10 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams – 2024

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Project management apps are a dime a dozen these days. While big companies usually have their pick of project management tools, there aren’t many project management software for small teams.

In fact, looking for project management apps for small teams almost always turns into everyone’s favorite needle + haystack situation.

Even if you find a bunch of decent project management apps for small teams or at least some project management apps with features even small teams can benefit from, they might end up not picking up the phone, while they are trying to hook bigger fish than you.

In past blog articles, we cover topics such as the 6 best OKR software for startups or 5 reasons to use performance review software for small businesses. Well, today we add another member to that list as we dive into this list of the 10 best project management software for small teams!

What to look for in project management software for small teams?

But before we start, we just have to cover one more thing. Don’t worry! Your regularly scheduled list is only a few scrolls away. This is only a quick detour.

The thing is, before giving you a list of the best project management tools for small teams, first we need to discuss what you should look for in project management software for small teams. So here are three crucial criteria that you should always be on the lookout for, as you’re going over project management software for small teams:


One of the greatest benefits of having a small team is that you don’t have to break the bank on software. The best project management software for small teams should have free plans or tiers for low user numbers.


Another awesome benefit of running a small team is the amount of flexibility you have. Your project management software of choice should be just as flexible. You should be able to customize it as your needs change!


The project management tool of your choice should be integrated to the rest of your software. If you’re using Microsoft Teams, then your project management software should have a strong Microsoft Teams integration.

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams

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1. Teamflect

Speaking of Microsoft Teams, no software does Microsoft Teams project management quite like Teamflect. Teamflect is the undisputed king of project management software for small teams within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Teamflect is an all-in-one project management and performance management software designed specifically to be the perfect Microsoft Teams app.

Users can make use of Teamflect to create and monitor tasks within the Microsoft Teams chat, offer customizable recognition, track 360-degree feedback, and manage OKRs.

Furthermore, Teamflect boasts impressive 1-to-many meeting capabilities that let users assign tasks, make notes, and provide recognition during meetings.

Providing continuous feedback is a crucial aspect of project management, and Teamflect makes this process effortless.

By implementing continuous feedback, any project you oversee can become free from misunderstandings and lack of appreciation.

Teamflect streamlines the process of offering feedback, which can increase project transparency, boost morale, and ultimately help achieve project goals more effectively.

Key Features:

  • The best project management tool for Microsoft Teams
  • Keeps the project management process within a single app
  • Highly efficient one-on-one meetings with built-in task assignments and note-taking tools
  • User-friendly design
  • Customizable and automated review cycles with built-in templates
  • Customizable feedback template gallery
  • Incredibly easy to assign and track tasks.
Group goals of project team with a magnifier on related team section in Microsoft Teams


While there is a browser version with full functionality, using Teamflect to its full potential requires Microsoft Teams.


Free with trial for up to 10 users. Paid plan starting from $5 user/month.

Use the best project management tool for Microsoft Teams!
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

2. Trello

Trello is a project management software that helps you to organize your projects into different boards. This tool is particularly useful for teams, allowing you to create boards for various types of projects or jobs.

With Trello, you can get a clear overview of a project’s activities, such as who is responsible for each task and which resources are engaged in different phases of the project.

The interface of the application is straightforward, where each board represents an individual task or project, and each card signifies a specific task within that project or task.

You can create and customize as many cards as needed within each board to keep track of all relevant information. Trello users can rearrange and modify the cards in your lists by dragging, dropping, adding tags, and even altering their priority levels.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of custom modules


  • Three separate paid plans and tiers.


Prices range from $5 user/month to $17 user/month.

3. Asana

Asana is a widely used project management software for small teams that enables teams to streamline their work and enhance productivity.

Asana allows you to generate a list of tasks, change the task order if required, and structure it in a format that suits your team’s needs.

Asana boasts a user-friendly interface that facilitates the creation of tasks, allocation of tasks to specific team members, and tracking of their progress. Moreover, it provides the option of setting due dates and attaching files directly from the app.

