Employee Developmental Feedback Template

This is what our employee developmental feedback template looks like inside Teamflect. You can use this template to give or request feedback inside Microsoft Teams chat or through Teamflect's feedback module. You can customize our employee developmental feedback template and change questions, question types, and scoring criteria.

Use this template in Teamflect now
teamflect employee developmental feedback template with questions
Use this template in Teamflect now

Developmental Feedback inside Microsoft Teams

There is a reason almost all of our performance review templates end with sections on employee development and our employee feedback templates are no exception. We believe that both employee feedback and employee reviews should have one central focus at heart. The Development of employees.

If we are not aiming to help our employees grow and develop over time, why are we giving them feedback anyway? Feedback is one of the most valuable investments an organization can make in its employees. That is why we wanted to create an employee feedback template, designed specifically for the purpose of focusing on employee development. Not only focusing on areas of improvement, but how that employee managed to learn and change over time. Afterall, learning is also a skill to be honed.

The purpose of employee development feedback is to provide employees with information on their strengths and areas for improvement, in order to help them grow and develop their skills and abilities in their roles. This feedback helps the employee to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and to set goals and develop plans for professional development.

It is generally given on a regular basis, such as during performance reviews or in regularly scheduled meetings. It can also be given as needed, based on the employee's specific development needs.

Employee development feedback contributes to the company by helping to improve employee performance, helping employees change their own development strategies, and shaping training strategies around employee performance. This helps the company to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve its goals.

Employee development feedback may include feedback on an employee's progress towards meeting specific goals or objectives, or feedback on soft skills such as adaptability, learning agility, and emotional intelligence that are becoming more and more important.

When writing about areas of development on a performance review, focus on specific skills or knowledge the employee can improve. Provide actionable recommendations or resources to support their development and frame the feedback constructively.

Your developmental comments for employees should always be written in a positive manner. When offering employee development feedback, you need to make sure you aren't criticizing for the sake of criticizing. Your aim should always be to foster growth.