsoft Teams apps to boost employee engagement.  

But before moving towards further details, let’s highlight the purpose and benefits of employee engagement apps!   

Why is Employee Engagement Software Important?   

Employee engagement software goes beyond simply improving employee engagement; it communicates your company’s goals to all employees and allows them to share their progress with each other, which makes them feel more like part of a team. 

Unlike the classic remote team management apps, most employee engagement software conducts surveys, provides feedback, and encourages employees.

Listening to the suggestions and feedback of your employees will make them feel heard, resulting in increased productivity levels.     

Employees are more likely to quit their jobs when they do not feel appreciated for the work that they contribute or if their relationships with supervisors and coworkers are poor.

But providing your employees with frequent feedback in addition to appreciating them for solving business problems can help keep them satisfied with their roles at your company.

This will improve the retention rates and take your organization to another level!  

Before listing the top 4 best apps, let’s learn more about Microsoft Teams apps!  

What are Microsoft Teams apps? 

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that allows you to create, edit, share and discuss documents in a team space. It’s also a voice-enabled chat tool that integrates with Office 365 and Windows 10. 

Microsoft Teams apps allow you to do more with your team. They’re extensions of the Microsoft Teams experience and integrate directly into your team’s workspace.

These apps in Microsoft Teams are designed for specific use cases, such as managing projects, planning events or managing sales leads. You can even use them to set up meetings right in your team’s chat room! 

They’re so easy to use—you don’t even have to leave your team’s chat room to get anything done. And with integrations with other Microsoft tools (like SharePoint), you can do just about anything in a few clicks or taps. 

Microsoft Teams apps are designed for teams of all sizes and use cases. Whether you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation, it doesn’t matter—you’ll be able to do it together, whether that’s in real-time or asynchronously. 

With the right apps, Microsoft Teams makes it easy for everyone in your team to contribute at the same time and speed up your workflow by eliminating email overload and getting everyone on the same page at once! 

How to add apps to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams lets you add apps that can help you and your team stay on top of your work, whether it’s by sharing files, creating new documents, or collaborating with others in real time. You can even use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing and teleconferencing! 

Here are some tips on how to add apps to Microsoft Teams: 

  1. Sign in with your work account. If you don’t have an Office 365 account, sign up. 
  1. Go to Teams and click the Apps button at the bottom of the left pane. This will open a menu where you can search which app you would like to add. 
  1. Once you’ve selected an app, click “Add” on its detail page, then follow the prompts onscreen to complete installation and set-up. 

Now let’s take a look at the best new Microsoft Teams apps of 2024!

What to Look for in Employee Engagement Tools for Microsoft Teams

Enhancing employee engagement in a medium such as Microsoft Teams is easier said than done. Employee engagement requires a personal touch that is difficult to deliver through platforms like Microsoft Teams. That is why the best employee engagement tools for Microsoft Teams have some key standards they need to live up to. Here is what you should be looking for in Microsoft Teams engagement tools!

Real-time Communication and Collaboration

Effective employee engagement in Teams relies on tools that support real-time interaction. Look for features that enable live polls and surveys. Real-time communication is the backbone of Microsoft Teams. If your engagement software has features that interact with Teams chat or ongoing Teams meetings, you will benefit from it greatly.

Recognition and Rewards

Microsoft Teams engagement tools should include mechanisms for recognizing and rewarding employees. Employee appreciation, praise, and most importantly, employee rewards programs are crucial for effective employee engagement. That is why the best employee engagement apps for Microsoft Teams need these features.

Personalization and Customization

Choose tools that offer personalization, reflecting your organization’s culture and values. Customizable features ensure that engagement efforts resonate more deeply with your team.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Tools with robust analytics provide valuable insights into engagement levels and help measure the success of your employee engagement strategies. This data can be gathered simply through employee engagement surveys and questionnaires.

User-Friendly Design

For effective employee engagement in Teams, the tool must be intuitive, ensuring widespread adoption and ease of use among all team members. Nothing is worse than investing in a tool that your team will never use or will have to go out of their way to use.

