Professional Development Review

This is what our professional development review template looks like inside Teamflect. Teamflect users can send this template out to their direct reports across Microsoft Teams, or Outlook. You can customize this annual employee review template inside the Teamflect admin center and change questions, question types, review results criteria, and more!

Use this template in Teamflect now
Teamflect projessional development review template in Microsoft Teams
Use this template in Teamflect now

Professional Development Review Template

A professional development review is an important part of any company's employee retention strategy. It allows the evaluation of employees' skills and competencies, as well as their career progression and future career goals. That's why we created this professional development review template, which allows employees to assess their current career trajectory and outline the steps necessary for achieving greater success in their careers.

Teamflect's professional development review template can help conduct a review with employees in a structured manner so that everyone has the same understanding of what the purpose of the evaluation is and how it will be carried out.

We believe that making individual-based evaluations with our professional development review will help employees achieve greater success in their current roles and set them up for future career plans and goals.

The purpose of the professional development review is to increase the motivation of the employees, improve their job skills, determine the opportunities for career development and maintain their well-being at work by making individual-based evaluations instead of goal based reviews.

Companies generally conduct professional development reviews once a month or quarterly.

Professional development review contributes significantly to the achievement of professional development goals of employees and to increase employee motivation. More motivated and more skilled employees have a better chance of achieving greater success.

The personal development review focuses on the professional development activities that the employee can do, the future career plans and goals of the employee, and what skills can be developed with the support of a mentor.

In the context of professional development review, PDR stands for Performance Development Review. A Performance Development Review is a structured process in which an individual evaluates their own professional growth, sets goals for improvement, and discusses their progress with a supervisor or manager.