Culture Amp vs Teamflect: Picking The best Performance Management Tool! – 2024

Culture Amp vs Teamflect
Culture Amp vs Teamflect

Culture Amp vs Teamflect! A clash of titans in the realm of performance management! When it comes to performance management platforms, the choice between Culture Amp vs Teamflect isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

It’s not just about checking off features on a list – it’s a nuanced decision that requires careful consideration.

In today’s market, there’s no shortage of options. The challenge lies in finding the right fit for your organization among the multitude of choices available.

Established players, specialized tools, and lesser-known gems all compete for attention, making the selection process a bit of a maze.

In this article, we’ll dive into the worlds of Culture Amp and Teamflect – two prominent contenders in the realm of performance management.

We’ll take a close look at what each platform offers, highlighting their unique strengths. Along the way, we’ll also pinpoint where Culture Amp might have its limitations, leading some to make the switch to Teamflect.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to performance management tools. Each organization is different, and what works perfectly for one might not suit another.

While comparing Culture Amp vs Teamflect provides valuable insights, remember that these comparisons offer a broader perspective rather than a tailored prescription.

With that in mind, let’s embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of Culture Amp vs Teamflect, gaining a deeper understanding of what each brings to the table in the realm of performance management.

Where Culture Amp Falls Short

Culture Amp comparison.

Now, let’s talk about some of the limitations of Culture Amp. We want to make sure we’re giving you the most comprehensive and useful information possible, so we considered a few key limitations while deciding on the Culture Amp alternatives we will mention:

A tough interface

Ease of use is an integral focus area in the discussion of Culture Amp vs Teamflect. While Culture Amp boasts an array of features and comprehensive reports, some users encounter difficulties when navigating the platform.

The intricacies of its employee engagement tools can prove perplexing, resulting in a drain on time and energy.

Limited customization options 

Critics of Culture Amp express discontent with its limited customization options. This shortfall inhibits companies from tailoring the system to suit their specific requirements, impeding effective implementation.

When we compare Culture Amp vs Teamflect, we can see that customization is an area in which Culture Amp is lacking.

Three Separate Plans

As opposed to Teamflect where all features are included in a single plan, Culture Amp divides its features across three separate plans.

While some could consider this beneficial since customers can just invest in the plans they are interested in, a lack of transparency in pricing makes the waters a tad murky.

Lack of Reporting Options

While there are many incredible Culture Amp features available to users, if we were to make a Culture Amp pros and cons list, this could quite possibly be at the top.

There are many user complaints about Culture Amp’s reporting capabilities.

Users have complained about the reporting in Culture Amp taking too long, with data exporting being especially difficult. In the discussion of Culture Amp vs Teamflect, this is another area where Culture Amp falls short.

Culture Amp Microsoft Teams Integration 

One aspect where Culture Amp stumbles is its integration capabilities. Does Culture Amp have Microsoft Teams integration?

Yes, but the integration is not as seamless as some competitors offer. The current Culture Amp Microsoft Teams integration revolves primarily around feedback functionality, with little to offer in terms of additional Culture Amp Microsoft Teams features.

Our assessment is that the Culture Amp Microsoft Teams integration falls short by primarily facilitating feedback exchange.

To fully capitalize on Culture Amp’s potential within Microsoft Teams, it might be wiser to explore alternative tools.

If more of Culture Amp’s features were to be brought into Culture Amp’s Microsoft Teams integration, then Culture Amp could become one of the best Microsoft Teams performance management tools.

No Free Trial

With so many incredible performance management tools available in today’s market, consumers want to know what they are investing in before they buy. While many Culture Amp alternatives offer free trials or versions, Culture Amp doesn’t.

And when we draw the Culture Amp vs Teamflect comparison here, this is even more of an issue, since Teamlfect offers a free plan with no time or feature limitations.

What Sets Teamflect Apart?

Culture Amp Alternative: Teamflect

So what truly sets Teamflect apart? Why are people switching from Culture Amp to Teamflect?

The Best Microsoft Teams Performance Management Software!

If you are in an organization that uses Microsoft Teams, then the best performance management software for you is definitely Teamflect. Teamflect didn’t become an official Microsoft Partner for no reason.

Teamflect’s performance management tool was designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. While its Outlook integration and browser app are perfectly fine, Teamflect is truly at peak performance inside Microsoft Teams.

Unlike Culture Amp’s Microsoft Teams integration, Teamflect brings complete functionality into Microsoft Teams. Not just feedback.