Tool nameBest forPrice
TeamflectEmployee engagement$5 per user/month
PowerBIData & analytics$10 per user/month
Health HeroEmployee wellbeing$2 per user/month
EvergreenPeer-to-peer recognition$3.99 per user/month
ScrumGeniusReminders$2.50 per user/month
CacooFlowcharts$6 per user/month
LucidchartOrganizational charts$7.95 per user/month
MURALAgile methodology$9.99 per user/month
MindmeisterCreating mind maps$4.99 per user/month
MeisterTaskTask management$10.99 per user/month
HiveKanban boards$12 per user/month
PollyCreating polls$1 per user/month
SignEasyE-signature$20 per user/month
AttendanceBotTracking attendance$4 per user/month
ApproveSimpleSales teams
AtBotGenerating chat bots$5 per 1000 message
MioGlobal companies$24K per year

Best Free Microsoft Teams Apps to Boost Employee Engagement in 2024  

1. Teamflect

Teamflect: The best employee engagement platform for Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect is continuous performance management and employee engagement solution built for Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect offers integrated modules for performance reviews, 1-on-1 Microsoft Teams meetings, feedback and recognition sharing, task management, and OKR tracking.

Since the tool is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, users can use all the functionalities of the tool without leaving Microsoft Teams.

The phrase all-in-one is rather dangerous to throw around since most top Microsoft Teams apps that do everything simply do them poorly. Not Teamflect.

With an intuitive dashboard designed so your team always knows where to find what they are looking for, Teamflect is the last performance management tool you will need for Microsoft Teams.

Whether you are conducting employee engagement surveys, entire performance review cycles, or simply making use of the many feedback templates Teamflect has to offer, you will be doing that without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams!

Teamflect also supplies users with Power BI reports, providing them with priceless insights into their workforce. More on those Power BI reports down the line!


  • Best Engagement Platform for Microsoft Teams
  • Extensive performance review & Feedback template galleries
  • Customizable recognition badges
  • Comprehensive meeting agendas
  • Simple design
  • A free plan for up to 10 users with full functionality.
Manage performance inside Microsoft Teams
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

2. Power BI  

Integration with Power BI is highly beneficial for organizations that want their employees to be able to discuss, debate and make decisions about the company’s direction.

Because Power BI integrates into Microsoft Teams as a tab, every employee can easily access it. As a result, this Microsoft Teams apps helps increase employee engagement by providing convenient access to insights, analytics, and data of your company. 

You can set up meetings right in the Tab conversation, talk about a particular report, discuss your ideas for improvement, and communicate company results. It also helps create reports, dashboards, and workspace to amplify team productivity.    

Power BI also offers advanced features such as natural language query, which allows users to ask questions about their data using plain language and get instant visual responses.

It supports collaboration and sharing, enabling users to publish reports and dashboards to the Power BI service, where they can be securely accessed and shared with others.

What’s more, Power BI keeps all your relevant data in one place so you can easily access it whenever needed.  

Key features:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Connectivity and Modeling
  • Collaboration and Sharing


  • Relatively inexpensive   
  • Has prompt updates   


  • Crowded user interface
  • Complex features
screenshot of power bi app
Homepage of Power BI app

3. Health Hero    

Health Hero is one of the best Microsoft Teams apps that helps you ensure the good physical well-being of your team members.

In addition, it provides you with the facility to create challenges and fun activities. This way, you can engage employees while leveling up their awareness about their well-being.    

The best part is Health Hero is integrated with the most popular fitness apps, so Microsoft Teams users can use it to improve their health while working from home.

It also contains an all-in-one dashboard experience through which employees can connect via media uploads or chat.    

Note that you must link your activity tracking devices with the Health Hero, and then you will start receiving activity points. You can access this app from a tablet, smartphone, or browser.    

Key features:

  • Organizational well-being dashboards
  • All health app integrations
  • Full customization & private labeling


  • It helps in improving the physical well-being of employees   
  • It contains an all in one dashboard 


  • Some users find it difficult to use   

4. Evergreen

Evergreen is the only app that helps you to have engaged employees and nurture the company’s culture, in an easy and green way.

With this integration in Microsoft Teams, you will be able to empower your team by giving recognition for all their well-done job.

This results in happier teammates, strong bonding within the team, and on top of that, you will help the world by planting trees while using the app.

By integrating Evergreen into your Microsoft Teams, you will plant a tree for every seed of recognition given to you.

Your team can use it to give recognition to their co-workers or other people in the company, which is proven by the users to bring teams together and motivate employees. Additionally, to enhance your company’s values.

