Exit Survey Template

This is what our exit survey template looks like inside Teamflect. Teamflect users can send this template organization-wide across Microsoft Teams, or Outlook. You can customize this exit survey template inside the Teamflect admin center and add your own custom question sets.

Use this template in Teamflect now
teamflect exit survey template with questions
Use this template in Teamflect now

Gather Key Insight Through Exit Surveys

An employee leaving is never a fun occasion. Yet there is always something to take away from it. Whether it is a short-term member of a team leaving or a veteran about to retire, you can always find a lesson to be learned from said departure. This is where our employee exit survey templates come in. Letting you conduct employee exit surveys in a matter of minutes, our employee exit interview survey template will help you gather the feedback you need to reduce your turnover rates while sending those employee retention rates sky-high!

An exit survey is a questionnaire or feedback mechanism conducted when an employee leaves an organization voluntarily or involuntarily. It helps organizations gather insights on employee turnover and retention.

There are many different ways to conduct an exit survey. Convenience and reporting are two key areas here. Your survey should be easy to distribute and easy to analyze.

That is why using an employee survey tool such as Teamflect can really help. Being a survey tool for Microsoft Teams, Teamflect lets users conduct surveys inside Teams instantly. Teamflect then converts those survey results into easily analyzable reports.

The four central goals of an exit survey can be identified as the following:

• Understand reasons for leaving

• Identify areas for improvement

• Retain valuable employees

• Enhance organizational culture.

Highlighting why employees are leaving and improving on the areas that cause employee turnover, lets organizations retain valuable employees and promote a positive organizational culture.

Employee exit surveys have many benefits, including:

• Providing employers with insights on employee turnover.

• Giving leaders feedback on issues such as organizational culture or any other problematic issue that might have caused an employee to leave.

• Identifying problem patterns and eliminating them in order to increase employee retention.

When you are creating an employee exit interview questionnaire, it is key to come up with sample employee exit interview questions that will be easy to analyze and will help the company grow in the long run. Your exit survey template should help your organization learn and grow from each departure.

Here are some sample employee exit survey questions that you can include in an employee exit survey template:

• What prompted your decision to leave the company?

• Were there any specific issues or concerns that led to your departure?

• Did the job meet your expectations? If not, what were the gaps?

• Were there any missed opportunities or initiatives that you think the company should have pursued?

• Did you have opportunities for advancement and growth within the company?

• Were you satisfied with the support and resources provided by the company?

• How would you rate the quality of communication within the company?

An employee exit survey template should be made up of around 10 employee exit survey template questions. The number of sample employee exit survey template questions can change depending on factors such as company culture, objectives of the employee exit interview, and the circumstances of departure.