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Keep your finger on the pulse

On a global scale, only 14% of employees find work to be engaging. Conduct pulse surveys for employee engagement to find out just where your team is.

Teamflect pulse survey sctreen with customizable templates

Each team is unique. That's why they need customizable team pulse surveys!

Mix, match, and customize your way to creating the perfect employee pulse surveys. Merge your favorite employee pulse survey questions with ones from our templates. Check the pulse your way.

Automate your pulse surveys to streamline the process.

Get maximum answering and adoption rates even in fast-paced employee pulse surveys. With Teamflect, you can:

  • Achieve high employee participation and response rates with intuitive employee pulse checks.
  • Access a wide database of employee pulse survey questions.
  • Automate employee pulse surveys at any frequency you want.
  • Conduct your pulse surveys without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

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Why settle for data when you can have: Insight

The Power BI reports Teamflect provides through employee pulse surveys, present users with valuable insights into their daily operations.

Get real-time employee engagement data at any interval you want. Quarterly? Monthly? Weekly? Your choice!

Employee engagement surveys don't need to be annual. With how easy it is to automate and plan surveys, you will be able to conduct employee engagement surveys at any frequency you need.

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There is never a wrong time to gain insights into your workforce.

Dynamics shift and needs change. Maintaining employee engagement is getting more and more difficult. In today's fast-paced workplace environments, measuring employee engagement, satisfaction, or performance isn't a game of months or years anymore. It is a game of weeks, days, or even hours! That is why every organization needs an agile, simple, and automated way of conducting employee pulse surveys and analyzing the reports from them.

That description fits Teamflect's employee pulse surveys like a glove. Not only are the pulse surveys you can conduct in Teamflect effective and easy to analyze but they are also always in the flow of work, thanks to Teamflect's complete Microsoft Teams integration. This makes Teamflect the quintessential Microsoft Teams pulse survey tool.

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Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Amber (by Microsoft)

The number one privately owned TPI in the UK, Amber, uses Teamflect to manage performance and engage employees.

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P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

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Align HCM

The premier human capital management firm of Canada, Align HCM, keeps everyone engaged using Teamflect.

A pulse survey is a quick, focused survey used to gather information about specific topics in real time. It is typically shorter than a traditional survey and focuses on gathering immediate feedback on current events, employee morale, or organizational performance.

An employee pulse survey checks the current morale, job satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being of employees. It also assesses employee opinions and feedback on specific workplace issues such as management, culture, communication, work-life balance, and job responsibilities.

Focused: It asks specific, targeted questions related to the topic of interest.

Short: It is brief and can be completed quickly, typically taking 5-10 minutes or less to complete.

Actionable: It provides insights that can be used to inform decisions and drive improvements in the workplace.

Frequent: It is conducted regularly, allowing for ongoing monitoring of employee morale and feedback.

Some organizations conduct pulse surveys monthly or even weekly, depending on the level of change and the need for real-time information. It is important to strike a balance between gathering frequent enough data to be useful and not overburdening employees with too many surveys.

A pulse survey is a short and focused survey that is typically used to quickly gather feedback from employees or other stakeholders within an organization. The questions asked in a pulse survey can vary depending on the specific purpose of the survey and the organization's goals.

• On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your current job?

• How likely are you to recommend our organization as a place to work?

• How effective do you find your manager's leadership?

• Do you feel supported by your manager in your work?

• Do you have clear expectations from your manager?

Analyzing the answers to these questions can require some extra assistance from HR analytics software .

In today's fast-paced business world, organizations need to be agile and responsive to changing circumstances. Pulse surveys provide a nimble way to gather real-time feedback from employees, helping organizations quickly identify emerging issues, address concerns, and adapt their strategies accordingly. They empower employees by giving them a platform to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions.

Pulse surveys are meant to be shorter and more frequent compared to traditional annual surveys. Decide on the appropriate frequency for your organization, considering factors such as your workforce size, work culture, and the areas you want to measure. For example, you might conduct pulse surveys monthly, quarterly, or biannually, depending on your needs.

Create concise and targeted survey questions that align with your objectives. Use a mix of closed-ended (e.g., multiple-choice) and open-ended (e.g., free text) questions to capture both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Keep the survey brief and easy to understand to encourage higher participation rates.

Pulse surveys can be used in conjunction with feedback software to get crisp and accurate 360-degree feedback data.

The best employee pulse survey software for an organization depends on that organization's needs and what they are looking for. That being said, the best employee engagement survey tool for Microsoft Teams users is Teamflect. With complete Microsoft Teams integration and an all-in-one performance management system, Teamflect is the best employee pulse survey tool for Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect also functions as the following:

One-on-one Software

Recognition Software

Employee Kudos Platform

Employee Engagement Software

• And more!

Get to know your employees through employee pulse surveys

No matter what pulse survey questions you are planning to ask in your employee pulse survey checks, the best way to conduct employee pulse surveys is through a digital employee pulse survey tool such as Teamflect. Your employee pulse surveys should work in parallel with your employee engagement surveys and employee engagement strategies. The way you conduct team pulse surveys or individual employee pulse surveys can make or break the entire purpose of conducting employee pulse surveys.

Out of all the employee pulse survey tools out there, the employee pulse survey tool or employee pulse survey software of your choice should be an integrated employee pulse survey tool that works very well with the rest of the tools you use in your day-to-day operations. If you are using Microsoft Teams then you need a Microsoft Teams pulse survey software that can conduct your company pulse surveys in Microsoft Teams.

The employee pulse surveys you conduct in your organization can serve many different purposes. You can conduct hr pulse surveys, marketing pulse surveys, pulse 360 surveys, or even the classic employee engagement pulse surveys to check your team's pulse on the issues that matter, regardless of department. Whether you are conducting quick pulse surveys or long and detailed 360-degree feedback pulse surveys, you can make them fit any department by simply changing the employee pulse survey questions and feeding your employee pulse surveys to the correct channels.

When designing your employee pulse survey questionnaires, there are many different ways to go. You can ask open-ended employee pulse survey questions, multiple choice pulse survey questions, or even design your own metric and implement that into your employee pulse surveys! You can take advantage of some of the existing employee pulse survey questions in our employee pulse survey question database. You can add your employee pulse survey questions or change our existing employee pulse survey questions to fit your needs!

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams pulse survey software?

Taking advantage of Teamflect's Microsoft Teams pulse survey tool lets you conduct employee engagement surveys without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams. Your employees will have a very easy time filling out the surveys and you will have an even easier time analyzing the results.

Can I use Teamflect to analyze pulse survey results?

Teamflect's analytics dashboard provides users with detailed results and insight on every single one of our modules. You can analyze pulse survey results inside the Teamflect admin center.

Can I customize Teamflect's pulse survey templates?

Yes, you can! You can select any pulse survey question type you want: Multiple choice, Likert scale, rating questions, and more. While we provide you with existing question sets, you can customize those sets as well.

Is Teamflect really a free pulse survey software?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free pulse survey software for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect's free plan has all the features its pro plan does. As long as you have 10 users or fewer, you can use Teamflect with full functionality for as long as you want, for free! If you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

Do you have a question about our Pulse Survey module? Get in touch!

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