Evergreen integration also contains a reporting tool for admins, where you can also track your culture, values, statistics of the recognition and trees planted by the team, and your carbon offset.

Key features:


  • Ability to integrate company values into recognition.
  • Inexpensive way to recognize peers.
  • Improving environmental awareness.
  • Bonding with co-workers-
  • Building strong teams.


  • Suitable for small teams
  • The impact you make using seeds could be more visible
  • Limited integration options

5. Scrum Genius   

The Scrum Genius is maybe one of the useful Microsoft Teams apps. It automatically keeps track of your meetings and keeps you up to date about the progress of your meeting goals.   

This software sends messages and some good questions to the employees at a specific time daily. Like, what did they achieve yesterday?

And what are their essential tasks for today? Even better, it collects the summary of each employee’s results and then sends it to the team leaders to keep a check on the daily progress of each team member.   

The Scrum Genius will also provide valuable statistics and broadcast live updates on your channel. It is a perfect solution for getting rid of unproductive video meetings so, you must check out this employee engagement software.   

Key features:

  • Communication Management
  • Real Time Updates
  • Task Progress Tracking


  • Easy to integrate directly in Microsoft Teams   
  • Best to amplify the productivity of organizations


  • Customizing the questions and analytics is difficult. 

6. Cacoo

Transform the way your team collaborates with Cacoo. Cacoo is one of the best Teams applications that allow you to create and share professional diagrams with your team members. It is a perfect visual tool that your team needs to achieve success.

Whether it’s creating a presentation for a client or developing a robust marketing strategy, Cacoo has multiple creative and unique templates to choose from to satisfy your professional needs and requirements.

Cacoo supports various types of diagrams, including flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more.

Users can drag and drop shapes onto the canvas, connect them with lines or arrows, and customize the appearance and styling of the diagrams.

Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same diagram, making it suitable for remote teams or individuals working together on a project. Changes are instantly synchronized and visible to all participants, fostering real-time collaboration and feedback.

Cacoo also supports commenting and discussion threads, allowing team members to provide feedback or have conversations directly within the diagram. This feature enhances communication and streamlines the feedback process.

Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Quick and instant feedback
  • Clear project insights
  • Create beautiful and unique visuals in minutes


  • Clean presentation  
  • Collaboration


  • Poor UI navigation
  • Lack of import/export support

7. Lucidchart

Get a quality visual workspace for remote teams with Lucidchart. Lucidchart is one of those Microsoft Teams Apps that help in accomplishing more by collaborating in real-time.

Lucidchart allows users to drive innovation and accelerate understanding with powerful and robust whiteboarding, diagramming, and data visualization. From ideas to processes, you can diagram anything in order to drive enhanced decisions in all aspects of your business.

Lucidchart offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to add and arrange shapes, symbols, and connectors to create professional-looking diagrams.

It supports a variety of diagram types, including flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, network diagrams, UML diagrams, and more.

Lucidchart provides advanced features such as data linking, where you can connect your diagrams to external data sources to create dynamic, data-driven visualizations. It also offers shape libraries, custom styling options, and the ability to create interactive prototypes.

Key features:

  • 500+ templates to get a head start with
  • Easy drag and drop visual editor to customize the diagram
  • 50+ diagrams are created every minute
  • In editor notes, @mentions and commenting


  • Easy and intuitive to learn
  • Collaborating on flow charts with multiple people


  • Overwhelming UI design
  • Limited third-party integrations other than Teams

8. Mural

Collaborate and think visually with one of the best Teams applications- Mural. Mural is a top Microsoft Teams integration that offers a digital workspace for visual collaboration.

By using this wonderful integration, teams can collaborate and think visually by creating impressive diagrams instantly. With all the visual collaboration tools in one place, Mural helps teams to work efficiently and visually. It has multiple flexible features that will surely allow your team to visualize ideas.

Mural offers a wide range of features and tools to support collaborative activities. Users can add sticky notes, text boxes, images, drawings, and various other visual elements to the canvas.

They can also create different sections, groups, or frames to organize their content and facilitate navigation.

Mural provides various templates and frameworks tailored to specific use cases such as brainstorming, project management, design thinking, agile workflows, and more.

These templates offer pre-designed structures and elements that help teams get started quickly and facilitate their collaborative processes.

