20 Best HR Podcasts of 2024

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Does everyone have a podcast? We feel like the answer is an overwhelming YES! Why should human resources be excluded from the party? There are plenty of incredible HR podcasts available to discerning listeners today.

That is why we put together 20 of the best HR podcasts on the internet today. Some of them are still going strong while others have left behind incredible archives for us to go back and listen to.

So whether you are on your way to work, blasting through a cardio workout, or simply keeping your mind busy while doing the dishes, here are the best HR podcasts 2024!

1. DriveThruHR

Drive ThruHR is one of the standard bearers of HR podcasting. It is a well-established podcast, running since 2010. It is one of the best HR podcasts that comes to mind when people discuss human resources podcasts.

Drive ThruHR features a team of hosts including Mike Van Dervort, Robin Schooling, Crystal Miller-Lay, and Dwayne Lay, all of whom are well-known in the HR community.

Every two weeks, these hosts, along with a diverse group of HR experts, engage in spirited discussions for about half an hour, tackling the most pressing HR topics.

What makes them so awesome?

They explore challenges in recruitment and talent management, delve into company culture, and offer insights into the best and worst aspects of HR technology

Best Episodes To Check Out:

Their discussion with seasoned HR veteran Tim Collins on the episode “HR: The Strategy, the Future, and the O’Jays” is a great episode, hosted by Robin Schooling.

Their incredibly relevant episode “Talking AI regulation in TA with Will Rose” is another strong show with co-hosts Mike Van Dervort and Robin Schooling.

Where can I listen to Drive ThruHR?

This particular HR podcast can be found on: Spotify, Apple Music, Blog Talk Radio.

2. The Team Check-in

The Team Check-in is by far of the best HR podcasts around the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. With bi-weekly episodes on anything HR or performance management related it is one of the most digestible HR podcasts our there.

The Team Check-in, hosted by Emre Ok, has something for everybody. Looking for a 50 minute discussion on AI, digital transformations, and gaming? You got it! Looking for a short, 15 minute listen on gamification & employee onboarding? Perfect!

What makes them so awesome?

The Team Check-in aims to be both informational and entertaining. While the dialogue is always fun, each episode aims to teach listeners something brand new.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Turning Bats into Butterflies feat. Amy Brand” is one of the best episodes of the show, featuring great insight from a global director of people and culture, fun workplace anecdotes, and a whole lot of off-topic banter!

Where can I listen to The Team Check-in?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

3. #Worktrends with Meghan M. Biro

Every Wednesday afternoon, Meghan M. Biro, a highly regarded HR influencer, takes the reins as the host of the #Worktrends.

It offers a fresh take on the typical HR podcast setup by allowing listeners to actively participate in the discussion through a live Twitter feed.

With a steady stream of guests and an always excited host, #Worktrends is one of the good HR podcasts to get through.

What makes them so awesome?

Meghan is joined every single week by a diverse lineup of HR leaders, tech providers, and thought leaders, all gathering to explore the ever-changing landscape of the contemporary workplace and discuss what motivates and drives them.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“How to Prepare Your Talent Pipeline for Turbulent Times” with Vicky Mackie is both a recent and incredibly fun episode to listen to. Mackie brings in a truckload of experience and it is clear that she has great chemistry with Meghan.

Where can I listen to #Worktrends?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, Apple Music, Talentculture.

4. Redefining Work with Lars Schmidt

The Redefining Work podcast delves into the strategies for constructing businesses that prioritize their employees, utilizing contemporary methodologies and perspectives.

Hosted by Lars Schmidt, the Redefining Work podcast highlights forward-thinking leaders and their contributions to the transformation of the HR landscape.

Lars has a great style, starting the episode almost medias-res, with a tease from an interesting section of the upcoming conversation.

What makes them so awesome?

The show features the stories and experiences of a wide array of professionals, ranging from CHROs (Chief Human Resources Officers) to Chief People Officers and Heads of Talent, among others. A steady stream of C-level guests is always a plus for an HR podcast.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“The Power of Community With Angela Cheng-Cimini, Harvard Business Publishing CHRO and SVP, Talent” is an incredible episode with an amazing guest. The conversation flows very well, across one of the most important management topics of our time.

Where can I listen to Redefining Work?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Apple Music, LinkedIn.

5. At Work in America by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

As the HR industry’s longest-standing weekly podcast, At Work in America consistently ranks as the most downloaded in its category.

Its hosts, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, boast impressive credentials: Steve serves as the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, while Trish is the CEO of H3 HR Advisors.

According to its dedicated listeners, this hour-long podcast is an essential listen for HR teams, organizations, and anyone interested in the field.

