Monthly Performance Review with Self-review

This is what our monthly performance review template with self-review looks like inside Teamflect. Teamflect users can send this template out to their direct reports across Microsoft Teams, or Outlook.

You can customize this monthly employee review template inside the Teamflect admin center and change questions, question types, review results criteria, and more!

Use this template in Teamflect now
Teamflect monthly performance review template in Microsoft Teams
Use this template in Teamflect now

Monthly Performance Review Template

For Teamflect, employee motivation is key to performing at their best. That's why we are providing this monthly performance review template: it will give managers a chance to check in with each of their employees and make sure employees know how their work is affecting the business, what they need to do to improve, and what goals they should focus on next month. The monthly performance review template is a fantastic way for employers to keep track of everything going on in their business. The monthly performance reviews can help ensure that employees are performing well but also give them an opportunity to provide feedback on how they think the company is doing overall. This way, everyone knows what they need to do and how they can improve their own performance every month.

We know these reviews can be difficult but having regular check-ins like this will help keep everyone in the loop about what's happening in the company and can help increase motivation for all employees!

The purpose of monthly performance review is to increase the motivation and productivity of the employees by evaluating their goals, job performances, contributions to the team and the company for that month.

A monthly performance review can be conducted by the company every month.

The monthly performance review contributes to the improvement of the individual and overall working performance within the company and the establishment of much healthier working relations among the employees and high motivation.

The monthly performance review focuses on the employees' goals for the current month, their goals for the coming month, job performance and achievements.

There are many different ways to conduct a monthly employee performance review. Using an employee monthly review template is one of the best ways to conduct monthly performance reviews in your organization.

The employee monthly review template inside Teamflect lets you conduct monthly performance appraisals in your organization and analyze the results through the employee monthly performance report in the Teamflect admin center.

A monthly performance review is a regular evaluation conducted by employers to assess an employee's job performance and progress on a monthly basis. It serves as a way to provide feedback, set goals, and discuss areas of improvement or recognition.