Teamflect users don’t even need to fire up the app to access some of Teamflect’s features. They can exchange feedback, set goals, create tasks, and recognize their teammates from inside Teams chat!

Simple Interface & Customizability

Teamflect’s dashboard is completely at one with Microsoft Teams. If you know your way around Teams, then you won’t need to watch a minute of tutorials to navigate Teamflect!

If tutorials are your thing, however, Teamflect has an extensive library of video tutorials and use case guides readily available and easily accessible from inside the app!

Need implementation and training support? Your customer success manager will help implement Teamflect in your organization AND train your end-users & admins for absolutely free!

Users can customize their Teamflect experience to the max! Every single one of Teamflect’s modules from performance reviews to recognitions can be customized to fit your company’s culture.


One of the most important areas where Teamflect shines in the discussion of Culture Amp vs Teamflect is that Teamflect has a free trial. Teamflect’s free version isn’t just Teamflect lite.

If you want a Culture Amp comparison, you can simply try Teamflect for free and see how it stacks up vs Culture Amp.

The free plan only limits the number of users to 10. Other than that, it has all the incredible features Teamflect Pro has.

Teamflect is completely free with full functionality for up to 10 users. This is great if you want to demo the product with a small team and get feedback before investing in it.

Culture Amp vs Teamflect

We are finally here at the head-to-head comparison of Culture Amp vs Teamflect. As two of the best performance management software available to consumers, there are both incredible Culture Amp features as well as amazing Teamflect features that any organization would be lucky to have!

So here is a direct, Culture Amp vs Teamflect comparison:

TeamflectCulture Amp
1:1’sTick buttonimage
Survey TemplatesTick buttonTick button
Goals & OKRsTick buttonimage
360 Degree FeedbackTick buttonTick button
Employee RecognitionTick buttonTick button
Compensation ManagementimageTick button
Performance ReviewsTick buttonLimited
Slack IntegrationimageTick button
Training ManagementTick buttonTick button
Microsoft Teams IntegrationLimited
Free VersionTick buttonimage

Teamflect Product Review

Culture Amp vs Teamflect: Teamflect Dashboard

As an official Microsoft partner solution, Teamflect is the last performance management application Microsoft native organizations will ever need.

Teamflect, doesn’t let its performance management features feel like a compliance exercise. Instead, everything from performance reviews, task management, and goal setting, all the way to employee recognition, remains in the flow of work, easily accessible.

With the addition of Teamflect, your Microsoft Teams becomes the only platform you need to manage, track, and evaluate employee performance.

Being integrated into Microsoft Teams, Teamflect also functions as one of the best meeting tools in the business.

Whether you are conducting a one-on-one or in a meeting with multiple people, Teamflect has customizable meeting agendas, readily available to you before, during, and after meetings.

Teamflect has plenty of customizable templates for users to implement instantly such as Feedback Templates, Performance Review Templates, and Employee Survey Templates.

Teamflect Core Features

Teamflect Pros

  • Extremely streamlined employee onboarding software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Completely free trial for up to 10 users

Teamflect Cons

  • Works best with Microsoft Teams
  • The free version is limited to 10 users
Manage performance inside Microsoft Teams
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

Culture Amp Product Review

Culture AMP is a cloud-based performance management software that helps companies with employee engagement, performance reviews and 360-degree feedback. With its innovative suite of features and tools, CultureAMP empowers you to optimize your talent management processes and drive continuous improvement.

Culture Amp offers three plans: Engage, Perform, Grow. While this may not be the best option for those looking for an all-in-one solution, these plans on their own have an incredible range of features to them.

As Culture Amp’s employee engagement plan, “Engage” offers some of the quintessential features you would look for in an employee engagement tool. Such as surveys, shoutouts, retention metrics, and employee recognition.

Most of Culture Amp’s performance management features reside in the “Perform” plan. This module enables users to manage OKRs, conduct performance reviews, and exchange 360-degree feedback, alongside various other features you would expect from performance management software.

Last but not least, “Grow” is the employee development side of Culture Amp’s features. While not as robust in the performance management side of things, this plan has an extensive library of competencies. It is a great tool for career pathing and setting development goals.

Culture Amp Core Features

  • Compensation Management
  • Customizable Review Templates
  • Training Management
  • Company Goals & OKRs
  • Historical data

Culture Amp Pros

  • A Complete Platform
  • Effective Surveys.
  • Comprehensive feedback.
  • Customization and flexibility.

Culture Amp Cons

  • Not enough functionalities compared to other software.
  • Limited integration options.
  • No free plan.

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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