15 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters (Free & Paid)

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Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers out there, and comes with various extensions to make things easier for their users. Implementing Chrome extensions for recruiters on your browser is a great way to power up your everyday practices as an HR professional.

As time changes, so do the technology and tools we need. In today’s world where we can automate almost anything with the rise of AI in HR, Chrome extensions can become your small-but-handy helpers. That’s why today, we’ll talk about top Chrome extensions, their features and prices for our beloved HR professionals!

Why Use A Chrome Extension For HR?

If you’re using Google Chrome as your main browser and work in an HR team, you should include Chrome extensions for HR in your daily tasks! Why, are you asking? Because you can automate your daily repetitive tasks, speed up the recruiting and hiring processes, and streamline tedious document work with the add-ons you choose from the wide array of Chrome extensions.

HR automation is an important update in the industry and we think HR teams should implement it through HR analytics software, Chrome extensions for recruiters, and anything from endless options offered.

As an HR professional, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to recruiting, hiring, document work, and the overall goals of the department.

If your web browser can make things easier, why wouldn’t you consider using it? Chrome extensions for recruiters help you save time -even if it’s just 5 minutes- and saves you from the boredom that comes with mundane tasks.

Extension nameBest forPrice
GrammarlyProofreading documents $12.00 per user/month
CalendlyScheduling meetings$8.00 per user/month
TodoistTask management$4.00 per user/month
StayFocusdTime managementFree
LastPassPassword security$3.90 per user/month
DocuSignE-signature$10.00 per month
Toggl TrackTime tracking$9.00 per user/month
ClockifyProject managementFree
AdblockSafe browsing$1.99 per month
RightInboxE-mail management $7.95 per month
RocketReachFinding e-mail leads$53.00 per month
ScribeTranscripting videos$12.00 per month
Dux-soupLinkedin automation$11.25 per month
hireEZCandidate sourcing

Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters

1. Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Chrome extensions for recruiters

Working for an HR department means writing e-mails. Hundreds of them. You might not think about grammar while writing an e-mail to your work bestie, but the situation changes when it comes to contacting a potential candidate or your manager. That’s where Grammarly, which is one of the best Chrome extensions for recruiters comes to mind!

Grammarly is a popular and highly regarded Chrome extension designed to improve communication across various platforms. Whether you’re crafting an email, composing a document, or writing a social media post, Grammarly acts as your personal writing assistant and offers real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks.

Beyond basic proofreading, it goes a step further by providing advanced Grammarly features for sentence structure, word choice, and clarity, ultimately helping you to create polished and professional content.

Grammarly Pricing: Starting from $12.00 per user/month with a limited free option

2. Calendly Chrome Extension

Calendly Chrome extensions for recruiters

If you’re one of the recruiters in your HR team, Calendly Chrome extension will become your best friend. Recruiters have lots of meetings to set, both in the organization and with the candidates they will interview. Calendly is a Chrome extension that streamlines the boring scheduling process for HR professionals.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various calendar platforms, the recruiter extension simplifies the task of setting up meetings and interviews.

Calendly eliminates the back-and-forth email exchanges that often accompany scheduling, saving time and effort for both HR professionals and the participants involved.

As an HR professional, you no longer need to coordinate schedules manually, as participants can view your availability and book appointments at your convenience.

Having this enhanced flexibility accommodates diverse time zones and work schedules, making it particularly beneficial for organizations with a global presence or remote workforce.

Calendly Pricing: Starting from $8.00 per user/month with a limited free option

3. Todoist Chrome Extension

Todoist Chrome extensions for recruiters

Task management is a key component of every department, including HR. Using your favorite task management software inside Google Chrome doesn’t sound that bad, right? Todoist is a well-known task management software, and luckily offers a Chrome extension for HR teams to implement!

Todoist Chrome extension serves as a digital to-do list, allowing you to prioritize tasks, set reminders, and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly, all within the convenience of your Chrome browser.

Todoist’s key features include task creation, due date assignment, priority settings, and project organization. You can break down complex projects into manageable sub-tasks, assign deadlines, and categorize them under relevant projects or labels using Todoist.

Todoist Pricing: Starting from $4.00 per user/month with a limited free option

4. StayFocusd Chrome Extension

StayFocusd Chrome extensions for recruiters

Worried about distractions of the endless Internet? StayFocusd is here to help! StayFocusd is one of the top Chrome extensions designed to help you combat online distractions and boost productivity.

With the ever-increasing digital distractions in the workplace, you can easily find yourself spending valuable work hours on non-work-related websites or social media platforms.