It is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of topics such as management, workforce technology, leadership, and all aspects of HR.

What makes them so awesome?

It is one of the longest-running HR podcasts ever. The two hosts have great chemistry and they display an amazing breadth of knowledge.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Crafting Connections through the Power of Storytelling” is an amazing episode whether you are in HR or not. It is an incredible topic, handled delicately and effectively.

Where can I listen to At Work in America?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, Apple Music, HR Happy Hour, Blog Talk Radio.

6. My HR Future with David Green

“My HR Future” is a podcast and video series led by David Green. David engages in conversations with various HR experts who are actively advancing a data-driven and digital HR agenda.

As one of the best HR podcasts, My HR Future features discussions with HR leaders who are at the forefront of driving organizational transformation within their own companies.

They share insights on how HR can proactively adapt and equip itself for the evolving landscape of work in the future.

What makes them so awesome?

My HR Future isn’t just another podcast. It has amazing videos to accompany its episodes and the quality is nothing short of any top-tier talk- show. Their five-minute clips on Youtube are a joy to watch!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

Instead of a simple episodic structure, it follows fun, fast-paced, 10-minute clips. Series 5 with John Boudreau is now of the best you can find.

Where can I listen to My HR Future?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Youtube.

7. People Managing People with Becca Banyard

The “People Managing People” podcast is tailor-made for individuals in managerial roles and those dedicated to shaping organizational culture with the goal of establishing enduring companies.

Becca Banyard, the host of People Managing People, engages in conversations with renowned industry experts, delivering valuable insights, strategies, and resources to enhance your ability to attract, retain, and oversee both your workforce and your organization with greater efficiency.

Each episode clocks in at approximately 30 minutes, making it concise and packed with actionable content.

What makes them so awesome?

Becca Banyard is the heart and soul of this HR podcast. Her calm and knowledgable attitude is reason enough to start listening to this one!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

Where can I listen to People Managing People?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, Apple Music, Google, Stitcher.

8. Leading the Future of Work

In Leading the Future of Work, Jacob Morgan, a TED speaker and accomplished author, leads engaging discussions with some of the globe’s foremost business leaders, CEOs, acclaimed authors, and visionary thinkers.

Jacob explores topics such as how businesses can adjust and ready themselves for what lies ahead and how leadership principles can be applied to various aspects of life.

What makes them so awesome?

As one of the good HR podcasts, this podcast is an ideal fit for forward-thinking HR professionals and it delves into thought-provoking inquiries concerning the future of work.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Curiosity Over Animosity” is an amazing episode of the show. Not only does Jacob have an awesome guest, he plays off of Carly Stern, former Unicef CEO, very well.

Where can I listen to Leading the Future of Work?

You can find this HR podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

9. Lead from the Heart

Launched by the acclaimed best-selling author Mark C. Crowley, this podcast introduces audiences to an array of distinguished authors, trailblazers, CEOs, and prominent intellectuals.

These individuals align with Mark’s profound “heart-based leadership” philosophy, which is founded on the latest medical research affirming that human motivation and success are primarily driven by the heart, not just the mind.

While Mark’s HR podcast is mostly centered around his”heart-based leadership”, it still covers some of the most important issues in HR.

What makes Lead from the Heart so awesome?

Mark C. Crowley is an incredibly knowledgeable academic and an equally talented podcast host. He carries the show very impressively.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

The Bill George episode is a great listen. Mark and his guest Bill discuss laps around some of the modern issues in human resources management. It is a very fun listen.

Where can I listen to Lead from the Heart?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, Apple Music,

10. Punk Rock HR

One of the more fun names in all of HR podcasting, Punk Rock HR, spearheaded by Laurie Ruettimann, serves as a platform aimed at empowering individuals to seize control of their careers and become champions of transformation.

Laurie delves deep into the realm of work, engaging in insightful interviews with thought leaders, authors, and specialists.

Through these conversations, she exposes the unvarnished truth about the state of work, highlighting its flaws, and offers a roadmap for organizations to embrace more effective and equitable employment practices.

What makes Punk Rock HR so awesome?

Punk Rock HR isn’t just a fun name. It is quickly evolving into a network of amazing HR podcasts!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Corporate Culture and Drinking” with Claude Silver is a great listen, both informative and digestible. Work drinking is an incredibly nuanced event. It was about time someone brought it up!

Where can I listen to Punk Rock HR?

You can listen to this HR podcast everywhere! It can be found under the name: “Corporate Drinking”

11. Nine To Thrive HR Podcast

The “Nine to Thrive” podcast, featuring a diverse lineup of experts and professionals as hosts, explores a broad spectrum of subjects.

