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Workday vs Teamflect! One of the most important questions in all of human capital management! Today, we compare the two software and help you decide which one is right for you.

Comparing the two software isn’t as simple as typing Workday vs Teamflect and making a list of features. Both tools have unique use cases, strengths, and weaknesses.

That being said, in order to create a healthy discussion around Workday vs Teamflect, we need to establish some ground rules.

Since Workday has a massive umbrella of products, we want to clear the air first. When we are comparing Workday vs Teamflect, we are actually comparing Workday HCM with Teamflect’s performance management software.

Workday is one of the most well-established products in the massive and oversaturated landscape of performance and human capital management. With Super Bowl ads and awareness galore, Workday is one of the go-to solutions for many organizations.

That being said, being a well-known brand alone isn’t enough to be the right software for an organization.

Where Workday Falls Short

While Workday has been widely adopted and praised by many organizations, it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not without its limitations. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the comparison Workday vs Teamflect.

Customization restrictions

Workday is a cloud-based platform, which means customization options may be limited compared to traditional on-premises software. This can be a drawback for organizations that require more flexibility and control over their performance management system. 

The software is also not as flexible when integrating with other HR and payroll systems. This can make it difficult to customize things like performance ratings if they don’t align with your organization’s existing performance management system

Hard to learn

Having an intuitive design is another key area in comparing Workday vs Teamflect. Workday can be a complex platform, and its functionality may take some time to fully understand and use. This can result in a steep learning curve for inexperienced users and require significant training for your team.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, Workday may not be the best option. 

Workday Microsoft Teams Integration

While Workday offers various HR functionalities, it has limited capability to seamlessly integrate with other systems and platforms. This often leaves users in a situation where they have to resort to using additional tools to achieve the desired level of integration.

In order to get full functionality from Workday’s Microsoft Teams integration, you would need to integrate multiple Workday products into your Microsoft Teams.

This is where Workday’s Microsoft Teams integration fails since the entire point of integration is to avoid having your employees running back and forth between applications.

Workday integrates with Microsoft Teams via its human capital management app, therefore Workday Microsoft Teams integration does not give you the full Workday experience. If you want to use it as performance management software, third-party applications, and services are required for Workday Microsoft Teams integration. 

Therefore, it’s important to carefully assess your integration needs and consider the additional requirements when evaluating Workday as a potential HR solution for your organization.

High Prices

Pricing is another area where Workday vs Teamflect becomes more of a lopsided decision on the side of Teamflect. Workday’s transparency has been called into question when it comes to pricing. And Workday, overall is on the more expensive side of the conversation when it comes to pricing.

It’s important to keep these limitations in mind when evaluating Workday as a solution for your organization’s performance management needs. By being aware of these challenges, you can make a more informed decision and find the right tool for your specific needs. 

What Sets Teamflect Apart?

So what truly sets Teamflect apart? Why are people switching from Workday to Teamflect?

The Best Microsoft Teams Performance Management Software!

Designed with complete Teams integration in mind, Teamflect fits Microsoft Teams like a glove. As an official Microsoft partner, Teamflect’s features blend seamlessly into Microsoft Teams, letting users practice all their performance management needs without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Teamflect still functions perfectly within Outlook or a browser as well but when integrated into Teams, it is truly the best performance management software. Teamflect users can use the app without actually accessing it. Many of Teamflect’s features such as goal setting, task management, feedback, and recognition can be accessed through Teams chat!

Simple Interface

Teamflect was designed to be easy to use. The Teamflect dashboard is like a well-organized kitchen. Even if it isn’t your kitchen, you can always find where everything is. Teamflect supports its user-friendly interface with an ever-growing library of video tutorials and use case guides.

Not that you would ever need it, but Teamflect comes with free implementation support. Teamflect users have their very own customer success managers assigned to them. These customer success managers can, if requested, train your end-users and admins alike free of charge. Speaking of free…


By far the biggest difference between Workday vs Teamflect is that Teamflect has a free plan and Workday doesn’t. To top it off, Teamflect’s free plan isn’t one of those run-of-the-mill free plans. Teamflect’s free plan doesn’t have time or function limits!

Teamflect is completely free with full functionality for up to 10 users. No time limits or feature limitations. This is great if you want to demo the product with a small team and get feedback before investing in it.

Workday vs Teamflect

A Workday vs Teamflect article wouldn’t be complete without listing features head to head now, would it? When looked we observe their features in list form, the discussion of Workday vs Teamflect becomes more of a matter of Human Capital Management vs Performance Management.

While Teamflect is without a doubt, the better performance management software, Workday is stronger as an HRIS. As an integrated performance management and employee engagement software, Teamflect shines in areas such as surveys, recognitions, and task management.

Workday, on the other hand, covers some HR-related matters better than Teamflect, such as absence & leave management and compensation management. At the end of the day, we are looking at some of the best tools in the business. The right tool for you depends heavily on what you need from it.

360-Degree FeedbackTick buttonTick button
Goal Setting & TrackingTick buttonTick button
Individual Development PlansTick buttonTick button
Performance ReviewsTick buttonTick button
Microsoft Teams IntegrationTick buttonLimited
Pulse SurveysTick buttonLimited
Customizable RecognitionsTick buttonimage
Compensation ManagementimageTick button
Training ManagementTick buttonTick button
Leave ManagementimageTick button
Free VersionTick buttonimage

Teamflect Product Review

Workday vs Teamflect: The Teamflect Dashboard.

As an official Microsoft partner solution, Teamflect is the last performance management application Microsoft native organizations will ever need.

Teamflect keeps the entire performance management process in the flow of work, with its main selling point being the fact that whether you are giving feedback, exchanging recognition, managing tasks, setting goals, or creating meeting agendas, you never have to close one application and go to another.

Teamflect provides users with multiple different template galleries. Teamflect users can access entirely customizable performance review templates, engagement survey templates, and employee feedback templates without leaving Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

Every module offered by Teamflect is completely customizable. Users can customize their experience from end to end, creating automation scenarios, recurrences, custom recognition badges, and more. Teamflect is a performance management platform that understands every organization has different needs and lets users shape the platform according to theirs.

Teamflect Core Features

Teamflect Pros

  • Extremely streamlined employee onboarding software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Completely free for up to 10 users

Teamflect Cons

  • Works best with Microsoft Teams
  • Free version is limited to 10 users

Workday Product Review

Workday is a software platform that enables HR managers to monitor the performance of their employees and come up with strategies for improving efficiency. 

If you are looking for a cloud-based solution that will help you manage your human capital and the processes involved in hiring, managing, and retaining employees, Workday is one of the top choices out there.

While its performance management features aren’t its strongest suit, Workday is an incredible HR software, thanks to its incredibly efficient payroll management, time tracking, absence and leave management, and recruitment capabilities.

Workday is one of the most complex software solutions on the market today—but there are plenty of educational materials available. To be able to offer your employees interesting training materials and opportunities, you will want them trained on the performance tracking tool well before it is used for real purposes.

Workday Core Features

  • Talent Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resource Management

Workday Pros

  • Streamlined HR and financial processes
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Improvecollaborationon

Workday Cons

  • Hard-to-navigate interface
  • Integration with other systems
  • Implementation and customization

Written by Emre Ok

Emre is a content writer at Teamflect who aims to share fun and unique insight into the world of performance management.

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