Goal Evaluation Review

This is what our goal evaluation review template looks like inside Teamflect. Teamflect users can send this template out to their direct reports across Microsoft Teams, or Outlook. You can customize this annual employee review template inside the Teamflect admin center and change questions, question types, review results criteria, and more!

Use this template in Teamflect now
Teamflect goal evaluation review template in Microsoft Teams
Use this template in Teamflect now

Goal Evaluation Review Template

Goal setting and progress-tracking is essential to both an employee's work and personal life. At Teamflect, we believe the best way to keep employees motivated is by helping them achieve their goals. We also believe that it's important to evaluate the goals employees set, so they can make sure their goals meet their needs.

Goal evaluation review helps employees find how well each goal has been working for them, so they can adjust or change it as needed. During this review, employees and managers will evaluate employees' performance, plan for new goals, and discuss how they can build on strengths and improve in areas where employees are falling short. Our goal evaluation review template is also an opportunity to communicate career-based future goals of employees.

The purpose of the goal evaluation review is to evaluate the completed and ongoing goals of the employee and to plan future individual and company goals.

The goal evaluation review can be done by companies on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

The goal evaluation review contributes to the production of more realistic plans and goals for the company and its employees, and keeps the motivation of the employees high throughout the process they work to achieve the goals.

The goal evaluation review focuses on the goals of the employee and the company during the evaluation period, the negative experiences they had in the process of achieving these goals, and the career-based future goals of the employees.

The goal evaluation template you use should include all the goals assigned to the individual being reviewed within the designated review period. It can also include goal completion rates.