Align HCM Success Story

  • 21th August, 2023

Align HCM Streamlines Performance Management with Teamflect Integration

In the realm of human capital management, where efficiency and collaboration are paramount, Align HCM has successfully found a partner that aligns with its goals: Teamflect. Barbara Tonelli, the Director of Enablement at Align HCM, provides insights into their journey of transforming their performance management processes through Teamflect's seamless integration.

"We were looking for a tool that would help manage our performance cycle which had been completely manual to date. We came across Teamflect and loved the fact that it was fully integrated into Teams."

Barbara Tonelli testimonial face photo

Barbara Tonelli — Director of Enablement at Align HCM

Align HCM's need for an effective performance management solution led them to Teamflect. The transition from a cumbersome manual process to a streamlined digital one was a game-changer for the organization. Performance reviews, don't have to be a chore. For how crucial they are to an organization's success, performance appraisals truly get a bad reputation, simply because of how unintuitive and cumbersome the manual methods of conducting performance reviews are.

"We went through a full performance cycle with Teamflect, which was phenomenal."

The impact was palpable as Align HCM embraced Teamflect's capabilities for an entire performance cycle. The experience proved transformative for both managers and employees, delivering a centralized platform that facilitated self-reviews, 360-degree feedback, and manager assessments.

"Great experience for both our managers and our employees. We loved having everything centralized."

As a remote organization, fostering a sense of collaboration and culture is crucial. Teamflect emerged as a solution to this challenge, empowering Align HCM to readily recognize and celebrate achievements. As Barbara puts it: "It facilitated both the self-review and the 360 feedback, as well as the manager component. So really streamlined our process and made it a positive experience for everybody after that." Teamflect's capability to highlight exceptional efforts and accountability has contributed to creating a positive environment for Align HCM's remote team.

"It's really easy and intuitive to implement on your own."

Tonelli emphasizes the user-friendly nature of Teamflect, underlining how the platform's intuitiveness makes implementation a breeze. The intuitive nature of Teamflect is something we truly take pride in. There is no use in investing in software that nobody will ever use or need hours on hours of training to use to its full capacity. Your performance management software needs to be accessible, intuitive, and always in the flow of work.

"Teamflect also offered to train my end users for me. I was able to do that on my own but the fact that they were willing to jump on a call and train was very much appreciated."

Tonelli also acknowledges Teamflect's commitment to support, recounting their readiness to provide training and assistance. We are always here to help our users implement Teamflect. Whether that is through admin training, end-user training, or our extensive library of tutorials and use-case scenarios, we make sure non of our customers ever feels lost.

The experience that Align HCM had with Teamflect is truly remarkable. As Barbara Tonelli attests, they've streamlined their performance management process, eliminated manual complexities, and invigorated a sense of collaboration within their remote organization. The best part is, their Teamflect journey has just begun! They are looking forward to rolling out the Goals module next and with a Director of Enablement as incredible as Barbara, the sky is the limit for them!

In Teamflect, Align HCM found more than a performance management tool; they found a partner in their pursuit of seamless and efficient human capital management.