P3 Mobility Success Story

  • 15th December, 2022

Project 3 Mobility is a Croatian company that is changing the future of mobility. As Zrinka Hrga puts it: “We are redefining urban mobility by building an urban ecosystem for autonomous, safe, and effortless movement. Our goal is to bring positive change to communities, individuals, and the environment we live in, and achieving our vision will improve people's lives in many positive ways. “

"We saw Teamflect as a tool that can support open communication in a fast-paced environment and working remotely in two locations – Croatia and the United Kingdom. "

Zrinka Hrga testimonial face photo

Zrinka Hrga - Human Resources Director

As an organization that already used Microsoft Teams, they had an easy time integrating Teamflect into their day-to-day operations. While Microsoft Teams in and of itself is a great tool for communications, as team sizes grow the way Project 3 Mobility's team did, supplementing it with a fully integrated all-in-one performance management tool like Teamflect is a great way to go. That indeed was the case with this amazing Croatia-based organization. "Our team has grown from 60 to more than 200 employees which is a challenge in itself." Hrga states, explaining some of the challenges they faced along the way.

That is exactly what a performance management solution should be able to do. While task-setting capabilities are integral to any performance management software, a top-of-the-line tool such as Teamflect should be able to go a few steps beyond operational tasks and into areas such as people development, peer recognition, and employee engagement. Project 3 Mobility's ability to identify this need and set the right criteria in selecting performance management systems speaks volumes to just how tight and efficient of a ship they are running over there.

"In the beginning, we perceived Teamflect as a feedback tool, but soon, team members started using the recognitions proactively. In a few months, we even introduced the Review section for the Probation period process. "

Organic adoption by users occurs only when an employee performance management solution has an intuitive, user-friendly design. Users exploring the software and starting to use their features naturally, as opposed to having the practices forced upon them, is how tools help organizations in establishing feedback and recognition cultures. If those cultures already exist, as was the case with Project 3 Mobility, you end up with the perfect storm.

"...we had so many positive examples where people communicate much more clearer and openly because Teamflect. Always being able to read the feedback and recognition is very motivating for employees. We are building something that has never been done before, and each team member plays an important role in bringing our vision to life. "

Performance management in its purest form is an ongoing process. The objectively most enjoyable part of it is watching your team contribute to the process on their own, and tracking the awesome feedback and recognition they are exchanging. Teamflect provides people leaders with the right tool to create this atmosphere without ever-leaving Microsoft Teams. It is still on those leaders to create that atmosphere but we never expected anything less from a great organization that is breaking new and sustainable grounds in urban mobility.

Teamflect by design is a tool created for leaders who wish to invest in their team members. There is real power in every single relationship, every single exchange, and every single interaction between the members of a team. When Teamflect is in the hands of leaders who share the same approach, the end result is pure magic. As Zrinka Hrga states: "We know that we can achieve the impossible by motivating and supporting each other. That is what we are doing through feedback. Not only are we recognizing the successes, but we are also focusing on each other's development.". That right there is magic.