Excel Performance Review Templates: 10 Best Templates To Look Through!

Excel Performance Review Templates

Excel performance review templates: If we have to be honest, we are not their biggest fans. We do, however, know that they are a massive part of how a lot of organizations go through their performance review cycles.

Even though we find the use of Excel performance review templates to be a cumbersome process that puts a lot of unnecessary burden on the backs of both reviewers and reviewees alike, we do know that there is a lot of demand for helpful Excel performance review templates.

Since we here at the Teamflect blog are nothing but eager to please, we scoured the worldwide interwebz for some of the best Excel performance review templates and we are glad to say that we have found 5 distinct performance review templates that can really help you out in your review cycles.

That being said, we do have to state that there is a much better way of doing things, as opposed to using an Excel performance review template. We have discovered that the more steps you include in your performance review process, the more employees dislike performance reviews as a whole!

There is nothing wrong with performance reviews as a process! Performance reviews should be a part of every organization’s operations! We recommend that you should conduct performance reviews as often as once every quarter! In fact, check out our article on performance review frequency!

Best Way To Use Performance Review Templates

If you are using Excel performance review templates instead of performance review templates designed and provided by the best performance review software out there, then you will surely run into some troubles in your performance review process.

We are normally never this straightforward when it comes to picking sides on which practice is best but the fact that we still see people leaders wrestling with spreadsheets on spreadsheets of Excel performance review templates breaks our hearts.

So we made sure you can try our customizable performance review templates inside Microsoft Teams for absolutely free! Our solution, Teamflect keeps the entire performance review process inside Microsoft Teams, letting you send out and analyze all manner of performance review templates in only a matter of a few clicks.

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That being said, we have listed the 10 Excel performance review templates we could find to help you out with all your performance review needs! Good luck!

10 Helpful Excel Performance Review Templates

Excel Performance Review Template 1

excel performance review template 1

While this excel performance review template may look a bit complicated at first glance, we are a fan of how they’ve highlighted some very specific criteria, divided those criteria into groups with sub-sections, and also assigned maximum points, providing both reviewee and reviewer some helpful structure!

Excel Performance Review Template 2

excel performance review template 2

We wanted to list these two excel performance review templates back to back because we honestly believe that as much as we like complex and detailed templates that bombard us with information and data, we are also huge fans of customizable, and simplistic templates with lots of holes that we as the user can fill. We believe that his template can work very well as a blank slate for you to customize.

Excel Performance Review Template 3

simple excel performance review template 3

This Excel performance review template is a lovely mixture of the two templates we’ve seen above, being simple, yet providing its users with enough guidance to go through a single performance review with what it gives them. The simple 5-tiered rating scale and sleek green design all make this a solid Excel performance review template.

Excel Performance Review Template 4

excel performance review template 4

We wanted to include an Excel performance review template fit for group evaluations on this list and here it is. This nifty template lets you go through the performance evaluations you mean to complete in bulk rather easily, and has well-planned equations in it to give its users’ department averages.

Excel Performance Review Template 5

excel performance review template 5

This excel performance review template has the right idea and includes a self-review section. We here at Teamflect are massive believers in the power of self-reviews within performance reviews.

That being said, the self-review section really gets lost in all the chaos of the Excel spreadsheet. Just like all of the templates above, we think that while this template was designed with some good ideas, it is far from perfect.

Excel Performance Review Template 6

excel performance review template 6

With this Excel performance review template, you can approach your evaluations comprehensively as it includes various dimensions to assess employee performance. This Excel review template first captures the basic employee information and then focuses on performance goals. Lastly, it deepens into employee capabilities like initiative, professional development, and teamwork.

Excel Performance Review Template 7

excel performance review template 7

We have another employee performance tracking template for Excel that is a great choice for annual reviews. This template has a 360-degree approach to performance reviews and has 1-5 scaling with questions from different areas.