Using the features of StayFocusd, you can set limits on the time you spend on distracting websites of your choice. Great news is, StayFocusd is among the free Chrome extensions you can enjoy without thinking about having an extra budget!

StayFocusd Chrome extension could help you maintain a healthier work-life balance. The extension encourages HR professionals to be more mindful of their online habits, limiting the temptation to check personal social media accounts or entertainment websites during working hours.

Having a separation between work and personal browsing fosters greater focus and efficiency in HR-related tasks.

StayFocusd Pricing: Free

5. LastPass Chrome Extension

LastPass Chrome extensions for recruiters

The importance of password management and security can easily be overseen, but it is crucial to protect passwords throughout your organization.

As one of the top Chrome extensions for HR and businesses overall, LastPass provides a secure password vault, offering a simple yet effective solution to the challenges of password management.

LastPass stores encrypted passwords and login credentials in a secure vault protected by a master password. Once installed, the extension seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser, making it effortless to manage and access passwords across various websites and platforms.

LastPass Chrome extension also offers features like automatic form filling, password generation, and secure note storage, making it a comprehensive password management solution for HR professionals and beyond.

LastPass Pricing: Starting from $3.90 per user/month

6. DocuSign Chrome Extension

DocuSign Chrome extensions for recruiters

Signing hundreds of documents in an ordinary day is the truth of being a recruiter. A new hire comes with lots of paperwork that needs to be done by HR professionals.

If you’re tired of signing e-documents manually, DocuSign Chrome extension can change that. As an all-in-one document management platform, DocuSign features offers a Chrome extension for recruiters that lets you easily e-sign any document found on Google Chrome.

This Google Chrome extension for recruiters integrates directly into the Chrome browser, providing a user-friendly interface for signing and managing documents. You can easily add signature fields, initials, checkboxes, and other required information to the document, making it interactive and straightforward for all parties involved.

DocuSign Pricing: Starting from $10.00 per month with a limited free version

7. Toggl Track Chrome Extension

Toggl Track Chrome extensions for recruiters

Toggl Track is a Chrome extension designed for time tracking and productivity management. As HR responsibilities include various tasks, from recruitment and employee development to payroll processing, effectively managing time becomes essential for maintaining productivity and meeting deadlines.

Toggl Track features a great solution with a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it easy for HR professionals to start tracking their time instantly.

The recruiter extension allows you to create projects, assign specific tasks, and log time entries with just a few clicks. You can also enjoy Toggl Track’s comprehensive reports and visualizations, helping you to analyze time allocation and optimize your workflows.

Toggl Track Pricing: Starting from $9.00 per month with a limited free version

8. Clockify Chrome Extension

Clockify Chrome extensions for recruiters

Clockify is among time-tracking Chrome extensions for recruiters, with a difference: it’s one of the completely free Chrome extensions out there in the market. Clockify has a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser.

You can easily create time entries, categorize tasks under specific projects, and assign them to team members alongside detailed reports and insights.

You can even use Clockify features as a project management software equivalent, as it offers task-assigning and project-creating options inside Chrome. We know HR professionals have a lot on their hands. As one of the free chrome extensions for recruiters, Clockify divides your time into different portions.

Clockify Pricing: Free

9. Adblock Chrome Extension

Adblock Chrome extensions for recruiters

Our next suggestion for Chrome extensions is not just for HR professionals, but for everday use. As an HR professional, we’re 100% positive that you’re facing websites full of annoying advertisements popping up from every corner. Adblock is as straightforward as its name, it’s a Chrome extension to block ads on websites you visit.

Adblock features a comprehensive range of functionalities that make it one of the best Chrome extensions for recruiters. Once installed, the Adblock Chrome extension runs silently in the background, automatically identifying and blocking various types of ads across websites.

The tool efficiently filters out ads based on pre-defined rules and custom filters, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted browsing session.

Adblock Pricing: Starting from $1.99 per month with a limited free version

10. MightyText Chrome Extension

MightyText Chrome extensions for recruiters

Let’s go back to Chrome extensions for HR, specifically. If you’re communicating via SMS in your department or with your candidates, MightyText is a free Chrome extension that offers seamless SMS management.

MightyText serves as a bridge between mobile devices and the Chrome browser, allowing HR professionals to send and receive SMS messages directly from their computers.

MightyText features a user-friendly interface that syncs with Android phones, helping you to access their text messages conveniently through their Chrome browser.

Among recruiting chrome extensions, MightText is useful for mirroring text conversations from a mobile device to a computer, providing real-time updates and notifications. HR professionals can compose, read, and respond to SMS messages without the need to switch between devices.

