Confluence Success Story

  • 6th February, 2024

Confluence, a premier landscape architecture firm with a diverse presence across the Midwest, including locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas, has made significant strides in streamlining their performance reviews with Teamflect. Kathleen Carper, the Human Resources Coordinator at Confluence, shares her journey of integrating Teamflect into their operations since her start in the organization.

"It has been amazing. It's made my life a whole lot easier."

Kathleen Carper testimonial face photo

Kathleen Carper - Human Resources Coordinator

Confluence's decision to adopt Teamflect was driven by the need for a comprehensive tool that could handle various aspects of performance management seamlessly. Kathleen elaborates on the diverse uses of Teamflect within Confluence, stating, "We're using it for reviews. We are having all of our employees put goals into Teamflect... We also have done it for surveys." This multifunctionality has enabled Confluence to centralize their performance management processes, making it easier for employees across all locations to engage and align with the company's objectives.

"Both the onboarding and implementation process have been really easy. Teamflect has worked smoothly!"

One of Kathleen's first projects as a part of Confluence was to make sure Teamflect was fully implemented. This is where Teamflect being an intuitive platform truly shines. Teamflect has the highest adoption rate among its competitors for a reason. Not only is Teamflect a very easy tool for new users to learn but we also have a dedicated team that will train you, your end-users, and provide you with an extensive library of tutorial and use-case videos.

"My customer success manager is awesome. She is really quick to answer my questions. She's been fantastic!"

The success of Teamflect at Confluence is also attributed to the exceptional support provided by Teamflect's customer service. Kathleen praises her interactions with Sue, her dedicated customer success manager, "When I send her an email, she responds to me immediately. I know if I send her something, I'll hear from her within the day. She had a half-hour phone call with me when I first started... So she's been fantastic."

"I love the fact that I can send out multiple reviews, goals, surveys, and see all the data in one spot."

As a "Checklist Person", Kathleen appreciates how easy it is to keep track of everything performance management-related inside Teamflect. She states that she loves being able to check in with her team on goal progress, survey completion, reviews, or anything else.

Teamflect not only makes it easy to keep track of performance but also empowers employees to own their goals, agendas, and to-do items. Goal owners receive automated notifications to update their goal progress at intervals of their choice, without a manager having to worry about sending reminders. Whenever you want to check in with your team on how a particular task or goal is coming along, the data is right there at your fingertips at all times.

"Teamflect has definitely helped in regards to getting us away from paper."

We can't stress enough how much it means for us to help organizations move away from manual and paper-based performance evaluation processes. We believe that performance reviews, when conducted efficiently, can work wonders for an organization. So we not only wanted to simplify the entire review process but also digitize it. And according to Kathleen, we just might have hit our mark.

"It streamlines the entire process so it looks something like this: You have until this date to get this done and then it's going to go to the reviewer and they have until this date to get done and then it's going to go to the calibrator so I can give specific deadlines for things, which makes life a whole lot easier." Kathleen explains, describing one of many ways a performance review cycle can be completed inside Teamflect.

Confluence is an organization that likes to take the lead in its industry and we are proud to have the amazing Confluence team as a part of our incredible community of 1000+ forward-thinking organizations that use Teamflect to streamline performance management. We look forward to being a part of their performance management journey for years to come!