These topics encompass the establishment of a culture fostering internal mobility, the ever-changing landscape of work, and the pivotal role of HR within the broader context of business strategy.

What makes Nine to Thrive HR Podcast so awesome?

Cindi Koetzle! That is all we should say! It is rare to have a podcast host show such attention to detail and be excited for their guest on the level of Cindi!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Uniting Culture, Brand & Customer Experience” is an amazing episode that keeps everyone’s morale high. It is both fun and educational.

Where can I listen to Nine To Thrive HR Podcast?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts.

12. People Problems

The “People Problems” podcast offers a distinctive and candid perspective on the human element in the workplace. Hosted by Alexa Baggio and Tyson Mackenzie, it is a refreshing take on some of the problems that can be caused by, well, the people at work!

Out of all the HR podcasts on this list, this is by far the most entertaining HR podcast to listen to. While the language used is far more casual than the rest of the HR podcasts on this list, don’t let it fool you! Alexa and Tyson are incredibly knowledgeable.

What makes People Problems so awesome?

Listening to this podcast is akin to meeting two of your favorite friends for coffee and just listening to them talk. Incredible listen.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Full of Sh*t or Imposter Syndrome” as well as “Strive for Mediocrity” are both incredible episodes to listen to. They are a great introduction for newcomers to this HR podcast’s style.

Where can I listen to People Problems?

You can listen to this HR podcast on: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts.

13. The Culture First Podcast with Damon Klotz 

Damon Klotz’s story-based HR podcast, Culture First by Culture Amp is an amazing show for those who wish to listen to some interesting stories, heart-to-hearts, and priceless insight into building an amazing work culture.

Damon has smooth delivery, socially conscious views, and awesome guests. What more could you ask for from a human resources podcast?

Culture First is one of the best HR podcasts for those who are interested in hearing diverse stories that dive deep into what it means to be working in today’s volatile cultural landscape.

What makes The Culture First Podcast so awesome?

The Culture First podcast could just as well be called Story First. It is a great human resources podcast for those who want to listen to other people’s stories. The amount of passion at display by Damon is also a pleasure to listen to.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

Their episode “Jamila Rizvi on how to make work “work” for women” is a beautiful listen. Jamila has a great story to tell and they make a fun pairing with Damon.

Where can I listen to The Culture First Podcast?

You can find this HR podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

14. HR Party of One

HR Party of One, both a YouTube series and an engaging HR podcast, serves as a dedicated platform for delving into the pressing challenges confronted by HR teams and executives within the business world.

Alongside offering valuable insights, HR Party of One meticulously explores the dynamic landscape of HR trends while addressing a comprehensive range of essential HR subjects.

What makes HR Party of One so awesome?

Where HR Party of One definitely stands out as one of the best human resources podcasts is just how educational it is when it comes to HR basics. Is there a burning HR question in your head that you don’t feel like asking your colleagues? Their channel is the place to be for you!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

Rather than a specific episode, we can recommend their “Employee Benefits Basics” playlist as a valuable resource.

Where can I listen to HR Party of One?

You can listen to this HR podcast wherever but we recommend going through their YouTube channel.

15. Not the HR Lady 

Not the HR Lady is your favorite HR podcaster’s favorite podcast! Co-hosts Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs have an in-your-face attitude to all things HR and the classic human resources podcast format.

Not only are they fun to listen to, but they are unapologetic in calling out nonsensical HR trends and practices.

Vulgar, entertaining, and hell-bent on “Eliminating the f*ckery out of HR”, Tara and Justin are brilliant to listen to. You are guaranteed to nod your head in agreement and laugh alongside them as they say all the things you wish you could say out loud at work!

What makes Not the HR Lady so awesome?

Tara and Justin have more fun recording this podcast than any other host on this list. They cut through all the fluff of working in human resources and they have a blast doing it!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Let’s Be Real” is a great episode to get into their show. Especially if you hate empty HR trends such as “Hawaiian Shirt Day!”.

Where can I listen to Not the HR Lady?

This HR podcast can be found on all the usual platforms such as Spotify but we definitely recommend you check out their YouTube channel.

16. Eat Sleep Work Repeat with Bruce Daisley

Talk about a podcast with some incredible credentials! The host of the show, Bruce Daisley, on top of being a dynamic podcast host, also used to run Twitter’s business in Europe and his first book, about improving work and work culture was a Sunday Times #1 bestseller.

His previous success has surely transferred into his podcast as it reaches over 250.000 listeners monthly.

The podcast has a simple premise: How can we make work better? In every episode, Bruce tackles one particular issue or idea on how work can be made better.

He doesn’t go at it on his own. He brings in expert opinions from credible and scientific voices to bring listeners a high-quality discussion.

