Gas South Success Story

  • 16th September, 2023

Gas South Keeps Employees Engaged With Teamflect

Gas South is a natural gas company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the largest retail natural gas provider in the Southeast, serving more than 425,000 residential, commercial, and governmental customers in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Ohio. We interviewed their Director of Organizational and Community Impact, Tim Spearin, and asked him to share his experience using Teamflect to manage performance and boost engagement in Gas South!

"It's rare to find a tool that also excels at everything from engagement to performance management! "

Tim Spearin testimonial face photo

Tim Spearin — Director of Organizational and Community Impact

There are lots of options out there! What made Teamflect the right tool for Tim and Gas South was Teamflect's Microsoft Teams integration and holistic approach to performance management. As Tim puts it: "We loved that Teamflect is a one-stop shop. It's much more efficient and streamlined for a user to use Teamflect within Teams a tool that they use constantly every day for meetings."

"Teamflect has filled our need to promote more engagement between leaders and their employees."

Gas South needed a tool to foster engagement and communication. They found one in Teamflect that not only did all those things and then some more, but one that was also integrated into Microsoft Teams! "We are geographically dispersed." Tim elaborates, "So to have a Microsoft Teams-based platform that allows us to do all of those things in a very comfortable, easy way that is familiar to our employees is what we wanted and what we're getting with Teamflect.

"Being able to use the email summary of notes, and shared notes is a great way to collaborate!"

Gas South uses Teamflect primarily for coaching sessions between leaders and direct reports, making use of Teamflect's customizable meeting agendas for effective coaching meetings. Tim goes into detail about what he specifically likes about the agendas: "We love that collaborative piece to share those talking points in advance. It really helps leaders to be more thoughtful and mindful about what they want to discuss."

Tim also takes advantage of how easy it is to access previous meetings from inside Teamflect's meeting agendas to revisit previous coaching sessions! As much as we love our product, when it is in the hands of creative leaders such as Tim, it becomes something else!

"Customer service is very timely, very patient, and very helpful! "

Tim elaborates on the great relationship he has with Teamflect's support staff: "When I ask a billion questions or get confused, no one ever shows any of them any frustration.". We here at Teamflect know that asking too many questions is the sign of someone who is passionate, excited, and curious. How could not do our best to help such incredible customers?

"The training and the learning curve have been so great with Teamflect with the built-in tutorials and the videos."

While we are always eager to answer your questions at all times, we do our best to make sure you have as few of them as possible. Teamflect's intuitive design, tutorial library, and implementation support are here to make sure the implementation process goes smoothly, no matter how many users you have.

"One thing I love about the customer service at Teamflect is I have a lot of ideas for customization and they are actually listened to!"

"Usually, companies will say 'Oh yeah, we'll consider that!.' or, 'Once a year we kind of gather all of our customer's ideas.'" Tim explains as someone who has clearly been burned by this before. "Not Teamflect. I have had three or four things in the last couple of months actually change on the platform because of my suggestions.". Here at Teamflect, we see the suggestions that come from you as absolute wins.

No matter how much we work on our product, we are always amazed by the awesome feature suggestions and requests we get from our users. Especially those as knowledgeable as Tim.

Gas South and Teamflect have been going strong for some time now and they will continue to do so, together! It makes us really happy to have our software in the hands of such amazing organizations. We will continue to build our software around the feedback we receive from members of the Teamflect community and provide you with the ultimate performance management experience.