Excel Performance Review Template 8

excel performance review template 8

Our eighth employee performance metrics template is one of the simpler ones with basic evaluation categories with 4 different scaling options. You can use this template for a quick review for your new employees, or when you just want an overview of the overall performance and nothing too deep.

Excel Performance Review Template 9

excel performance review template 9

This employee performance tracking template excels at combining the two best features of a performance evaluation: being simple yet competent. Also, you can set new goals for the next evaluation period using this template!

Excel Performance Review Template 10

excel performance review template 10

Last but not least, we have a 30-day employee performance review template that you can use for your new hires. We believe that the first 30 day of an employee is a great indicator of their performance, and you should conduct this performance review.

Pick Your Poison! We’ll Digitize It!

While we encourage you to scroll down and find out more about how you can use performance review software to conduct your performance reviews much more easily, if you have gone through the templates above and decided to use one of them, we are still here to help!

Once you’ve picked your performance review template out of the ten options we’ve provided above, feel free to reach us! We can help you digitize those performance review templates and truly take your performance review game, to the next level!

Whatever template it is that you are using, feel free to reach us right here: [email protected]

We’ll help you digitize that performance review template and give you the means to get better results!

Advantages of Using Performance Review Software

When it comes to performance reviews, using specialized performance review software has a number of advantages over using more traditional tools such as Excel performance review templates.

By using performance review software, companies are able to automate processes, streamline employee feedback, and increase accuracy.

1. Automated Performance Review Cycles

excel performance review template: Teamflect performance review template gallery

The first advantage of using performance review software is automated processes. Performance review software allows companies to create performance review templates that they can use over and over again.

This helps to automate the process of collecting employee feedback and ensures that everyone is following the same guidelines. It also simplifies the process of creating performance reviews, which can save companies time and money.

2. Streamlined Process

The second advantage of performance review software is streamlined employee feedback. Because performance review software is designed specifically for performance reviews, it is easier for employees to give feedback in an organized, structured way.

This makes it easier for managers to review performance reviews and help employees improve their performance.

Performance review software also typically includes features such as comment fields, rating scales, and feedback forms to help make the process of giving feedback more organized and efficient.

3. Increased Accuracy

The third advantage of performance review software is increased accuracy. Performance review software can be used to track employee performance in real-time, which helps to ensure that performance reviews are accurate.

Performance review software also typically includes features such as data analysis tools, which can help managers and HR professionals to identify trends in performance reviews and make more informed decisions.

4. Overall Benefits

Using performance review software is a great way for companies to streamline the process of performance reviews and ensure that employee feedback is accurate and organized.

By using performance review software, companies can save time and money, while also improving the quality of their performance reviews.

Performance review software can also be used to create performance review templates that can be used over and over again, which can help to automate the process of collecting employee feedback.

In addition, performance review software typically includes features such as comment fields, rating scales, and feedback forms, which can help to ensure that performance reviews are accurate and organized.

Disadvantages Of Using Excel Performance Review Templates

When it comes to performance reviews, the traditional way of using Excel, pdf, and Word documents to track employee performance is no longer the best option.

Excel, PDF, and Word documents are not designed for performance reviews, and as a result, they have several disadvantages that make them unattractive to businesses.

1. Lack of real-time tracking

One of the biggest disadvantages of using Excel, pdf, and Word for performance reviews is the lack of real-time tracking. With Excel, PDF, and Word, it is difficult to track employee performance in real-time, as information must be manually entered into the system.

This makes it difficult to get an accurate and up-to-date picture of employee performance. The lack of real-time tracking also makes it difficult to identify problems quickly and react accordingly.

2. Difficulty in organizing data

Another disadvantage of using excel performance review templates is the difficulty in organizing data. Excel, PDF, and Word documents are not designed to store and organize large amounts of data.

Therefore, it can be difficult to track performance over time and compare performance across different employees. Additionally, it can be time-consuming to track performance using Excel, PDF, and Word, as it requires manual entry of data and sorting through multiple documents.

