FCA Success Story

  • 17th October, 2023

FCA Keeps Employees Engaged With Teamflect

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a sports ministry that has been around for 70 years. It is an absolutely incredible organization with a mission that anyone, no matter their beliefs, can agree with. Their mission is to use the influence that sports and professional athletes possess to have a positive impact on kids. They are a massive global organization that is using the power of athletics for the good! We had the pleasure of chatting with Jason McCormick, a multi-area director within the FCA, and asked him to share his opinions and experience on using Teamflect!

"I literally spent 30, 40 hours just researching the best tools to effectively manage the staff and what we do. I came across Teamflect and I thought, okay, here is a solution!"

Jason McCormick testimonial face photo

Jason McCormick — Multi-area Director

Jason has 24 direct reports that he is responsible for and as he puts it, "It can get really daunting to try and manage all of them." Being the awesome leader that he is, he did quite a lot of digging to find the best tool to manage them. That is when he came across Teamflect."Not only does it allow me to track my team's task but it also lets me assign labels to goals and sort them out." Jason states, as one of his reasons for choosing Teamflect. And since they were already using Microsoft Teams and Outlook, it was a perfect fit.

"I felt like the implementation was pretty smooth. It's easy to work with. I love going into the system settings and customizing some of the things that we're able to do."

Leading a multigenerational team with a wide age range that reaches up to 70-year-olds, Jason single-handedly gave his team demos and went through the implementation process smoothly. Speaking further on his opinions on Teamflect, Jason adds: "Overall, I think Teamflect is brilliant. I think it's very well thought out. I think it's a gem that people really just don't even know exists if they knew it was there and they saw what it could do, I feel like a lot more people would use it.".

The ever-growing Teamflect community is 500+ organizations strong at the time of this story, and we are lucky to have such amazing individuals and organizations as a part of it.

"It's pretty brilliant the way Teamflect integrates with Microsoft 365. I didn't have to put in any of my org chart. My organizational chart was already in there, which was beautiful."

The the same way Teamflect draws your meeting data from Outlook, it also draws your org chart from Microsoft Azure. We wanted to make sure that our users didn't spend a minute of their time on lengthy and unproductive processes. They should only concern themselves with leading their team and being their awesome selves!

"I can honestly say that Teamflect is one of the best that I've ever seen in customer service. Promptness, response, adapting to what the customer needs, just brilliant when it comes to the customer approach. "

Referring to an instant where the Teamflect product team made some immediate feature additions to our tasks module following some of Jason's requests, he states: "I thought what you guys did was exceptional customer service.". What we need to point out here is that we are incredibly grateful to Jason for his input! He made Teamflect a better product!

We don't throw the word "Community" around lightly. We can't stress enough just how much the input from our users means to us. If they have a feature request, an exciting idea, or any form of criticism, we don't just add it to a future sprint or half-discuss it in a meeting. We get to work. And our product is much better for it.

We are proud to be by FCA's side as they use the power of athletics to shape young lives for the better. As their global operation keeps expanding as a force for good, we will do our best to make sure they keep having the best performance management experience possible.