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From competency frameworks to career paths, a complete talent management platform.

Teamflect merges the worlds of performance and workforce management, empowering your employees to take charge of their future.

 scan organizational data

Structure roles and competencies organization-wide to foster clarity and transparency.

Scan your organizational chart and generate job descriptions, responsibilities, and competencies for each role in a matter of seconds with AI.

Build visible career paths to show your team the next step.

With Teamflect, you can create branching career frameworks for each role. While you show your team the transparency they deserve, they can plan their career and map out how they can best help your organization grow.

 potential next roles
key competencies in performance reviews

Guide career progressions efficiently by tracking competencies in performance reviews.

Integrate the competency framework into performance appraisals to make sure you are tracking each employee's career journey effectively.

Visualize talent management with the 9-Box Talent Grid.

Place your team individually or as a group on a customizable 9-box talent grid, integrate your analysis into performance reviews, and kickstart the succession planning process!

9 box talent grid
self development goals

Elevate performance with personalized development goals.

Set personalized, strategic development goals that resonate with each employee's career path and your organizational objectives.

positive company culture

Interactive and Integrated Career Paths That Emphasize Growth

Transparency in development opportunities and career progression is one of the best ways of keeping employees engaged in the long term. That is why your performance management solution shouldn’t just focus on evaluating performance or creating day-to-day workflows. Your performance management system should also be a hub where you can build career paths and development plans for your talent. Alongside being the best performance management solution in the Microsoft ecosystem, Teamflect is also the best career pathing software for Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

With interactive career paths, customizable competency frameworks, employee development plans that can be integrated into performance appraisals, and detailed employee profiles, Teamflect provides users with a talent mapping and career pathing tool that also happens to be right inside their favorite communication and collaboration hubs: Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Customer Success Stories

Meet some of the HR leaders who are leveraging Teamflect to craft robust performance management strategies and enhance employee engagement.

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Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together, a non-profit dedicated to building and sustaining families, enhanced their performance reviews with Teamflect.

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Nevada County

Nevada County's Information and General Services Agency keeps goals at all levels visible with Teamflect's Goals module.

Align HCM logo with background image

Align HCM

The premier human capital management firm of Canada, Align HCM, keeps everyone engaged using Teamflect.

An employee career management software is a tool that helps organizations manage the career paths of their employees. This process includes creating career paths that have the option to branch out. A career management software should also help organizations create job descriptions, responsibilities, and necessary competencies for each roles. A complete career management software should also be fully integrated into a performance management platform, helping leaders use competencies, goals, and overall progress inside performance appraisals.

  • Identify Key Roles and Skills: Map out the key roles within your organization and the skills required for each role. Understand the progression and relationship between different roles.
  • Employee Assessments: Conduct assessments to understand the skills, interests, and aspirations of your employees. This helps in aligning their career goals with organizational needs.
  • Development Opportunities: Create opportunities for learning and development that help employees gain the necessary skills for advancement. This could include training programs, workshops, mentoring, and more.
  • Path Visualization: Develop a system or tool that allows employees to visualize their career path within the organization. This should show possible next roles and the skills required to achieve them.

Yes, AI can significantly aid in building competency frameworks. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can identify skill trends, predict future competencies required in various roles, and suggest personalized competency development plans for individuals. AI can also help in assessing employee skills and competencies, thereby automating and enhancing the accuracy of the framework development process.

An employee competency framework is a structured model that outlines the specific skills, knowledge, and behaviors required for success in various roles within an organization. It serves as a foundation for hiring, training, and evaluating employees, ensuring that there is a clear understanding of what is expected in each role. The framework helps in aligning employee development with organizational goals and provides a roadmap for career advancement.

  • Identify Varied Career Goals: Understand that employees have diverse career aspirations and may wish to move laterally or change tracks entirely.
  • Role Interconnectivity: Map out how different roles within your organization are interconnected and can lead to various career opportunities.
  • Flexible Learning and Development: Offer a range of learning and development options that cater to different career paths, including cross-training in other departments.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: Encourage mentorship and coaching to guide employees in exploring and transitioning to different roles.
  • Transparent Communication: Clearly communicate the available career paths and what each path entails, helping employees make informed decisions about their career progression.

Does Teamflect have branching career paths?

Yes! Leaders using Teamflect can map out career paths for employees that can branch out into any and every direction. As a complete career management software, Teamflect also lets you create role descriptions, competencies, and responsibilities for each position on the career path.

Can I use AI for career management with Teamflect?

When you sign in with your Microsoft account, Teamflect can automatically access your organizational chart through Entra ID (formerly Azure AD). Using Teamflect's AI, you can generate job descriptions, core competencies, and key responsibilities for each position in your organization; Even those positions that haven't been filled out yet!

What is the benefit of using a career management software in Microsoft Teams?

Having your career pathing / employee career management software fully integrated into your main communication platforms, Microsoft Teams & Outlook, keeps the entire process easily accessible and completely in the flow of work. It also keeps you from having to sync your org-chart manually!

Is Teamflect a free career management software?

Teamflect is currently completely free for up to 10 users with full functionality. This means you can try Teamflect with a team, get their feedback, and decide whether or not you want to roll it out organization wide. That being said, Teamflect's paid plan has additional benefits such as advanced reporting, a dedicated customer success manager, implementation support, and more!

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