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The performance management system of choice for nonprofit organizations around the world!

Over 75 nonprofit organizations trust Teamflect for all their performance management needs.

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Discounts of up to %60 percent to non-profit organizations

We believe in your mission! We are proud to have such incredible non-profit organizations in our community. That is why we offer discounts of up to %60 percent to all non-profit organizations.

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Set goals aligned with your mission!

Teamflect lets you set, track, and evaluate goals inside Microsoft Teams!

  • Align those goals with your organization's mission.
  • Create subgoals and customize the completion criteria.
  • Track progress in real-time.

Integrate continuous feedback into your culture.

Teamflect streamlines the 360-degree feedback process with customizable feedback templates and complete Microsoft Teams integration .

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Automate, conduct and analyze your performance reviews inside Microsoft Teams.

Don't let your performance appraisals become a chore. Many nonprofit organizations use Teamflect's performance review module because of its:

  • Customizable performance review templates
  • 360-degree feedback integration
  • Employee development plans
  • Overall simplicity and ease of use.

Enrich each project check-in meeting with Teamflect's extensive meeting features:

  • Set tasks inside ongoing Teams meetings!
  • View existing goals and create new ones!
  • Create customizable meeting agendas!
  • Generate talking points.
  • Take shared & private meeting notes.
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Everything non-profit organizations need and more!

There is nothing quite like being a part of a non-profit organization and striving towards a cause you believe in is there? While working in a non-profit is extremely rewarding, non-profit organizations have the same performance management needs as every other company, perhaps even some more. Keeping employees engaged, setting goals effectively, or exchanging 360-degree feedback are all extremely important for nonprofit organizations.

This is why we here at Teamflect are proud to be the best performance management software for nonprofit organizations. Teamflect provides non-profit organizations with a performance management platform that lets them keep track of their tasks, conduct their mandatory performance reviews efficiently, set goals, and most importantly, implement a culture of empowerment within their organization.

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Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The global sports ministry FCA uses Teamflect to ensure their teams are perfectly aligned with their goals.

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Illinois Heartland Library System (by Microsoft)

Illinois Heartland Library Systems uses Teamflect to streamline its performance review process.

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CCINT (Published by Microsoft)

A global leader in supply chain excellence, CCINT empowers their team and fosters collaboration with Teamflect.

Performance measurement in a non-profit organization plays a crucial role in evaluating and assessing its effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals. To measure performance, non-profit organizations often utilize key performance indicators that align with their strategic objectives

Managing performance in non-profit organizations can be effectively streamlined and enhanced through the use of performance review software. Performance review software such as Teamflect provides a comprehensive solution for managing and evaluating employee performance in non-profit organizations.

Performance measurement in a non-profit organization plays a crucial role in evaluating and assessing its effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals. Many non-profit organizations use OKRs or KPIs to measure performance in their organization. Taking advantage of non-profit performance management software such as Teamlfect can also help immensely.

Employee engagement software for non-profit organizations can enhance this process by promoting two-way communication, fostering collaboration, and recognizing employee achievements. It is also important to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where staff members are encouraged to develop their skills and contribute to the organization's overall success.

Nonprofit Performance Management: Taken To The Next Level

Performance management plays a crucial role in every nonprofit organization. Nonprofit performance management systems aren't that different than regular performance management practices. Just like every other organization out there, nonprofit organizations need to conduct performance reviews, set goals, manage tasks, engage their employees, and exchange feedback. This is where Teamflect comes in as an all-in-one performance management solution for nonprofit organizations.

When you integrate Teamflect into Microsoft Teams, you get:

All rolled into one. Goal setting in nonprofit organizations and project management in nonprofit organizations are all incredibly relevant concepts when it comes to a nonprofit organization achieving its mission. That is why, Teamflect is the premier nonprofit project management software!

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