What Asana also enables you to create is a visual schedule to oversee all the stages involved in your project. You can set deadlines, track progress, and easily reschedule any task to fit the team’s requirements.

Key Features:

  • Great advanced features
  • Comprehensive free plan
  • Attaching files inside the app


  • On the more expensive side


Starting from $10 user/month

4. Nifty

Nifty is a great project management software for small teams that facilitates project planning, tracking, and management from start to finish.

It is an incredibly user-friendly and adaptable online tool for managing projects that emphasizes teamwork. Nifty allows real-time sharing of relevant information with team members and enables progress tracking towards essential milestones.

This app is particularly beneficial for teams working on projects with complicated lifecycles, including those with multiple phases or extended process cycles.

It also offers budgeting and cost forecasting tools that help predict project costs throughout the duration of the project.

Nifty’s cloud-based platform works seamlessly across all devices, so you can manage your projects offline or while on the go.

The company offers a 14-day trial period for new users to try out the app’s features before committing to one of their plans (ranging from free accounts with limited storage to enterprise pricing).

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Seamless across devices
  • Intuitive design


  • Limited integrations


Starter: $39/mo for up to 10 team members

5. Wrike

Wrike is a project management app that automates tasks and provides real-time updates on progress. The app is easy to navigate and can be used on both mobile and desktop devices.

This app has a comprehensive toolkit to help you plan, track, organize, and report on your projects. It includes pre-built dashboards, analytics, workflows, and reporting features that provide a comprehensive overview of the progress of various projects across teams in different locations.

One thing that sets it apart from other project management software for small teams is that Wrike enables you to share files with clients or team members without requiring them to create a Wrike account (up to five users per file).

You can also utilize it to manage documents, share content, and communicate with colleagues or clients.

Key Features:

  • Solid free plan
  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Share files without needing accounts
  • Great reporting features


  • On the more expensive side after the free plan.


Starting from $9.80 user/month

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is one of the best project management software for small teams. It offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for small teams.

With Smartsheet, you can create project plans, set deadlines, and assign tasks to team members, all in one place. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, even for those who are new to project management software.

Smartsheet is also highly customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. For example, you can create custom forms, set up automated workflows, and create reports and dashboards to track progress and identify potential issues.

Overall, Smartsheet is a great project management software for small teams, providing a powerful set of tools to help you manage your projects more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Automated workflows
  • Customizable and smart spreadsheets
  • Intuitive design


  • Sheets can sometimes be laggy


Starting at $7 user/month.


In terms of sheer popularity and name recognition, ranks among the top project management software for small teams. is a popular project management software that is known for its flexibility and ability to integrate with many other tools.

The platform offers a variety of features to help small businesses manage their projects efficiently. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it a great option for teams that want to get up and running quickly.

One of the standout features of is its ability to support a variety of project types. Whether you’re working on a small project with just a few team members or a larger project with many stakeholders, the platform can adapt to your needs.

The app’s flexible layout and customizable workflows allow you to manage everything from simple to complex projects.

Key Features:

  • Packed with features
  • The pricing is alright
  • User friendly


  • The free plan leaves some to be desired


Starting at $8 user/month.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management app that has been a popular choice for small teams for over a decade. What sets Basecamp apart is its all-in-one approach to project management, which allows teams to manage tasks, track progress, and communicate with team members all in one place.

Basecamp’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for even the most novice users to get up and running quickly. The platform’s clean, minimalist design promotes clarity and enables users to focus on the tasks at hand.

Basecamp’s unique message board feature is what makes it particularly useful for small teams. Teams can use message boards to communicate and collaborate on specific tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. These message boards are customizable, so teams can tailor them to suit their specific needs.

Key Features:

  • A minimalist dashboard
  • Effective communication features
  • Soft learning curve.


  • Expensive for small teams
  • The free plan has limited features


Starting from $11 user/month.

9. Evernote

Initially, Evernote was designed as a personal application that allowed users to store their documents and notes.