MightyText Pricing: Free

11. RightInbox Chrome Extension

RightInbox Chrome extensions for recruiters

As one of the popular Google Chrome extensions for recruiters designed specifically for Gmail, RightInbox provides email scheduling and tracking with various features and functionalities to enhance email management and productivity.

RightInbox enhances email management and efficiency through various functionalities. With email scheduling, you can set those interview emails to be sent later, providing flexibility and better timing for their communications.

The email tracking Right Inbox feature offers read receipts and email open tracking, letting you know when your messages are accessed by recipients.

RightInbox Pricing: Starting from $7.95 per month with a limited free version

12. RocketReach Chrome Extension

RocketReach Chrome extensions for recruiters

If you’re constantly on the search for new candidates and their contact info, RocketReach is a great plug-in for you! RocketReach is one of the best Chrome Extensions for recruiters that is designed to help HR professionals and businesses in their sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts.

Its primary function is to assist users in finding email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles of professionals and companies.

One of RocketReach’s key features is its Email Lookup tool, which helps you search for the email addresses of specific individuals or companies by simply entering their names and domains.

The platform also has a Phone Number Lookup feature, enabling you to access phone numbers associated with professionals or businesses.

RocketReach Pricing: Starting from $53.00 per month with a limited free version

13. Scribe Chrome Extension

Scribe Chrome extensions for recruiters

Scribe Chrome extension is a tool for creating comprehensive how-to guides. Scribe offers self-generated guides that provide step-by-step instructions on everything related to the platform, be it software setup or customizing permissions for team members.

You can automate the process of creating user manuals, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks. Simply hit the Record button, and Scribe will collect, transcript, and create documentation accordingly.

You have the flexibility to embed your Scribes into any database or share them with others. And don’t worry if you don’t have an existing database of information; Scribe’s interface features a shared dashboard where you and your team can add Scribes to Scribe Pages, categorize instructions into folders, set permissions, and much more.

Scribe Pricing: Starting from $12.00 per user/month with a limited free version

14. Dux-Soup Chrome Extension

Dux-Soup Chrome extensions for recruiters

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool and a Chrome extension designed to help LinkedIn users automate certain tasks and interactions on the platform, primarily for lead generation and networking purposes.

We know that lead generation is not necessarily an HR professional’s job, but visiting and networking with specific LinkedIn users is a great way to find new hires and stay connected.

One of the key functionalities of Dux-Soup is its automated profile visits. You can program the tool to visit targeted LinkedIn profiles on your behalf by defining specific search criteria. Automating profile viewing can potentially attract reciprocated profile visits, increasing visibility and engagement with your LinkedIn presence.

The tool’s automated connection requests feature is another powerful aspect of Dux-Soup. You can personalize and send connection requests to individuals based on their defined criteria, making it easier to expand their professional network and connect with relevant contacts.

Dux-Soup Pricing: Starting from $11.25 per month with a limited free version

15. hireEZ Chrome Extension

hireEZ Chrome extensions for recruiters

hireez Chrome extension, or known before as Hiretual, is a talent sourcing and recruitment tool widely used by recruiters and HR professionals to streamline the candidate sourcing process. Powered by AI and machine learning algorithms, hireEZ Chrome extension is designed to increase the efficiency of finding and engaging with potential job candidates.

The platform scours the internet and various online sources, including professional networks and social media platforms, to aggregate candidate data. hireEZ can efficiently match candidates with specific job requirements, providing recruiters with a curated pool of suitable candidates.

In addition to sourcing candidates, hireEZ has features that increase candidate engagement. Recruiters can use this Chrome extension for HR to communicate with potential candidates, enabling them to nurture relationships and build rapport.

hireEZ Pricing: Contact vendor


As HR professionals, using the right tools in your organization can make a significant difference in managing the complexities of modern HR responsibilities. The top Chrome extensions for HR mentioned above have a range of features and benefits to help optimize your HR workflows.

If you’re looking for a way to update your Chrome browser to enhance time management, improve communication, and create a more streamlined and efficient approach to various HR tasks, you can use one of our suggested extensions!

We recommend embracing technology to your advantage and experimenting with these Chrome extensions to discover the ones that best suit your specific HR needs. Until next time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Chrome Extension for HR?

If you’re using Google Chrome as your main browser and work in an HR team, you should include Chrome extensions for HR in your daily tasks! Why, are you asking? Because you can automate your daily repetitive tasks, speed up the recruiting and hiring processes, and streamline tedious document work with the add-ons you choose from the wide array of Chrome extensions.

HR automation is an important update in the industry and we think HR teams should implement it through HR analytics software, Chrome extensions for recruiters, and anything from the endless options offered.

What are the best Chrome extensions for recruiters?

Toggl Track

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