Key features:

  • Sticky notes and text
  • Frameworks
  • Shapes and connectors
  • Images and GIFs
  • Icons
  • Drawing


  • Great customization options
  • Gives visibility to everyone’s input


  • Might be a little slow
  • Limited export options

9. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is a Microsoft Teams app integration that lets you create mind maps to plan and brainstorm with your team members and collaborators in real-time. With Mindmeister, users can collaboratively edit mind maps straight inside their channels.

This allows users to create notes, visualize project planning, and brainstorm ideas by outlining the strategies while discussing and sharing the details in the chat with your team members.

MindMeister provides an intuitive interface for creating and editing mind maps. Users can start with a central topic and then branch out to create subtopics and sub-subtopics, forming a tree-like structure.

They can add text, icons, images, and attachments to each node of the mind map, enhancing the visual representation of their ideas.

Key features:

  • Comment and vote on topics
  • Format the topics in your maps
  • Collaborate on maps in real-time
  • Add images, videos, and icons to map topics


  • Engaging and easy-to-use
  • Good variety of features


  • Poor customer service
  • High pricing

10. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a collaborative Microsoft Teams application that is significantly designed and built to increase the task management efficiency of agile and energetic teams.

With built-in statistics and reports and an easy-to-use user interface, MeisterTask allows you to efficiently and quickly monitor the specific project.

The application provides the users with a personalized dashboard that can easily be customized as per the needs and requirements of the users.

MeisterTask offers a flexible and customizable task board where users can create and organize tasks in a visual Kanban-style format.

Users can create task cards, add descriptions, assignees, due dates, labels, and attach files to each task. They can also customize task statuses, such as “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Done,” to match their workflow.

The tool supports collaboration and team communication. Users can assign tasks to team members, add comments and attachments, and have discussions within each task.

They can also receive notifications and updates in real-time to stay informed about changes and progress.

Key features:

  • Tracked time
  • Checklists and descriptions
  • Due dates and times
  • Activity stream
  • Tags for projects


  • Easy to collaborate
  • User interface is friendly


  • Limited features
  • Slow product updates

11. Hive

Another app on the list of Microsoft Teams apps is Hive. This amazing application empowers your team to collaborate and work more effectively and efficiently. Hive lets users manage the projects in a way that works perfectly for them with flexible project views.

You can easily organize projects in Kanban board, Gantt charts, etc., and easily switch between multiple layouts. Hive offers an email integration and native chat feature that allows you to communicate with your team members while in the application.

Hive offers a customizable workspace where teams can create projects, tasks, and subtasks. Users can assign tasks to team members, set due dates, add descriptions, attach files, and track progress.

The platform supports different task views, including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and traditional task lists, allowing users to choose the view that best suits their workflow.

Hive includes advanced features such as time tracking, where users can log their time spent on tasks, helping with project costing and resource allocation.

It also offers automation features through its action templates and workflows, allowing teams to automate repetitive tasks and create customized workflows to streamline their processes.

Key features:

  • Assign tasks directly to teammates
  • Share files and documents
  • Create and view projects in Hive using tables, Gantt charts, etc
  • View all tasks assigned to an individual


  • Good communication functionality
  • Smooth user interface


  • Steep learning curve
  • Android app could be improved

12. Polly

Polly is one of the best Teams applications that seamlessly allow companies and organizations to enrich and strengthen collaboration and uplift productivity.

This Microsoft Teams integration allows the users to create surveys and polls into their channels and then view the feedback and results in real-time.

With the instant polls and surveys and live results, Polly makes it easy for the team members to participate and make better and enhanced decisions using the data they have collected from the poll’s results.

Key features:

  • Collect answers without overwhelming the inboxes and disturbing the workflows
  • Design and built numerous freedom polls, choice polls, or a combination of both
  • Source contextual and live feedback within a fraction of a second
  • You can have access to the entire discussion board by acting the comments section


  • Simple and quick polls
  • Good third-party integrations


  • Limited customization
  • Data and analytics could be improved

13. SignEasy

Another best Microsoft Teams integration in the list of Top Microsoft Teams Apps is SignEasy. As the name suggests, SignEasy is an application that allows users to sign the essential docs and request critical signs directly within the Microsoft Teams application.

With SignEasy, you can seamlessly sign multiple docs of all file formats like PDF, Text, JPG, Word, PNG, etc., without even downloading the additional software. SignEasy is an ideal application for all the documents that demand instant signature because it boosts paperwork.