3. More room for error

Finally, there is a potential for bias when using Excel, PDF, and Word for performance reviews. Without the proper tools, it can be difficult to ensure that all employees are evaluated in an objective and consistent way. Manual entry of data can lead to errors or mistakes, which can further contribute to bias in performance reviews.

What To Look For In Performance Review Software?

Performance review software is an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes. It helps to ensure that employees are properly evaluated and that their performance is assessed in an objective and consistent manner.

Performance review software should provide a comprehensive suite of tools and features to make the performance review process easier, faster, and more effective. Here are some key things to look for when evaluating performance review software:

1. 360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is an important component of the performance review process. It allows managers and colleagues to provide constructive feedback from multiple perspectives.

This feedback can be used to provide employees with an accurate assessment of their performance, identify areas for improvement, and create action plans for development. Look for performance review software that allows for 360-degree feedback to be collected and analyzed quickly and easily.

2. Performance Review Templates

Many performance review software solutions provide pre-built templates that allow managers to quickly and easily create performance reviews.

These templates should be customizable, allowing managers to tailor the review form to their specific needs. Look for performance review software that provides a wide range of templates and allows for easy customization.

3. Integration

Teamflect's performance review software

Performance review software should be able to integrate easily with other systems, such as HR software and applicant tracking systems. This will enable employees and managers to access performance reviews quickly and easily and will allow for performance data to be tracked and analyzed across multiple systems.

Look for performance review software that offers robust integration capabilities. Teamflect’s complete integration into Microsoft Teams can be seen as an example to this.

Performance review software is a powerful tool for assessing employee performance and providing feedback. When evaluating performance review software, make sure to look for features such as 360-degree feedback, performance review templates, and integration capabilities.

By doing so, you can ensure that your business is able to create effective performance reviews and get the most out of the performance review process.

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Key Components of an Excel Performance Review Template

If you want to create your own performance review template in Excel, there are some key components you need to include in your Excel review template. So here are some must-have sections of performance appraisal templates.

1. Participant Details

Begin your template with a section dedicated to capturing essential information about the employee under review. This should include details like the employee’s name, job title, department, and the specific period the review covers.

Having this information at the forefront helps contextualize the evaluation and organizes your records efficiently.

2. Objectives and Performance Outcomes

Including OKRs in performance appraisals is absolutely necessary. Your Excel performance appraisal template should have a section dedicated to all the goals owned by the reviewee within the review period.

This section shouldn’t just include the goals themselves but the progress the employee being reviewed made throughout the review period. While this may be particularly difficult to integrate in an Excel performance evaluation template, it is relatively simple with performance review software.

3. Strengths and Improvement Opportunities

Employee strengths and weaknesses play an integral role in performance appraisals. Your Excel review template should include a section on the employees’ strengths as well as the areas through which they can improve.

Acknowledging their capabilities and providing constructive feedback on areas they can enhance fosters professional growth and motivates continued excellence.

4. Future Development and Learning

Setting employee development goals at the tail end of a performance appraisal is always a great idea. This only works, however, if you revisit them in the next appraisal.

Employee development plans shouldn’t be confused with the goals for the upcoming review period. These should be all about the growth and development of the employee being reviewed.

5. Employee Reflection and Dialogue

Allocate space for employees to share their feedback, challenges, successes, and goals. Performance reviews should never be a one-way interaction. Fostering dialogue and encouraging participation helps all parties involved with the review grow. Your Excel review template should reflect this approach as well.

6. Next Period Objectives

Setting clear, achievable goals for the upcoming review period is essential for guiding the employee’s efforts and expectations. These objectives should be aligned with the organization’s broader goals and the employee’s career development plans.

Final Assessment and Summary Comments

Conclude with a section for the reviewer’s overarching comments and a summary assessment of the employee’s performance. This summary should encapsulate the key points discussed throughout the template, offering a concise yet comprehensive overview of the employee’s contributions and areas for growth.

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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