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A job well done? Time to give kudos where it's due!

Kudos employee recognition is an incredibly powerful tool that belongs in the arsenal of every leader! So empower the leaders in your organization with the most versatile kudos software.

 teamflect recognition module screen with customizable badges inside microsoft teams

Customize the way you give kudos to your employees! Give kudos any way you see fit.

There are many different ways to give kudos to an employee. We know that the best way is your way! So do things your way with a customizable employee kudos program

  • Customizable employee kudos phrases and badges.
  • Create manager/admin-only praises to recognize high performers
  • Give kudos privately to celebrate success in confidential projects

Integrate kudos into your Microsoft Teams meetings!

Provide your team leaders with a tool that lets them give kudos to their direct reports for their hard work. They will love making employee kudos a part of the detailed meeting agendas they create with Teamflect.

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 Teamflect recognition card in Microsoft Teams channels

Feed employee kudos directly into Microsoft Teams channels and boost engagement!

Take advantage of an intuitive design and a shallow learning curve to implement your employee kudos strategies instantly! Feed your kudos directly into any Teams channel you want!

Give kudos right inside Microsoft Teams chat with a single click!

You shouldn't have to leave Microsoft Teams chat to give kudos to an employee! Why not just give kudos seamlessly inside Teams chat?

teamflect message extension in microsoft teams with a magnifier on new recognition button
teamflect add-in and new recognition button in microsoft outlook

Use Outlook to give kudos to your teammates and direct reports by using Teamflect's Outlook Add-in.

Teamflect's Outlook integration makes it even easier to give kudos to an employee! We made sure that our/your employee kudos platform, is always easy to navigate.

Create eye-opening reports and insights around your kudos, using Power BI!

The kudos you give, shouldn't just disappear into the void. Track the kudos exchange, alongside countless other employee engagement metrics through extensive Power BI reports.

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Employee Kudos is the way to create a culture of recognition

Employee kudos is a fantastic way to boost motivation and engagement within teams! When we give each other collective recognition and reward, it fosters a sense of shared accomplishment and pride. This, in turn, can lead to heightened motivation and engagement among team members, resulting in a more productive and successful team.

In addition to individual employee kudos, team kudos can also positively impact employee retention and job satisfaction. When employees feel their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated by their entire team, the sense of belonging and satisfaction is unmistakable. This can be especially beneficial for managers and leaders as well, as it helps to cultivate a culture of recognition and positive reinforcement within the organization.

However, practicing employee kudos in a remote setting or through digital communication tools can be challenging. But fret not, as we are here to help! So go ahead, give your team members a virtual pat on the back, and witness their morale soar with the help of Teamflect!

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together, a non-profit dedicated to building and sustaining families, enhanced their performance reviews with Teamflect.

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Amber (by Microsoft)

The number one privately owned TPI in the UK, Amber, uses Teamflect to manage performance and engage employees.

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P3 Mobility

Revolutionary urban mobility company P3 Mobility implemented a culture of feedback and recognition with Teamflect.

When giving kudos, it's important to be specific about what the employee did well. You can reinforce the behavior you want to encourage and shows the employee that you are paying attention to their work. Give kudos as soon as possible after the employee has done something noteworthy.

When employees feel that their hard work and accomplishments are recognized and appreciated, it can increase their motivation and engagement. After all, recognition and praise can go a long way in boosting employee morale.

Using an employee kudos application for Microsoft Teams can simplify the process of recognizing employees by providing a platform where team members can easily give and receive recognition.

Begin by expressing your sincere appreciation for the employee's hard work or accomplishments. Be specific about what the employee did well. Provide details that show you were paying attention to their work. Explain the impact of the employee's actions. Describe how their work contributed to the success of the project or the company as a whole. 

Employee kudos software is particularly useful for remote companies as it helps to foster a positive company culture and improve employee engagement in a virtual work environment. It might be difficult to preserve team spirit and give personnel the credit they deserve in a remote workplace. The use of kudos software gives coworkers a quick and enjoyable way to acknowledge and compliment one another, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Kudos are a form of recognition given to an employee in the workplace to acknowledge their achievements or contributions. It is a way to show appreciation and encourage positive behavior. Kudos can come in different forms, such as verbal praise, a written note, an email, a badge from a recognition software , or a public acknowledgment during a meeting or event.

Recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of employees creates a positive feedback loop you can track with feedback software ,. Kudos can also be an effective tool for increasing employee engagement and retention, since employees who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay with an organization. We recommend tracking your engagement levels with employee engagement survey and see the difference for yourself!

Sending Kudos on Microsoft Teams is a simple and effective way to recognize and appreciate the efforts of your colleagues. You can send Kudos on Microsoft Teams by both using the praise feature of Teams, or by using the Microsoft Teams integration of Teamflect. To send Kudos on Microsoft Teams, first open the chat or channel where you want to send the Kudos. Next, type "@" followed by the name of the person you want to send Kudos to and select the "Praise" option. From there, choose a badge that best represents the reason for sending Kudos, and add a personal message to the recipient explaining why you are recognizing them, and send. The recipient will receive the Kudos as a message in their chat, along with the badge and personal message.

Using Teamflect to send Kudos will give you a more customized and seamless process. Showing appreciation will not only increase employee engagement , but also make performance management in your organization easier.

Kudos is a noun that means praise or recognition for an achievement or accomplishment. It is often used to show admiration, respect or appreciation for someone's efforts, skills or success. The term "kudos" has its origins in ancient Greek, where it was used to express admiration or glory for someone's actions. In modern usage, kudos is often given as a reward for exceptional performance, and it is used to motivate and encourage employees to continue to excel in their work. You can send Kudos in your organization to as a key remote team management practice with the help of Teamflect.

Kudos can be given for a wide range of accomplishments, such as meeting or exceeding performance goals, delivering high-quality work, going above and beyond in helping a colleague, or demonstrating strong leadership skills. Kudos are an important tool in creating a positive work culture and motivating employees to perform at their best, and the profits of sending Kudos can be tracked with HR analytics software .

When you receive a Kudos email, it's important to acknowledge and respond appropriately. Start by thanking the person who sent the email and showing humility. Acknowledge the efforts of your team or colleagues who contributed to the success, share your plans, and end on a positive note by expressing your appreciation again. The response could be given in a meeting setting, so you can use one-on-one software for a better meeting experience. You can also use an employee engagement software such as Teamflect to send a nice thank you badge without all this hassle.

You can't ignore the correlation between employee engagement and giving kudos!

Employee kudos recognition software is the best way to give kudos to an employee without interrupting the flow of work. Employee kudos, or recognition and praise for a job well done, are crucial in creating a positive work environment that fosters motivation, engagement, and productivity. When you give kudos to an employee's effort, creativity, and dedication, you can improve their job satisfaction and encourage them to continue to strive for excellence.

Teamflect is a software designed for remote employee recognition and kudos, which aims to ensure that hardworking employees receive kudos effectively and easily. Whether it's individual employee kudos or team kudos, there shouldn't be any reluctance to give kudos. Giving kudos to employees should be a convenient and seamless process, and that's exactly what Teamflect offers.

Employee kudos and recognition examples vary greatly depending on the culture of each organization. This is why Teamflect's employee kudos software allows users to customize the employee kudos and team kudos badges within the app in any way they see fit. The personalized kudos and recognition badges within Teamflect, combined with its robust integration with Microsoft Teams, make Teamflect the ultimate employee kudos tool for Microsoft Teams.

Can I integrate Teamflect kudos into Outlook?

Yes, you can! Teamflect's complete Outlook integration allows you to give kudos through Outlook as well. This way you can keep boosting morale not only through Teams chat but also e-mails!

Can I customize kudos badges in Teamflect?

Yes! While we provide you with an extensive set of employee kudos badges for Microsoft Teams, you can customize your recognition and make it fit your organizational culture.

What are the benefits of using a Microsoft Teams kudos platform?

Employee recognition plays a huge role in keeping your employees engaged. Using Microsoft Teams employee kudos platforms such as Teamflect makes sure recognitions are always in the flow of work.

Is Teamflect really a free kudos platform?

Yes, Teamflect is a totally free employee kudos platform for Microsoft Teams. Teamflect's free plan has all the features its pro plan does. As long as you have 10 users or fewer, you can use Teamflect with full functionality for as long as you want, for free! If you want to have more than 10 users, you need to move to our Pro Plan which starts from $5 per user / per month.

Do you have a question about our Kudos software built for Microsoft Teams? Get in touch!

To learn more about Teamflect's Free Kudos tool, you can contact us or start using it for free straight away if you want less than 10 users on our platform.