What to Look for in OKR Software: 5 Key Features!

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What to look for in OKR software? Lets start with an even simpler question: How did the neverending search for the best okr software begin? John Doerr introduced OKRs to Google in 1999 and no one batted an eye. After 10+ quiet years, he unveiled his work in Measure What Matters (2017) and the end result was a full-on OKR craze with everyone and their grandmothers trying to get in on the objectives and key results game.

Today, we have more OKR tools claiming to be the best OKR software around then companies who are planning to actually use OKRs as a model. While that is obviously an exaggeration, you get the idea.

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We have also previously listed some of the best OKR software for startups in other articles.

Today, however, the name of the game is: Before you buy!

As we’ve said a moment ago, there are many OKR tools out there, claiming to be the best OKR software money can buy and some of them actually have some decent arguments. The real trick is knowing what to look for in OKR software.

So in this article, we will be covering some of the key features you should look for before you invest in OKR software. Let’s go!

What To Look For In OKR Software?

1. Simple user interface and experience

What To Look For In OKR Software A performance management tool goal setting screen
You’ve never seen this dashboard before. But you can easily tell where you need to click.

When it comes to choosing the right OKR software,nay, the best OKR software, user interface and experience should be a key consideration. After all, if the software is difficult to use, it’s unlikely that your team members will use it effectively. A good user interface should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

Think about it like a well-organized kitchen. When you walk into a complete stranger’s kitchen, if it is well organized, chances are you will have a pretty easy time finding where all the glasses are.

That is how the best OKR software should present itself. Tutorials should exist and they are always a plus but they shouldn’t be needed. If the dashboard and user interface are intuitive enough, your users will be able to navigate it on their own.

When evaluating an OKR software’s user interface, look for things like a clear layout, easily accessible menus and buttons, and helpful tooltips or hints. It’s also important to consider the design and layout of the software – is it visually appealing? Does it make it easy to see your progress toward your goals?

2. Compatibility with existing tools

If you are looking for the best OKR software, chances are, it is neither the first software you’ll be implementing nor the last. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of multiple software. The problem begins, however, when your employees start having to go back and forth between one tool and another.

If your team is having to close their communications channel to first visit their employee engagement software, before heading to their task software to check on their tasks, and then finally firing up their OKR software to set goals and objectives, you might be doing something wrong here.

For example: If you’re using Microsoft Teams as your main communication platform, then you better make sure your OKR software has a strong Microsoft Teams integration.

It goes without saying that this advice goes for more than just OKR tools. If you are looking to implement project management software, then you better make sure you go with one that would constitute a Microsoft Teams project management software and integrate well with your other tools.

By choosing an OKR software that is compatible with your existing tools, you’ll be able to introduce it into your workflow seamlessly, without disrupting the tools and processes that your team is already familiar with.

3. Customization options

What To Look For In OKR Software: Teamflect engagement survey screen with customizable templates

Throughout this article, we toyed with the term “Best OKR Software”. While that sounds interesting, the truth is: It is impossible to pick the single best OKR software. Each organization has different needs and the best OKR software for each organization will be different.

That being said, your OKR software of choice shouldn’t be rigid. It should adapt to your needs. Afterall, everyone sets goals in their own unique way.

While selecting an OKR software, evaluate its customization options, and consider the level of flexibility that is available. The more customization options the tool provides, the more likely it is that it will meet your organization’s specific needs.

In selecting an OKR software with robust customization options, you can tailor it to your unique workflows, increasing adoption and ensuring the success of your OKR implementation.

4. Reporting capabilities

When talking about what to look for in OKR software one of the key aspects you should be on the look out for is reporting capabilities. Your OKR tool telling should be able to let you set goals and track them. Yes, that is true. That being said, your OKR software should also be presenting you with detailed reports on topics such as goal completion rates.

Reports like these can prove incredibly useful as you are going into performance reviews or if you have set goals in bulk and are looking for a way to check on all of them. Reports are one of the most important areas we can cover when discussing what to look for in OKR software, because they allow you to examine your OKR strategy, and make adjustments if necessary.

5. Collaboration and communication features

Individual goals are extremely important. We all know that. Group goals, however, are where the real money is! Your OKR software should allow your team to work on goals together working asynchronously or in unison. Because…

A great OKR software should be a hub for teamwork!

It should make it easy for your team to work together and communicate seamlessly. Collaboration features like shared calendars, progress updates, and commenting functionality can ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

Imagine being able to quickly assign tasks, delegate responsibilities, and share progress updates all in one place. It’s the kind of streamlined collaboration that can take your team’s performance to new heights.

Here is the thing, you can do all of that and more with…


Teamflect App Screenshot

If you are an organization that uses Microsoft Teams on a daily basis then Teamflect is the best OKR software for you. Teamflect is a complete performance management platform with an incredibly strong OKRs module.

Teamflect users can set goals without ever having to leave Teams chat, let alone the app itself. Some other features include:

  • Commenting on goals.
  • Customizable goal labels.
  • Uploading files inside goals.
  • Automated goal check-ins.
  • Custom goal measurement rates.
  • And more!

Are OKR Tools Worth It?

Are OKR tools actually beneficial? What are the benefits of OKR software? A decent OKR software that fits your organization’s needs is definitely worth the investment. Some of the core benefits provided by the best OKR software in the market today include:

1. Streamlined Processes

OKR software provides a centralized platform for setting and tracking goals, making it easier for teams to align and work towards the same objectives. They provide users with incredible goal setting templates that help to streamline processes and reduce confusion, making it easier for everyone to stay on the same page.

2. Improved Communication and Collaboration

Many OKR tools include features that enable easy communication and collaboration among team members. By providing a space for team members to discuss progress, ask questions, and share insights, these tools can help to improve communication and collaboration within the organization.

3. Increased Productivity

OKR software can help to increase productivity by providing a clear roadmap for achieving objectives. By breaking down objectives into smaller, more manageable goals, teams can focus their efforts and make progress more quickly. When measuring productivity, goal completion rates can be seen as one of the most important employee performance metrics there is.

4. Data Visualization and Reporting

What To Look For In OKR Software? Reporting capabilities of Teamflect
Teamflect provides users with detailed Power BI reports on all of its modules, including OKRs.

Many OKR tools offer features that allow companies to track progress and visualize data in real-time. Effective reporting can provide valuable insights into performance and help businesses make more informed decisions. OKR tools such as Teamflect which also function as HR analytics software provide users with tremendously detailed and useful reports.

What To Look For In OKR Software: teamflect goal okr example with two subgoals and update progress buttons
Teamflect offers automated check-ins, as well as goals aligned with sub-goals and tasks!

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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