10 Awesome Employee Feedback Templates

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It’s no secret that regular feedback is essential for a healthy workplace culture. When employees receive regular feedback from their managers through feedback templates, they not only know what they are doing well but also have a clear understanding of areas that require improvement.  

Employee feedback is also beneficial for managers and organizations. With regular feedback, managers can identify areas where employees need support and tailor their approach to help individuals achieve their goals. This helps organizations improve employee retention, productivity, and overall success. 

That’s not all! In addition to improving employee performance, feedback can also help to foster a culture of open communication and trust within an organization.

When employees feel heard and valued, they are more likely to share their thoughts and ideas with their colleagues and managers, creating a healthy and open workplace.  

Ultimately, the importance of employee feedback cannot be overstated. Regular feedback is critical for employees, managers, and organizations to grow, improve, and achieve their goals.

So, let’s dive into some awesome feedback templates that can help you provide your employees with the feedback they need to succeed. 

Using Feedback Software

We don’t know about you, but we’re done with manual feedback processes that are time-consuming and inefficient. That’s why we’ve upgraded to using a feedback software! Feedback software can help streamline the feedback process and give valuable insights to improve employee performance and organizational success. 

Using a feedback software offers a range of benefits, such as saving time, increasing efficiency, improving communication, and providing actionable insights.

With a feedback software, you can easily create and distribute feedback templates, track progress, and generate reports to analyze performance trends and identify areas for improvement.

When it comes to seamless integration combined with flawless feedback cycles, Teamflect is the best feedback software out in the market. Teamflect is an all-in-one performance management software that is designed in integration with Microsoft Teams.

With a range of features such as customizable templates, automated reminders, real-time feedback, and data analytics, Teamflect gives you the whole package without leaving Microsoft Teams! 

With Teamflect, you can create and manage feedback loops for individuals, teams, and entire organizations, all in one central platform. 

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Teamflect’s feedback module

Using Teamflect, you can easily create feedback templates for all types of feedback, including peer feedback, 360-degree feedback, and self-assessment. You can also set up automated reminders to ensure that all feedback is submitted on time and track progress in real-time.

Moreover, Teamflect solves the annoying data analyzing step of the feedback cycles! Teamflect’s data analytics feature allows you to generate Power BI reports and analyze performance trends across the organization, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time. 

Here are some more features of Teamflect: 

  • Offers ongoing feedback to ease continuous improvement. 
  • Merges the entire performance management process into a single application. 
  • Facilitates one-on-one meetings, with tools for assigning tasks and taking notes
  • Has a user-friendly design 
  • Extensive feedback template gallery
  • Enables customization and automation of review cycles through pre-built templates. 
  • Offers an extremely streamlined experience for efficient performance management. 
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10 Amazing Feedback Templates

1. Behavioral Feedback Template 

Let’s dive into the first awesome feedback template on our list: the behavioral feedback template! 

First, let’s start with a quick description of the behavioral feedback template. This template focuses on specific behaviors you observed in your team members and provides feedback on how those behaviors affected their performance.

By focusing on behaviors rather than personality traits or generalizations, this template helps to keep feedback objective and actionable. 

When providing feedback using the behavioral feedback template, start by describing the behavior you observed and be specific and avoid generalizations.

Next, explain how that behavior impacted the team member’s performance, either positively or negatively. Finally, provide suggestions or guidance on how the team members can continue to improve their performance. 

Using a Behavioral Feedback Template can provide many benefits for both you and your team members. Focusing on specific behaviors and giving actionable and prompt feedback helps your team members understand exactly what they need to do to improve their performance. 

2. Performance Feedback Template 

Up next, we have the performance feedback template –another awesome feedback template that can help you provide meaningful feedback to your employees. 

A performance feedback template is a pre-designed form that allows you to assess your employee’s performance over a specific period, typically annually or bi-annually.

It typically includes questions that address specific areas such as job responsibilities, goals, and achievements. 

One of the biggest benefits of using a performance review form is that it provides a structured and objective approach to feedback. Everybody deserves an objective and fair evaluation, and performance review feedback is here to help!  

Performance review forms also encourage goal-setting and development planning. Since performance feedback forms include questions about the completed goals, they open a way for discussing your employee’s goals and aspirations.

You can help your employees to develop a plan for growth and development and provide the support they need to achieve their goals. 

3. Employee Developmental Feedback Template 

The employee developmental feedback template is designed to help managers give constructive feedback to their team members that encourages growth and development. It focuses on finding areas where the team members can improve and gives suggestions and resources to help them get there. 

Employee developmental feedback is generally given regularly, such as during performance reviews or regularly scheduled meetings. You can also give developmental feedback as needed, based on the employee’s specific development needs. 

The benefits of using an employee developmental feedback template are immense! When you focus on growth and development, team members feel valued—and their increased motivation often leads to improved job satisfaction. 

Giving developmental feedback also helps build trust and strengthen relationships between managers and their team. By showing that you are invested in their growth and success, you can create a positive and supportive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. 

4. 360-Degree Feedback Template 

It’s time to talk about another feedback template that can help you and your team members grow and improve – the 360-degree feedback template! 

This template is unique because it involves feedback from multiple sources, including the team members, their managers, their peers, and even their customers or clients. This comprehensive approach supplies a well-rounded view of the team member’s performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. 

One of the biggest benefits of using a 360 Degree Feedback Template is the holistic view it provides of the team member’s performance. The feedback from different sources can help find strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots that may not be visible from a single perspective. 

Another benefit of this template is its potential to promote self-awareness and personal growth for the team member. Seeing yourself from multiple perspectives can be eye opening, helping you gain insights into your behavior and make informed decisions to improve your performance. 

