Spike Success Story

  • 21th December, 2023

Spike enable global retail brands to enjoy painless end to end digital transformation. Based in the UK, they are all about perfecting retail technology, working with well-known retail clients to ensure digital retail experiences are fast, secure and perform brilliantly. Spike’s passionate tech-savvy consultants work closely with their clients to ultimately make happy shoppers and bring business growth.

We had the chance to have a lovely chat with their incredible HR consultant, Rebecca Ives, and how Spike uses Teamflect for career and performance management!

As Spike grew, so did its need for a dynamic HR system that could adapt to its unique small-business environment. Unlike larger corporations with extensive HRIS systems, Spike required a solution that was streamlined yet comprehensive. Rebecca's search for such a tool led her to Teamflect, and with its seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and functionality tailored for SMEs, Teamflect was the perfect match for Spike!

"What stood out about Teamflect was that it was a Microsoft partner."

Rebecca Ives testimonial face photo

Rebecca Ives – HR Consultant

From day one, it was Teamflect's integration capabilities that stood out to Rebecca, as well as the fact that Teamflect is a licensed Microsoft Partner that has been featured by Microsoft on multiple different occasions. Rebecca goes into detail about her decision-making process as follows: "Teamflect being fully integrated to Office 365 rather than another tool or system that people need to log into , is what made me think: This is an interesting tool."

We here at Teamflect are strong believers in keeping the performance management platform to a single platform. Having your employees run back and forth between one tool to another isn't fair to anyone! We are beyond proud to have a like-minded HR leader in Rebecca as a member of the Teamflect community!

"Spike uses Teamflect for new starters during their probation process; From goal setting when a new employee comes in, all the way to the monthly checkpoints for both employee and manager to reflect on performance."

Rebecca has helped the team over at Spike implement Teamflect perfectly, using it to create an automated and digital probation process for new hires, goal-setting for employees connected to the company goals and regular performance reviews.

Rebecca explains how the automation process has made everything easier as follows “It is a very structured process, which is fully automated, so I don’t need to do anything. We have custom built everything in Teamflect such as the review forms with the relevant questions and then Teamflect automatically sends everything out via the automation workflows we have set up."

She then further elaborates on how they create cascading goals so everyone has a line of sight to the overall company goals, as well as automate the entire performance review process based on anniversary dates. They conduct six-month and twelve-month reviews, fully automated!

The way Rebecca has structured the probation process in her organization is an absolutely perfect use-case of Teamflect as an employee onboarding platform as well as a performance management tool.

"The automation of Teamflect is great; it's set up to run itself."

Do you know why Teamflect and Spike were such a good match? Because Rebecca and the awesome team over at Spike chose to put their people at the heart of their performance management process. That approach is what we here at Teamflect live for. That is why they found it so easy to automate the entire process.

Rebecca explains it best: "We've geared it more towards our employees, putting people at the heart of the process. Teamflect offers various options for this, which is fantastic. It's all automated, pulling data like employee hire dates directly from Microsoft settings, so we don't need to worry about it. We've built the forms, and they just run, sending notifications automatically to both employees and managers."

Digitizing your performance management process with a Microsoft native application has its perks. Perks in the shape of complete Microsoft Teams and Azure AD integration, keeping the entire process simple and digital for admins and end-users alike.

Rebecca further elaborates on this particular benefit of using Teamflect as follows: "Teamflect is completely digital, offering different back-end user profiles for the different roles within the organisation. As HR, I have global admin access, but it’s also easily accessible for our executive directors and department heads. They can readily access any performance or probation record when needed, all within Teamflect, integrated within the Teams app."

"The ease of use is clear both from a front-end and back-end perspective, particularly from an HR standpoint. It's very straightforward to change a process within Teamflect; you don't need to be an IT specialist to do so."

Rebecca explains the ease of use that comes with Teamflect as follows: "Teamflect is easy to implement and fully integrated with Microsoft, so it doesn't feel like a separate tool. This integration simplifies the process of educating stakeholders and employees, making it much easier to get them on board without requiring a full-scale implementation.".

Out of everything we discussed in our brief chat, this just might be the biggest win for us. Whenever we add a new feature to Teamflect or refine its existing capabilities, we do our best to make sure everything is intuitive and user-friendly for our admins and end-users alike.

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to have a chat with such an amazing member of the Teamflect community. Rebecca is a HR leader who inspires us to keep doing our best to make sure Teamflect is the best possible performance management solution it can be. We are beyond excited to be a part of her story with Spike!