Best Microsoft Teams Collaboration Features: Loop Component, Polls, and More!

Microsoft Teams Collaboration Features

Microsoft Teams isn’t just an app for video chats. It is, in fact, one of the best collaboration platforms you can come across. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the must-know Microsoft Teams collaboration features that can transform the way you work with your colleagues. We’ll talk about the loop component for real-time collaboration, an easy way of conducting polls and surveys, and even enjoying shared video experiences. Let’s dive in!

Best Microsoft Teams Collaboration Features

The Loop Component: Real-time Collaboration Made Easy

microsoft teams collaboration features loop component
The Loop components in Teams chat

The Loop component is a game-changer when it comes to collaborating with others inside Teams chat. Imagine the convenience of working together on a Google Doc, but now bring that capability directly into your Teams chat.

With the loop component, you can create tables, brainstorm ideas, and work on projects simultaneously with your colleagues, all within the familiar chat interface of Microsoft Teams. It’s as simple as finding the loop icon in your Teams chat, choosing the component type you need and starting your collaborative journey.

Polls Inside Teams: Getting Everyone’s Input

image 4

Now, let’s talk about how to conduct polls inside Teams chat. You might think that polls are not about collaboration. But hear this -collaboration isn’t just about sharing ideas, it’s also about listening to others and gathering their input.

To create a poll insdide Teams, click on the ellipsis in your chat and select the Polls option. You can then enter your question and provide multiple answer choices. The best part is, Teams even suggests answers for you to save time! Once the poll is sent, participants can vote and share their preferences. Sending polls inside Teams a collaborative way to gather insights and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Surveys with Teamflect: In-depth Feedback and Analysis

Engagement survey screen with one survey question and automate button
Teamflect’s survey module

While simple polls are useful, sometimes you need more comprehensive surveys to collect feedback or conduct employee engagement assessments.

This is where Teamflect, a popular performance management software for Microsoft Teams, comes into play. Teamflect has advanced survey capabilities, allowing you to create customized surveys with various question types, such as freeform multiple choice, rating, Likert scale, and ranking questions.

You can even divide your surveys into different sections for clarity. Once the surveys are completed, Teamflect automatically converts the answers and generates powerful reports and insights using Microsoft Power BI. These surveys are very customizable, and you can automate these surveys at any interval you want.

One of the best parts of Teamflect is its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. As it is designed specifically for Microsoft Teams, Teamflect helps you create surveys and collect the feedback you need without ever leaving the chat!

employee pulse survey software for Microsoft Teams

Some other features of Teamflect are:

Measure Employee Engagement in Microsoft Teams!
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

Watch Together: Sharing Video Experiences

image 5

Our next Microsoft Teams collaboration tools suggestion is the Watch Together feature! Watching cat videos together is one of the staples of working in an office. But what if you’re working remote? That’s where Microsoft Teams collaboration features come in!

Microsoft Teams enables you to share videos seamlessly with your colleagues through the “Watch Together” feature. Simply create a group chat and paste the YouTube video link into the chat. Then, click “Open” or “Share in Meeting” to decide how you want to watch the video. If you choose to open it, you can watch the video alongside your friends and engage in a live chat conversation on the side. It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy shared video content, even if you’re working remotely.


And that brings us to the end of this blog post. Did we miss out your favorite Teams feature? Remember to subscribe our YouTube channel for more helpful Microsoft Teams content, and if you’re interested in exploring Teamflect’s advanced survey capabilities, schedule a free demo.

Written by Ezgi Cullu

Ezgi is a content writer and HR enthusiast working in Teamflect. Her goal is to provide creative uptakes on HR trends all over the world as a Gen-Z employee.

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