What makes Eat Sleep Work Repeat so awesome?

The discussions Bruce has with experts on these very specific issues are both very entertaining and incredibly educational. When you take off your headphones at the end of an episode, you always do it having learned something new.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Is the 4 day week a cult that we can all get behind?” is an episode that highlights all the best features of this show. It tackles a topic that has been discussed to death yet Bruce and the expert he brings in, Alex Soujung Kim Pang breathe new life into this discussion.

Where can I listen to Eat Sleep Work Repeat?

You can find this HR podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

17. Big Fish in the Talent Pool

If you were to pull some random person on the street aside and asked them to tell you everything they knew about human resources, you would most likely get the answer: “Recruiting!”.

Well… There had to be a people and culture podcast centered around recruiting and talent acquisition and here it is!

Big Fish in the Talent Pool, hosted by Erin Peterson, a partner and Global Talent Acquisition Consultant at PeopleResults, is an HR podcast that is mostly centered around recruiting.

Eri interviews Global Leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership and the end result is a podcast well worth listening to.

What makes Big Fish in the Talent Pool so awesome?

If you want to dive into an episodic podcast series specifically focusing on talent acquisition and recruiting, then this is the podcast for you!

Tackling a different aspect of recruiting on every episode, it serves as a very comprehensive database of discussions on talent acquisition!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Data Storytelling with Tina McKinney” is a must-listen episode of the show. Tina McKinney brings her analytical mindset into the realm of talent acquisition, providing listeners with some incredibly helpful insight.

Where can I listen to Big Fish in the Talent Pool?

You can find this HR podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

18. Oven-Ready HR

Oven-Ready HR is a people and culture podcast that has set itself the not-so-ambitious goal of TRYING TO FIX THE WORLD OF WORK, MAKE IT HAPPIER AND MOR REWARDING!

If there is one person who can undertake this challenge is the silken-voiced host of the show, Chris Taylor!

Taylor doesn’t just bring his smooth delivery and own insight alone. Whatever issue he tackles, he brings in some amazing experts to have deep and complex discussions.

The episodes are both easily consumable yet still have enough substance to them, clocking in at around 20 to 30 minutes per episode.

What makes Oven-Ready HR so awesome?

Chris tackles each discussion from multiple angles, setting his guests up perfectly with the right questions, leading to thought-provoking discussions. All of this, neatly packaged in 20 minutes makes this the perfect podcast to listen to on a treadmill!

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“Unpacking Quiet Quitting” is a brilliant episode, treating the issue not as a TikTok phenomenon but as a serious topic in HR. Chris really makes his guest Dr Maria Kordowicz shine by asking her the right questions on the matter.

Where can I listen to Oven-Ready HR?

You can find this HR podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

19. HR unConfidential

Have you ever looked at an HR department and thought “I want to find out how the sausage is made?!”? Well… You asked for it, you got it!

HR unConfidential offers listeners a truly behind-the-scenes look into the world of human resources. As informational as the podcast is with its insight into what it is like to work in HR, it is just as entertaining.

Gina Flaig and Turiya Gray are amazing hosts. In every single dialogue they have, you can tell that they are having a blast talking to each other.

You can trust us when we say, their energy is infectious. They will get you invested in whatever they are discussing.

What makes HR unConfidential so awesome?

Don’t let the smooth conversations and entertaining banter fool you. It is still a very educational podcast. You will definitely learn a lot listening to Gina, Turiya, and their guests.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“It’s Complicated!” is a great episode to get into. This is a crossover episode where Gina and Turiya are joined by Theresa Shea, a legal mastermind!

Where can I listen to HR unConfidential?

You can find this podcast on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and the podcast’s website.

20. Talking HR trends with Natal and Tom

HR trends is something we are all about in the Teamflect blog! We make it our mission to stay on top of all the new HR initiatives and trends. Do you know who is much better at it than us? Natal and Tom!

This show is one of the best human resources podcasts to visit routinely if you want to stay on top of all the latest HR trends.

With 15 to 20-minute digestible episodes, this podcast serves as a quick an easy archive of guides into some of the latest HR trends and best practices.

What makes Talking HR Trends so awesome?

Podcasts are an objectively intimidating form of media to get into. They aren’t for everyone. Part of the reason for that is that they are usually very long.

Talking HR Trends brings a very digestible approach to the matter. Theirs is a very easy and newcomer-friendly podcast.

Best Episodes To Check Out:

“How to become an HR trendsetter & influencer” seems like a poetic episode for this podcast. Instead of discussing trends itself, Natal & Tom discuss trendsetting and influencing.

Where can I listen to Talking HR trends with Natal and Tom?

You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and of other platforms. 

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