5. Leadership Skills Feedback Template 

Next up, we have leadership skills feedback template! This template is designed to provide employees and managers with information on how their leadership abilities are perceived by others and to help them understand the impact of their leadership at work. It’s important to note that leadership skills can apply to anyone, not just those in formal leadership positions. 

So, why should you give leadership skills feedback? One of the benefits of using the leadership skills feedback template is that it can help team members develop their leadership skills, regardless of their position in the company.

Your new leaders can grow within your own organization, and you can monitor the progress of your employees easily with this template. In addition, giving feedback on leadership skills can help team members understand how they are perceived by others, which can lead to increased self-awareness and personal growth. 

6. Peer Feedback Template 

Peer feedback template is designed to gather feedback from a team member’s peers, providing a unique perspective on their performance and behavior in the workplace. 

Peer feedback template is useful when done correctly since it allows team members to get a sense of how their peers perceive their performance, which leads to increased self-awareness, personal and professional growth.

Getting feedback from peers can help find blind spots and areas for improvement that may not be clear from a manager’s perspective. After all, we’re all more relaxed and open when talking to a peer than a manager.  

Peer feedback template builds a culture of open communication and trust within the team. By encouraging peers to give feedback, you can create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, leading to better collaboration and teamwork. 

7. Exit Interview Template 

Exit interview template might be the most different template on our list –this feedback is gathered from employees that are leaving your company. You might think “If they are leaving, they cannot add anything to my organization!” but you are very wrong!

This template is used to gather feedback from employees who are leaving the company, giving you valuable insights into their experience and reasons for leaving. 

Exit interview template allows you to gather feedback from employees who may be more candid about their experience since they are no longer employed with the company.

This valuable feedback can help find areas for improvement, including issues with management, company culture, or compensation and benefits. 

8. Goal Oriented Feedback Template

Goal oriented feedback template is used for giving feedback focused on achieving specific goals, making it an excellent tool for performance management and development. 

To use the goal-oriented feedback template, start by finding the specific goals you want to give feedback on, such as increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction, or enhancing teamwork.

Then, provide the template to the employee or team member and ask them to reflect on their performance in relation to those goals. The right template should include questions that prompt the employee to give feedback on their progress towards the goals, what they have learned, and what actions they plan to take to achieve them. 

One of the benefits of using the goal-oriented feedback template is that it helps to keep employees focused on their goals and progress towards them. When employees receive feedback that is related to specific goals, they tend to become more enthusiastic and involved in their tasks, which can enhance their productivity and yield better outcomes. 

9. Self-Assessment Feedback Template 

Self-review is one of the most overlooked parts of feedback and performance review cycles. But we believe in the power of self-assessment in professional development! This template is designed for employees to assess their own performance and gather feedback on areas where they can improve. 

One of the best sides of using the self-assessment feedback template is that it promotes self-reflection and self-awareness. Evaluating yourself helps you to improve and take ownership of your professional development as an employee. 

10. Project Based Feedback Template

Are you looking for feedback on project-based work that covers all key areas, from goals and milestones to communication and problem-solving? The project-based feedback template is the perfect tool for the job! 

This template is designed to help managers and team leaders give feedback on all aspects of a project, including goals, milestones, timelines, budget, quality, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and adherence to project management cycles and company policies and procedures. 

Another important aspect of the template is its focus on teamwork and leadership. You can use the template to provide feedback on the performance of individual team members and the team, which helps to clear out areas where individual team members may need additional support or training and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the team overall. 

Benefits of Using Feedback Templates 

Now that we’ve established the importance of employee feedback, let’s talk about the benefits of using feedback templates. 

First of all, feedback templates are a time-saver! Using pre-designed templates ensures that you cover all the necessary areas for feedback and don’t miss any critical points in the meantime. You can focus more on providing meaningful feedback rather than worrying about the structure and format when using feedback templates. 

Another benefit of using feedback templates is consistency. Templates are a great way to make sure that all employees receive the same type of feedback, and that feedback is delivered in a standard way. Being objective and eliminating bias is crucial for creating a workplace where your emplyoees trust and respect you and each other.  

And finally –feedback templates provide a useful framework for both managers and employees. You cannot be expected to keep every question type in mind as a manager, and using a feedback template solves this in a heartbeat!

Feedback templates help managers to organize their thoughts and ensure they cover all the necessary points in their feedback –and for employees, using feedback templates clarify expectations and provide a clear roadmap for growth and development. 


In conclusion, employee feedback is an essential tool for improving performance, enhancing communication, and achieving organizational success. Without feedback, employees may not know what they are doing well or where they need to improve, which can lead to frustration, disengagement, and even turnover.

Feedback templates and feedback software can help streamline the feedback process and make it more effective and efficient. With customizable templates and real-time tracking, feedback becomes easier to manage and more impactful.

At this point, we hope you can see the benefits of using feedback templates and feedback software to improve your organization’s performance. By incorporating feedback into your performance management strategy, you can create a culture of continuous improvement, engagement, and collaboration.

As a final thought, we recommend that you consider scheduling a demo with Teamflect to see firsthand how our feedback software can help your organization achieve its goals.

With its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and outstanding support, Teamflect is the perfect solution for all your feedback needs.

So why wait? Sign up now for a demo and discover how Teamflect can help you take your feedback process to the next level!

Written by Ezgi Cullu

Ezgi is a content writer and HR enthusiast working in Teamflect. Her goal is to provide creative uptakes on HR trends all over the world as a Gen-Z employee.

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