Adoptions Together Success Story

  • 23rd March, 2023

Adoptions Together is an incredible nonprofit organization that builds healthy lifelong family connections for every child and advocates for continuous improvement of systems that promote the well-being of children. As their director of operations, Audra Hurd puts it: They were "built upon the principles of inclusiveness, openness, and belief that every child deserves to have a stable and loving family.” Their job is to identify children in need of parents and work together with expectant parents who are exploring adoption as well as children in the state foster care systems to identify adoptive resources. Believing that families come in many diverse forms, they seek stable, caring and attuned parents able to nurture and embrace the whole child. They also provide support for families as children mature and help navigate the unique issues of adoption. Adoptions Together is one of the many amazing nonprofit organizations that use Teamflect and we are proud to have them as a part of our community.

As Teamflect, we've always done our best to provide nonprofit organizations that have great purposes with the best performance management experience possible. With all the amazing work they are doing and the challenges they are facing day in and day out, the last thing organizations such as Adoptions Together should worry about is the efficiency of their performance management software.

"We've become more than an adoption agency. We're also doing a lot of work with public and private organizations.”

Audra Hurd testimonial face photo

Audra Hurd - Director of Operations

Hurd goes into detail on some of the wonderful work Adoptions Together does: " We're trying to help kids that are in foster care find forever homes and doing a lot of work in trauma-informed care and trauma-informed spaces, educating professionals on that kind of work." As Hurd puts it, they are "trying to work within the child welfare system, while trying to reform it at the same time, and that can be a challenge." What Adoptions Together does every single day to help children of color and LGBTQIA+ youth who are in the child welfare system is nothing short of inspiring.

While critical for professional and organizational growth, conducting mandatory performance reviews could have been a chore for such an organization. Studying neuro-leadership and understanding motivation and the social brain, the agency sought to identify and utilize a tool that would maximize engagement through the performance process. This is where Teamflect came in!

"Our previous solution was a Word document. We needed something better. We looked at a lot of different options and really what we were trying to find was a tool that could take our performance management process to the next level."

Using Word performance review templates is one of the most common practices in conducting performance reviews. That said, it doesn't mean it is an effective way of going through with your performance reviews or exchanging quality feedback. Audra goes into detail on what they wanted from their performance reviews and feedback: "Often feedback can be painful, and it can sometimes do more harm than good. So, we wanted to find a way to incorporate principles of neuro leadership and make sure that people had opportunities for growth and development and that they were having regular conversations so performance management would not be only a once-a-year thing."

This is where innovative performance review software like Teamflect can truly shine. The customizable performance review and feedback templates that Teamflect offers, not only present our users with helpful guiding questions but also lets them create their own performance review templates.

"We decided we'd try to find a tool, like Teamflect, that actually made it worthwhile instead of just a task we had to do. We used it for our performance reviews, and we got really good feedback. The questions made us think more."

Teamflect's performance review module comes fully loaded with various performance review templates, designed specifically to fit any situation. Looking to conduct exit or stay interviews? We have a template for it. Onboarding reviews for the first 30-60-90 days? We have templates ready to go!

The best part about these performance review templates is that they are fully customizable. Teamflect users can have their pick of existing questions, or put in their own multiple-choice, free-form, or rating-based questions. One thing all Teamflect performance review templates have in common and that Audra Hurd also points out is that they are all designed with employee development in mind.

"The questions were different. We asked questions about goals and things that we hadn't necessarily asked in that way before. These performance reviews made us think and were tailored to the individual employees' growth and development"