The app and the browser-based platform were specifically built to cater to individuals. However, with the introduction of collaborative features, project teams have started utilizing the software to create notebooks and individual notes, which they can share with their colleagues to disseminate information. It is a worthy addition to a list of the best project management apps for small teams.

Keeping track of important and relevant research can be a daunting task, but Evernote provides a solution to this problem with its functionality that enables users to clip information from the internet and then share it with the team. This feature is highly appreciated by many users.

Key Features:

  • Incredible note-taking
  • A very comprehensive free plan for small teams
  • Create individual or collaborative notebooks


  • The paid plans have a huge jump in price


Professional plan: $10.99 user/month.

10. Airtable

Airtable should also be mentioned in the list of the best project management software for small teams. Airtable is a project management software that provides advanced features in addition to the flexibility of spreadsheets.

It offers a free version that allows for unlimited creation of bases, grids, Kanban boards, calendars, and gallery views, making it a great option for small businesses.

The platform presents spreadsheets in a user-friendly format, allowing for easy navigation and organization.

Additionally, Airtable enables users to schedule team meetings, process bills, and invoices, providing a range of useful functions for project management.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly design
  • Exceptional spread sheers.
  • Wide range of features


  • The Pro plan is very expensive.


Plus: $10 user/month

Pro: $20 user/month

Wrapping things up:

So these were the best project management software for small teams. We had a blast guiding you through them. We here at Teamflect admire all the hard work and determination that goes into creating a business around a small team.

We had an easy time writing this list because we are a small team that needs to manage projects too! While all of these project management tools for small teams are worthy additions to this list, we just want to tell you that if you’re managing a team in Microsoft Teams, don’t need to look for project management software for small teams!

All you need to do is schedule a free demo with Teamflect and check out all the amazing things you can do, without ever leaving Microsoft Teams!

What are some must-have features of project management software for small Teams?

Selecting the right project management software is a really important decision for small teams aiming to enhance their productivity and streamline their processes. 

The market is terribly oversaturated with project management software alternatives and it isn’t very easy to tell enterprise-level project management software from project management software for small Teams.

1. Task Management

Efficient task management is the most important and core feature of effective project management for small teams.

The ideal team project software should provide an intuitive system for creating, assigning, updating, and tracking tasks effortlessly.

Effective task management includes capabilities for setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and adjusting them as project needs evolve.

The perfect project management software for small teams should also be completely integrated into the main communication and collaboration platform used by the organization, keeping tasks visible and in the flow of work at all times.

The perfect example to task visibility and integration in a project management software for small teams is Teamflect’s integration with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Tasks by Planner & To Do.

This integration allows users to access their tasks easily without ever having go out of their way and manage projects effectively.

2. Feedback Mechanisms

Effective and continuous feedback can be the determining factor in the success of a project, regardless of it being conducted with small or large-scale teams.

Incorporating feedback mechanisms within project management software for small teams is vital for continuous improvement and collaboration.

The software should facilitate easy feedback on tasks and projects, allowing team members to comment, suggest changes, and share insights seamlessly.

Keeping feedback in the flow of work through intuitive integrations and at a high quality through feedback templates is a must-have feature for project management software for small teams.

3. Goal Setting

At the end of the day, each project is initiated with certain goals in mind. Throughout the project itself, members of the project team will have goals of their own that they will have to hit in order to ensure the success of the project.

Clear goal setting is essential for driving team alignment and focus in this regard. The best project management tools for small teams should offer effective goal-setting features that allow teams to define, track, and adjust their objectives with ease.

Users should also be able to align these goals with tasks they’ve created. A great example to this once again comes in the form of Teamflect’s goals module where tasks can function as the completion criteria for goals.

4. Meeting Agendas

For small teams, maximizing the efficiency of each project meeting is crucial. Since everyone in a small team is more likely than not to work on multiple different roles at once and have their hands full, meetings can’t afford to run over.

Project management software should include tools for creating and sharing meeting agendas, helping teams prepare for discussions, and ensuring that meeting time is used effectively.

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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