Key features:

  • Personal digital assistant
  • Self-sign
  • Remote sign
  • Status tracking
  • Sequential and parallel signing


  • Ease of use
  • Speeds up process of signing documents


  • Difficult to bulk send documents
  • High pricing

14. AttendanceBot

AttendanceBot is an application that helps users to track paid time off, vacations, sick days, employee shift planning, remote work, hours, etc.

This Microsoft Teams integration is handy for remote teams with a clock in and out and simple “in” and “out” messages. AttendanceBot helps keep track of your working hours and later export the timesheets straight within the Microsoft Teams.

Key features:


  • Time-saving
  • Customization options


  • Privacy considerations
  • Technical reliance

15. ApproveSimple

ApproveSimple is one of the most used Microsoft Teams Apps, which is developed by Capriza Inc. The ApproveSimple Microsoft Teams integration is focused on improving and accelerating the decision-making cycle of an organization by allowing people to access their approval items within Microsoft Teams.

ApproveSimple builds up approvals from a variety of environments into easy to use and dimple experience.

Key features:

  • Track purchase requests
  • Manage management changes a leave requests
  • Track invoices
  • Consolidate all approvals into one User Interface

16. AtBot

AtBot is one of the most powerful no-code bot platforms that is specifically designed for the Microsoft cloud. Without any experience, you can easily train your AtBot in a couple of minutes.

With hundreds of external data connectors, AtBot is easy to use. AtBot allows you to create conversational User Interfaces for any workload with a no-code bot-building platform.

This platform also users you to create custom bots powered by the AtBot engine. Experience the best no-code bot-building platform with AtBot.

Key features:

  • Build useful bots in minutes
  • Add custom bots to your intranet portal
  • Robust bot skill management


  • 24/7 availability
  • Quick responses


  • Lack of human touch
  • Limited contextual understanding

17. Mio

Last but not least, the final application in the list of Microsoft Teams Apps is Mio. Mio is a great Microsoft Teams integration that allows users and companies to chat seamlessly without boundaries.

Mio is a must to have Microsoft Teams app for all the companies who interact and communicate with other companies that use a different platform.

You can easily chat with four or more companies in a single universal channel. Mio also allows users to respond to partners, vendors, and customers in real-time.

Mio acts as a bridge between messaging platforms, facilitating cross-platform messaging and enabling users to exchange messages, files, and other content with colleagues and teams using different messaging apps.

One of the best features of Mio is its ability to maintain message synchronization and conversation history across platforms.

This means that messages sent from one platform will be delivered to users on other platforms in real-time, ensuring that all team members stay connected and informed regardless of the messaging app they use.

Mio also supports the synchronization of threaded conversations, emojis, attachments, and other rich messaging features across platforms, providing a seamless user experience.

Key features:

  • Sync your company’s internal departments
  • Connect with external partners and companies
  • Join unlimited universal channels
  • Chat with three external organizations for free


  • Messaging interoperability
  • Threaded conversation synchronization


  • Configuration complexity
  • Dependency on third-party service

How Teamflect Helps  

In addition to these great apps, Teamflect is a really useful employee engagement and performance management software.

With its diverse functionalities, you can improve goal alignment, increase employee engagement and foster employee development easily.  

With Teamflect’s strong integration with Microsoft Teams, your users will be able to start giving and receiving feedback right away—with no extra training required.

The goal and OKR tracking feature of Teamflect will enable you to realize your company goals step by step while keeping everyone on the same page.

In addition, you can combine the most effective performance reviews with minimum effort. Use Teamflect’s performance appraisal templates, select employees and start reviewing performance!  

To learn more about the one of the best Microsoft Teams app Teamflect, check out here — don’t forget that it is totally free for up to 10 users! 

screenshot of goal adoption section of teamflect
Goal adoption section of Teamflect


Employee engagement is easy when you have some innovative tools with killer features to do this job for you. For example, Microsoft Teams apps are a great way to engage your team members and build up a more engaged workforce.

They can be used for many purposes, such as keeping employees informed about company news, sharing important information with them or allowing them to collaborate on projects in real time.

Choose the best app to increase employee engagement and track performance for your company!  

Written by Emily Helen Arnold

Emily Helen Arnold is a content writer at Teamflect. She is obsessed with organizational behavior studies and loves writing/thinking about how a carefully designed people strategy can transform a company.

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