15Five vs Teamflect: Why Is Teamflect The Better Performance Management Tool?

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15Five vs Teamflect! Two of the best performance management platforms out there! Let’s compare the two platforms and see which one is right for you!

Now, comparing performance and productivity software may seem like a straightforward enough task but the fact is, it is far more nuanced than that.

To the uninitiated, it may appear to be a simple matter of listing the features of each tool and checking a few boxes and while that is a part of it, picking the right performance management platform is definitely more complicated.

Picking the right performance management tool is hard, especially when the market is clearly oversaturated with way too many options.

Don’t get us wrong, having alternatives is always a good thing and competition does bring innovation, but a lot of research goes into making the right decisions. In a marketplace filled with established brands, well-known names, niche alternatives, and unsung heroes, how do you pick the right software for you?

This brings us to today’s topic: 15Five vs Teamflect! Being one of the more established and well-known performance management tools in the market, it can be considered one of the go-to tools for many organizations. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve examined their product on our blog. We’ve previously taken a deep dive into their tool in another article titled: Top 10 15Five Alternatives.

In this list where we draw the comparison of 15Five vs Teamflect, we will be giving you an in-depth review of each product, tell you about some of the areas where 15Five falls short, and tell you just why people switch from 15Five to Teamflect.

Before we go any further, we would just like to point out that the right performance management for each organization, truly depends on the organization itself. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. When these comparisons of 15Five vs Teamflect or 15Five vs other performance management solutions are drawn, they are often mere generalizations. The truth of the matter is each product has its niche.

Where 15Five Falls Short.

Hard to navigate

When dealing with a comprehensive performance management tool, ensuring that the user interface remains user-friendly and instinctive can be quite intricate. A point of criticism directed at 15Five revolves around its navigational complexity. Certain 15Five users express their dissatisfaction with the difficulties they encounter while seeking specific information.

Not the most customizable

The array of customization options is somewhat constrained: 15Five is architected to offer a standardized array of performance management features. Nevertheless, a number of users have conveyed that the software lacks ample flexibility for tailoring to their company’s distinct requisites. This constraint can impede companies from using the software in a manner finely attuned to their unique demands and workflows.

15Five Microsoft Teams integration

Integrations are another area where some of the 15Five alternatives we listed below shine brighter. Does 15Five have a Microsoft Teams integration? Yes. Sort of.

There is a 15Five Microsoft Teams Integration currently present. In fact, they released this 15Five Microsoft Teams Integration back in 2020. That being said the existing 15Five Microsoft Teams integration appears to be focused mostly on the recognition capabilities of the tool and not much else.

We’ve found the 15Five Microsoft Teams integration to be a bit lackluster, due to it being based too heavily on recognition. Users who wish to utilize all the other capabilities of 15Five in Microsoft Teams would be better off, using some of the other 15Five alternatives we’ve listed in this list.

If 15Five’s Microsoft Teams integration includes the many other helpful features they have, they could in fact create an incredibly effective tool for the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

What Sets Teamflect Apart?

So what truly sets Teamflect apart? Why are people switching from 15Five to Teamflect?

The Best Microsoft Teams Performance Management Software!

Without a shadow of a doubt, if your organization uses Microsoft Teams, then the best performance management software for you is Teamflect. As an official Microsoft partner, Teamflect was designed specifically to fit perfectly into Microsoft Teams. While Teamflect can be used inside Outlook or any browser of your choice, it truly shines when integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect allows users access to all of its features right inside Microsoft Teams, without overpowering MS Teams. As opposed to simple “high fives”, Teamflect users can exchange customizable recognition badges, conduct performance reviews & surveys, manage OKRs, without ever having to leave Teams.

Simple Interface

Teamflect was designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. With one of the most user-friendly designs in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem and an extensive library of video tutorials and use-case guides, Teamflect is the easiest solution to roll-out and start using right away.

Not only is Teamflect very easy to implement, but it also comes with complete implementation support. Teamflect’s customer success team will train your admins and end-users, allowing them to make the most out of the software.


One of the most important areas where Teamflect shines in the discussion of 15Five vs Teamflect is that Teamflect has a free version. Normally when the words free version are used, they are often followed by the words “limited features” or “time limits”.

Teamflect is completely free with full functionality for up to 10 users. No time limits or feature limitations. This is great if you want to demo the product with a small team and get feedback before investing in it.

15five vs Teamflect.

While there are certain nuances and complexities to the discussion of 15Five vs Teamflect, there is a place for head-to-head comparisons in that discussion. That is why we wanted to make a 15Five vs Teamflect head-to-head features list. We believe this list can provide you with the necessary insight into which features and modules each software provides.

1:1’sTick buttonTick button
Survey TemplatesTick buttonTick button
Goals & OKRsTick buttonTick button
FeedbackTick buttonTick button
Employee RecognitionTick buttonLimited
Pulse SurveysTick buttonimage
Performance ReviewsTick buttonLimited
Slack IntegrationimageTick button
Training ManagementTick buttonimage
Microsoft Teams IntegrationLimited
Free VersionTick buttonimage

Teamflect Product Review

15Five vs Teamflect

As an official Microsoft partner solution, Teamflect is the last performance management application Microsoft native organizations will ever need.

Teamflect keeps the entire performance management process in the flow of work, with its main selling point being the fact that whether you are giving feedback, exchanging recognition, managing tasks, setting goals, or creating meeting agendas, you never have to close one application and go to another.

Teamflect provides users with multiple different template galleries. Teamflect users can access entirely customizable performance review templates, engagement survey templates, and employee feedback templates without leaving Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

Every module offered by Teamflect is completely customizable. Users can customize their experience from end to end, creating automation scenarios, recurrences, custom recognition badges, and more. Teamflect is a performance management platform that understands every organization has different needs and lets users shape the platform according to theirs.

Teamflect Core Features

Teamflect Pros

  • Extremely streamlined employee onboarding software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Completely free for up to 10 users

Teamflect Cons

  • Works best with Microsoft Teams
  • Free version is limited to 10 users
Manage performance inside Microsoft Teams
No sign-up required.
Teamflect Image

15Five Product Review

15Five vs Teamflect

We can’t really do a 15Five vs Teamflect analysis without going over 15Five. Something that sets aparts 15Five from other performance management software is its weekly email updates.

These updates ensure that you stay in the loop about important company news and developments, such as new hires or exciting projects. No longer will you have to wonder what’s happening behind the scenes—now, you can stay up to date with ease.

Not only does 15Five keep you informed, but it also empowers managers to have meaningful and frequent check-ins with their team members.

Through regular contact, you can establish a stronger rapport with your manager and address any concerns or questions that may arise. Frequent communication aligns with the preferences of today’s workforce, where open lines of dialogue are highly valued.

15Five Core Features

15Five Pros

  • Visualized employee growth with data
  • Good customer service

15Five Cons

  • Too many e-mails and notifications
  • No analytics tool
  • Does not include career development goals

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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